Day 1: Self-Portrait - Introduce yourself

My name is Angela and I’m currently a freshman in college. I am a 5'5 Filipino girl who likes eating sweets and cereal. I try to draw whenever I can, whether it be between study breaks or during any down time I have. I plan on majoring in Studio Art soon; in the meantime, I’m working on pre-med reqs. I hope that I could improve as an artist by doing this challenge. Here’s hoping that I could actually follow through and finish this. *sweats nervously*

[Referenced an old photo, credits go to Julia who took that picture of me a long time ago :D]

I’M FINALLY STARTING MY DRAWING REQUEST THING. And with the three day weekend coming up I hope to finish all your requests. Thank you for your patience. :)

For my lovely follower who allowed me to draw her fursona. Thank you for your request! She was very fun to draw. :) I apologize that it’s all sketchy-like (hopefully later down the road I will redraw her) I will message you just in case you don’t see this post first hehe :)

Oh and just a heads up most likely all the requests will be sketchy but I will do my best to make them look sketchy on purpose -cries-

Here’s to, I think, 6 more requests!


Finally blocking in some color! This is more difficult than I thought, but then again Photoshop is always difficult when it comes to this kind of thing. Next painting is definitely going to have cleaner lines! There’s still a lot to learn about digital painting, I just now discovered how to use Groups ahahaha, here’s to progress!