As you could already see on this AMAZING picture @dadarismus did, I’m reusing an old character/design I did back in 2014.

He had no name back then so I gave him one now. His name is Quintrell (being the 5th kid in his family) and he’s some sort of a space-traveler trying to get his way trough live. Even if this includes to do some illegal stuff aswell.

Quin is not the biggest fan of humans either and always has to anger them.

I don’t know much about his species yet so count it as a work in progress.

nonchalant-raptor  asked:

I get Space Dandy vibes from the new character

Now that you mention it yeah kinda haha, but he wasn’t inspired by Space Dandy tho.

This is the first picture (compared to the newest) I did and it’s so hella ugly I can’t even :’D

I changed mostly just his suit and made it simpler and changed the colors. Also his gun is a bit different now. He’s still smoking tho, that hasn’t changed.