storyforconnie asked:

tag. you’re it. the rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. then go to ten of your favorite blogs and tell them they’re it!

I’m one of your favorite blogs? Wow, thanks! Uh, lesse…

- I can’t swim

- I’ve never been outside my country

- I used to be in the Sonic fandom (even had my own Mary Sue and everything)

- I’m five away from owning every Disney animated feature film to date

- I’ve only had sex with one guy

Uh, yeah. I’m not that interesting of a person, sorry.

kanayapeixes replied to your post: im seeing all these posts for wreck it ralph i…

angela saw it and is like shoving it in my face i hate her i really want to see it and everyone went without me ;_;

omfg thats not cool angela i hope you see this post. >BI
dude tho like i might go see it tomorrow with my dad and my brother hell yeah.
come with us it’ll be the awkwardest thing ever like we got this family thing going on then all of a sudden oop random school buddy hey sup.

Day 1: Self-Portrait - Introduce yourself

My name is Angela and I’m currently a freshman in college. I am a 5'5 Filipino girl who likes eating sweets and cereal. I try to draw whenever I can, whether it be between study breaks or during any down time I have. I plan on majoring in Studio Art soon; in the meantime, I’m working on pre-med reqs. I hope that I could improve as an artist by doing this challenge. Here’s hoping that I could actually follow through and finish this. *sweats nervously*

[Referenced an old photo, credits go to Julia who took that picture of me a long time ago :D]

I’M FINALLY STARTING MY DRAWING REQUEST THING. And with the three day weekend coming up I hope to finish all your requests. Thank you for your patience. :)

For my lovely follower who allowed me to draw her fursona. Thank you for your request! She was very fun to draw. :) I apologize that it’s all sketchy-like (hopefully later down the road I will redraw her) I will message you just in case you don’t see this post first hehe :)

Oh and just a heads up most likely all the requests will be sketchy but I will do my best to make them look sketchy on purpose -cries-

Here’s to, I think, 6 more requests!


Finally blocking in some color! This is more difficult than I thought, but then again Photoshop is always difficult when it comes to this kind of thing. Next painting is definitely going to have cleaner lines! There’s still a lot to learn about digital painting, I just now discovered how to use Groups ahahaha, here’s to progress!


The Prom Queen Eats Yogurt, 2014

First time shooting with a 35mm camera in black and white film. I never knew that I would love this intro class so much. To be honest, photography has never been my thing but boy has my opinion on the whole matter changed. Looking forward to develop my next roll of film, here’s to good composition, lighting and contrast. :)