quirky fashion sense


- Having straggly dirty blonde hair because she likes to dip-dye and style it a lot
- Reading wizard manga on the train and eventually getting Harry & Friends into it too (also she draws it at home)
- Are we not going to talk about how it could be partly the reason why home students find her fashion sense quirky and unconventional 
- Basically looking like a 90′s shoujo anime girl

Why is there not more of this in the fandom?

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The view of someone of the girls, a moment where they noticed what was going on (no need to be the first time)

“woooow, i love this concept ! i would love to see more of them “falling in love” or being extremely obvious about their affair like in the kitchen scene or even Fat Amy figuring it all out. “

Amy is a lot of things, but ‘oblivious’ is not one of them.


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The sense of fashion of each type or which style they tend to prefer?

Requested by Anon

(Feel free to send me what fashion sense you have and your type- I’m curious)

(And this is based of the people I know obviously)

SJ: These people are normally subtle fashion wise, but with a hint of edge. They will have their look: put together, neat and typical- but deep down they can feel (especially teenage SJ’s) that they should go a little crazy. Because this, they may wear like a little piece or clothing or carry some aura that can “imply” edge. But mostly they will look like an average person, who knows how to match cloths but isn’t going to dress to impress people. Also, they tend to find a style and stick with it….forever.

Ex. I know

My young ISFJ friend, by looking at her, is not at all wild. Her hair is to her shoulders with layers and is alway styled the same way and very neat. The cloths she wears don’t have any bright colors or anything, but sometimes she wears some leather or studs or shiny earrings. To her this is THE way she express herself. She thinks she would love to go crazy her style and hair, but she doesn’t. She just wears the leather jacket as a silent rebellion.

Young ESTJ- changes up her hairstyle occasionally, and wears some bright colors but never so bright that people think- “wow, she must have fun”.

ESFJ: Wears regular, typical cloths and always looks nice. (Blouses and pants) Does have a bit of a funky hairstyle but she has had it so long that she owns it.

Young ESFJ: Very classy, and girly. She has a style of sophisticated but not obnoxious that she holds well. Nothing too bold, always subtle, but has a good eye.

Young ISTJ: Doesn’t really care for fashion, although she like Project Runway. Always wears her hair in the same ponytail.

SP: These are your hippi’s (ISTP and ISFP) and your brandnamers (ESTP and ESFP) The introverted ones normally have an earthy feel to them- very 60’s and they KNOW how to wear it. The SP’s are the ones who have a style that they stick too. Not like the SJ who always looks the same style wise, but in the way that even though they are wearing something drastically different every day- it’s always has the “vibe”. The extroverted SP’s are normally the ones that are “in” fashion wise. Whatever is up to date and cool, they are wearing. Their style stands out in a crowd- ESP’s for the “Pop” factor and ISP’s for their uniqueness.

Ex I know

Young ISFP: Rocks the “hippie- hippster” to the max. Always has the same feel to her, though she never wears the same thing twice. Band across the forehead, long hair, loose tank top- completely 60’s yet still modern

Young ISTP: Earthy feel to them, in faded colors mostly, loose clothing, ripped jeans.

Young ESTP: Knows “the” shops to shop at, brand name, not too fancy, ruff looking, casual mostly.

ESFP: Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle. Bold colors, bright jewelry, always looks ready for a runway.

NF: These people are the ones who won’t really care about “fashion” they will either think it’s fun or not. They normally have a subtle style, but not like the SJ. Their subtle is much bolder, colors and style wise. They will wear different things and change things up often. They normally don’t stand out style wise, but you can always expect them to be colorful (figuratively or literally) and be different somehow. Also, the NF will be where most of your “don’t know don’t care” fashion people are at as well as NT.

Young ENFP and Adult ENFP: Pretty random, and doesn’t really have a “aura” they let off. Always fun and colorful and trying out different things.

Young ENFJ and Adult ENFJ: Doesn’t really keep a “style” going but wears nice, cut clothing. They look warm usually and “moral” if that makes sense. Like they are doing what they are supposed to while also being original but not an eye catching original.

Young INFJ: Same as the ENFJ except they won’t be as inclined to notice whether they have worn something like that before. Will probably just wear whatever they find in their closet- usually just shorts and a t-shirt

Young INFP: Unique and random. But not as “neon sign” as ENFP’s. They put their own twists on trends and and have the style of “I only put half thought into having my own look but I look like an individualist anyway”

NT: When these people develop a style it is normally a style only THEY could ever pull off. It’s bold and a little insane, but makes perfect sense to them and those who know them. Now that’s assuming they care- similarly to the NF you’ll catch a lot of NT who aren’t concerned with fashion at all.

Young INTP: She has some edgy boots and a bold haircut- half the time I’m really confused as to why she is wearing what she is wearing but it’s just so her I don’t question it.

Young INTJ: Doesn’t care at all for “fashion” would rather just wear nike shorts and a t-shirt everywhere.


SJ- Normal, everyday style

SP- Stand out in a crowd style

NF- Blend with the crowd, but in a “fun” way

NT- Either blend, or unintentionally stand out with a quirky fashion sense

signs as they've appeared in my life
  • aries (3/21-4/19): talks shit but lowkey, amazing hair (usually curly/wavy), always salty, curvy, chubby (& they rock it), actually easy to get along with, great photographer, great eyebrows, musical voice but shit at singing, noticeable, amazing laugh
  • taurus (4/20-5/20): calm and confident, strange charm, people want to be liked by them, intimidating, accomplishes things with ease, wears hoodies and skinny jeans almost every day, yells a lot, has musical talent
  • gemini (5/21-6-20): tall and lanky, great fashion sense, wears button-ups under sweaters a lot, confident, they're usually that one funny kid in class, fantastic hair, beautiful eyes, easy to develop a casual crush for, adorable giggle, not afraid to be themself, gives the BEST hugs
  • cancer (6/21-7/22): controls the room they walk into, very loud, proud of who they are, can only be cheered up by 1 person, often misjudged by other people, has bad days almost every day, "talk shit get hit"
  • leo (7/23-8/22): gossipy af, crushes hard, great at make-up, talks shit a lot, in the loop, cries when they're angry, the squad leader, great at taking selfies, can treat some people like trash and not know/care, not afraid to speak their mind, gorgeous laughter, often talks without thinking
  • virgo (8/23-9/22): THE MOST loyal friend, amazing hair, creative and unique, can be a bit clingy, gets very attached to people, great taste in music, cute tummy chub, luscious lips, cool piercings, great at choosing friends, never has off-days
  • libra (9/23-10/22): cuties, beautiful eyes, amazing curly hair, afraid of hurting people, very skinny, looks great in flannel, loves memes, has loud outbursts, can't let go of embarrassing things that happened 8 years ago, nervous/anxious all the time, can't look people in the eye, swears a lot, will kick you in your sleep, sleep-deprived, great at hand-holding, plans squad hang-outs at grocery stores
  • scorpio (10/23-11/21): not confident in themself but nobody knows why because they're amazing, looks great in cardigans, amazing hair, snarky comments, contagious laughter, repeats punchlines, bffs with the teachers, great at picking friends/crushes, always sees the positive in people
  • sagittarius (11/22-12/21): HOTTIES, lovable, not afraid to say what they think, thinks they're hip they but actually aren't, looks great in flannel, quirky but charming fashion sense, easy to fall in love with, fantastic smile, charming awkwardness, has arms that feel like heaven if u are in them, will go on midnight adventures with you, uses the wrong your/you're and they're/their/there, makes "i'm gay" jokes, good taste in memes
  • capricorn (12/22-1/19): cute, short, knows exactly how people feel about them, never knows their identities, don't know when to stop talking about themselves, heart-shaped faces, awkward hand gestures, baggy/striped shirts, obsesses over things, very negative, confident in themselves, prone to sickness, eye bags, would be good at any sport they tried, competitive, clingy, protective
  • aquarius (1/20-2/18): beautiful eyes, one dimple, tall & skinny, has the same fashion sense from 7th grade to senior year, jazz hands, hip with memes, loves dogs, would kill anyone to see their favorite band in concert, AMAZING singers, cute smiles, make either really bad jokes or really good jokes, shy and awkward, the one that nobody gets annoyed at, good taste in romantic partners (but they hardly ever have any)
  • pisces (2/19-3/20): really really smart, unique and cute hairstyles, want to travel the world, awkwardly laughs through situations, really bitchy sometimes, shy irl but a literal HO online, very funny, great memories, can't dance, cute smile & laugh, you will never meet anyone like them, loyal friend, good at picking out bad traits, know: what to look for in a friend, thirsty, will contact you at 2 am talking about lady gaga, quirky

Totally digging Luna being partly Korean or maybe Japanese thanks to Jenny …cue tons of bright accessories and a quirky fashion sense that nobody seems to appreciate at Hogwarts until Harry & Friends come along and realize how awesome she is for being herself \o/

oofuri zine where its just nishiuras dressed in varying degrees of terrible fashion

the title is still a work in progress OK but basically!! i thought it’d be cool to compile a simple digital zine (no printing!) to celebrate the nishiura kids’ awful/quirky fashion sense. the end result will be a pdf file of our dear baseball children in questionable clothing by fans, for fans!

the zine would be mostly art (i guess?) but writing and other media is also welcome! you can submit just one, or as many pieces as you like (!!) of your fave characters in terrible clothes, weird graphic tees, etc. characters can also include those OUTSIDE of nishiura

if you’re interested to submit something, please let me know by answering here, or sending this blog an ask with your preferred url (art blog, twitter handle etc) ! i just need to get a headcount of roughly how many to expect 

tentative specs:

  • dimensions: 1084px by 1280px at 300dpi, portrait or landscape should be ok so long as it looks fine on screen?? im open to suggestions
  • deadline: 26 july is hopefully a reasonable date? that’s about three weeks. hmu if you need an extension!
  • *** please keep your work PG-rated !! i reserve the right to reject your piece if i dont think its appropriate

things u may like to consider for inspiration:

  • s1e2 has some truly terrifying fashion
  • imagine the kids wearing what their VAs wear
  • anything goes rly, the more horrible the better

this is my first time organizing something like this, so please let me know if im forgetting anything, doing something wrong or if you have other suggestions :’D 

new posts/updates related to this will be tagged #badfashionoofuri

oofs who have signed up: check here for names!

to submit your entries, check this post first!

((last updated on 25 Jul))

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I really imagine that the triplets would have a quirky fashion sense, like Acacia would wear a sweater vest and a t-shirt with weird patterns or cool pictures and phrases, while wearing something like a pleated skirt. Hank would wear a vest and a corduroy long sleeved shirt and some jeans. But Willow would wear a sweater, shorts, and alternating hats and headbands. //this is terrible but I'm happy I said this

But yes seriously omg yiss let me love you.

(Mabel makes all the kids sweaters, even when they’re thirty and have kids of their own)


fic: hook, line & sinker.

I wrote a thing while marathoning Catfish: The TV Show (but don’t worry, this isn’t crossover fic and Nev and Max DO NOT make an appearance, i just thought the concept would translate over nicely). It’s rated T(?) for mentioned non explicit sexual acts, and I just don’t know where I was going with it lmao. I hope someone likes it. :’)

Josh catfishes Chris.

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