quirky allison

Frankie Fitzherbert HCs

  • He doesn’t have magical hair like his mother, but his of hands are. It’s weird, it kinda was because of Eugene’s thieving skills got mixed with Rapunzel’s healing hair abilities so now his hands heal
  • He can sing. He’s a good singer.
  • He’s got “the smolder”
  • he has a small chain necklace that has a small minature frying pan with Corona’s symbol in the middle
  • But he doesn’t show it
  • His mom made it for him.
  • He’s very quirky
  • He and Allison share a love for art
  • Allison is like both the best friend and girlfriend
  • Frankie likes to paint. He painted his whole room
  • He likes to make videos of himself painting. He also really likes the guitar, so he posts covers on there.
  • He wears cardigans and flannel
  • He likes chucks
  • He’s got a very “hipster” vibe
  • He has glasses, but he only wears them when he paints.