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FYI: Maro's most notable tournament appearance was in Five-Color Green, a precursor to Zoo that used the most efficient creatures and removal spells of every color, supported by Gemstone Mine and Reflecting Pool. Maro was the top of the curve due to its synergy with Quirion Ranger. It also saw some play in G/W Armageddon decks after Ernham Djinn rotated.


Magic Binder Update - 24/07/17

This will likely be the second to last update before the binder is sent off to Wizards. With the exception of a couple people within Aus, I highly recommend not sending cards to me anymore at this date. Unless you can guarantee they will get here before August 1. 

Special Thanks to

@corvus-von-wolff for Soul of Theors
@veenilla for Mind Funeral (I agree. Make Mill viable in EDH)
@tlatotem for Forest, Llanowar Elves, Quirion Elves, Rouge Elephant and Harvester Wurm.

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