quintessential millennial

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Hmmmm, #40 is interesting!! :)

40. Talk about a desire you have that scares you

I sometimes feel like the quintessential millennial that is afraid of all adulthood choices haha. 

I would like to buy a small flat soon, but I worry about purchasing in a place I do not like. I want to do the whole fall madly in love & eventually get married [Like a decade away], but vulnerability & abandonment also worries me. I still really do not know where I stand on the whole kids topic, but one reason I do not want kids is I would be afraid to become a single parent because I do not think I am as strong as a lot of amazing single mothers I have known.

Chelsea D.

Honestly, I can’t think of what I would do without Chelsea. She has been my marionette for so many different things photography wise. She has helped build my portfolio and taken photos of me. She claims that she is completely unphotogenic, but I completely beg to differ. She is such a cooperative model that helps makes my photos look good. I know that I can always count on her if I feel like shooting. 

She is the quintessential millennial professional. She looks the part, she has landed the job (she works in marketing for Dara Professional), and she did it all wearing Avalanche pajama bottoms. We literally did this shoot in her apartment, against a wall. She threw on some make up, fluffed her hair, and put on a suit coat. 

When I say I offer fun flattering headshots, this is what I’m talking about. This is not standing against a white wall staring into a camera. This is I’m comfortable and having a good time but looking like a CEO. These are portraits made for business. 

This was probably one of the more interesting shoots that I’ve done. This was the day that my camera died! And Chelsea pulled a muscle in her groin. It was a very sad and painful day, but the pictures turned out great so worth it right? 

This is Chelsea in her natural element. She was watching over a friend’s farm and asked me to photograph her riding. Well of course. The owner even asked to use some for the real estate posting of her house! It was an amazing opportunity. Definitely such an amazing location with the mountains in the background! 

Now how did the camera break do you ask?

Well Chelsea took some pictures of me with this guy. If you are a horse person you can tell that he is done. He was a young guy that hadn’t been out of the pasture much, so he got a little over stimulated. So Chelsea had the camera, and had the horse. Gunslinger (affectionately named) spooked and took off. Chelsea went down with camera in tow. She tore her leg, camera shattered on the inside. And that’s how it happened. No horses were hurt. Just a little pissed off.