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Some of the impressive art work of art deco period artist, Leslie Ragan. Her use of perspective, lines, color, and shading are some of the styling cues that make her a quintessential art deco period artist. These images are form her New York Central System line. Leslie Ragan, 1897-1972.

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (1916). Robert Henri (American, 1865-1929). Oil on canvas. Whitney Museum of American Art.

Mrs. Whitney’s husband, Harry Payne Whitney, refused to allow her to hang it in their house. He didn’t want his friends to see a picture of his wife, as he put it, “in pants.” Mrs. Whitney’s attire and self-possessed demeanor were highly unusual for a well-bred woman of her day. In this painting, Henri transformed the traditional genre of a recumbent female into a portrait of the quintessential “modern” woman.


Quintessential Art Deco styling, reimagined as Fall’s most essential sunglass styles for him + her; by CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC.

Billboard artwork: Andy Warhol, Elvis 11 Times (Studio Type), 1963 © The Andy Warhol Foundation / ARS, photographed at The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

Billboard artwork: Andy Warhol, Skull, 1976 © The Andy Warhol Foundation / ARS, photographed at The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Fall 2017: photographed May 2017, Mojave Desert, California


‘Mysterious Sphinx’, Charles Van der Stappen
Brussels, Belgium
Ivory, silver

The ‘Mysterious Sphinx’, sculptor Charles van der Stappen’s best-known work, is considered a quintessential example of Symbolist and art nouveau sculpture. It was created for the Hall of Honour at the Colonial Exposition in Tervuren in 1897, where it was displayed on an onyx base set on a pedestal designed by Henry van de Velde. The ivory and silver sculpture is a shoulder-length portrayal of a young woman holding her right hand to her lips in a mysterious gesture. Her helmest is surmounted by an eagle, a reference to war and victory. On the other hand, her armour is decorated with poppies, symbolizing sleep. The serpent around her wrist represents death. Alluring beauty combines with the intoxicating destructiveness of the femme fatale, a central figure in the fin de siècle – a period characterized by a tension between confidence in and fear of the future, often with overtones of decadence.

And here is a silly little thing (I was gonna say doodle but this went passed “doodle” standards lol) inspired by Blue Portals :D According to iTunes I’ve already listened to Quintessential five times, and I’m listening to it for the sixth time right now. Maybe there will be more art related to it? Maybe? Haven’t decided yet.

Probably, though.


Pairing: V x Female!MC

Synopsis: V goes to a fine arts school where he finds a girl painting a mural. Immediately he becomes infatuated with her, but he can’t bring himself to speak to her. It’s been a few months now and the mural is almost done and he has one more chance to talk to her.

“You can do this, you can do this. She’s just a girl, painting a picture.” He paused his pacing and looked back up at you, a soft smile breaking out on his face, “a really pretty, sweet, talented girl.” Soon enough V found himself staring and even though his mind was screaming at him to stop he couldn’t find the strength to. 

You were stood on a step ladder to reach the top of the wall to paint balloons. The mural itself showed a lot of Disney movie themes in it, the house from Up which you were working on currently, the waterfall broke half way to show an ocean with Ariel. Peter Pan was shown overhead flying, and Aladdin on his carpet not far behind. Cinderella’s castle was also shown as part of the background that led into Snow White’s woods. It was astonishing to see how far it’d come from the initial pencil markings from earlier that year.

He could watch you paint all day, you would hum to whatever music you had on and do small dances to it on rare occasions. He also liked hearing you proclaim things when you thought you’d messed up, you’d take in a deep, sharp breath before saying ‘Oh gosh!’ and rushing to fix it before anything else went wrong. You worked very slowly though, you had to perfect every little bit of whatever you’d been working on before even considering starting the next area. V was fine with this though as he’d become completely infatuated with you, the girl he doesn’t even know the name of.

In the end V had given up on going to talk to you, he’d been a ball of nerves ever since he thought about it that morning. As soon as you started packing up the paints and brushes he grabbed his bag and ran off before you would even know he was there. Cursing himself for giving up.

It continued like this for another two weeks. V watching as you painted, he’d resorted to sitting on the walkway a floor up to look less suspicious but it hadn’t been as nice as being sat at the bench not forty feet from you. The problem was though, was the mural was almost finished. There were maybe two days left before you’d pack up and not return for it and V still hadn’t even let his presence be known to you. He had to find the courage to speak to you before the day after tomorrow ended or else he may never see his artsy sun again.

V felt defeated as he’d collapsed in his dorm, face first into his pillow.

“What’s wrong, Jihyun?” Honestly V hadn’t even noticed that his roommate, and best friend, Jumin had entered their small room.

“The mural is almost done.” He mumbled turning his head to let him face Jumin as his cheek rested on the pillow. Jumin nodded letting out a soft ‘I see.’ V had told Jumin all about you, he couldn’t help it. You were so perfect, and amazing, and perfect again because he couldn’t think of another word that might describe you. Jumin had criticized him on using perfect twice at the time, saying he should’ve just said something along the lines of quintessential in personality and art. V refused to admit that he’d never spoken to you, meaning he didn’t quite know her personality which meant he couldn’t have said much else.

That’s probably why Jumin was being so nonchalant about the whole mural being done deal. He didn’t understand that this was possibly the last time that V would ever see you. The night didn’t seem to last as Jumin practiced, it felt as though he had only gone through one song by the time that day had come and V would be faced with seeing you for maybe the last time.

Classes seemed to speed by until the last two minutes of each. Every time he walked in the halls he searched for you, but you were short and seemed to be very timid so you were probably ducking your way through the halls doing your best to not attract any attention. At five o’clock sharp he was back on the walkway upstairs watching the mural. Nothing. No one showed up, not a sound arose around him.

Ten more minutes and still nothing.



Thirty five

“Where is she?” His sun, which he’d begun to refer to you as, had never once been late when it came to painting the mural. He was getting worried. Was she okay? Did she get sick? Did she decide she was done early? Was she meeting some guy? The thought of you with some other guy was killing V, it was embarrassing. “You don’t even know her name and you’re already jealous of whatever guy she’s with? Great.” He pouted and rested his head on the railing.


V jumped, he hadn’t even noticed anyone had been there. “What?” He turned to face the person and saw his sun, or, MC. His heart stopped.

“My name is MC, I noticed you up here last week. Then I noticed you were always here, I thought I’d come say hi.” Your voice was even prettier than he remembered it being when he’d faintly heard you talk to yourself as you were painting. You were also much prettier than he’d thought you were, now that he’d gotten a proper look at you. It took a moment for him to realize his jaw was hanging open and he was staring at you.

“I-I’m V.” You smiled and V knew then and there that he could die right now and it would be okay. “You can call me Jihyun too though.” Your smile only brightened,

“Okay Jihyun, why are you always up here?” When his name had fell from your lips he realized he didn’t want to die because he needed to hear you say his name again. When the silence grew around them he realized he’d had to answer you, but when he didn’t you’d pursed her lips slightly looking down before pointing at his camera. “Does it make for pretty photos?” He knew you were trying to break the ice again, all around you were bland walls and classroom doors. The only pretty things to photograph that were in his line of sight was you or your mural.

“It can make for gorgeous sights.” He regretted the words as soon as he let them go and he’d looked directly at your mural noting that you followed his gaze. “Your mural always fascinated me, I liked seeing it be painted.” Butterflies rose in his stomach when he’d noticed your blush. “I didn’t think you’d finished it.” He turned to look at you and you’d shook your head.

“I haven’t.”

“Then why aren’t you-”

“I told you I thought I’d come say hi today.” You couldn’t meet his eyes when you spoke and you’d run your fingers through your hair before you quickly looked up at him and away again.

“You terrified me.”

“What?!” You looked so worried when he’d told you this that V couldn’t help but give a smile.

“I thought I’d never see you again.” Your face had turned the same shade as your cherry red coat that you’d bundled up in due to the cool January weather. “MC, would you like to get coffee with me sometime?”

~Love, Peony

This one is a lot of V’s thoughts rather than cute fluffy stuff but it’s for a friend so I’m sure she’ll understand


speedpaint for the only human pic!


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TRANSCRIPT: LACMA Q&A with Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall

NOTE:  Below is a transcript of the Q&A that was held after the LACMA screening of The Judge on September 25, 2014 in Los Angeles.  

(Transcript by hedgehog-goulash7, who was lucky enough to attend)

The contrast between the two actors couldn’t seem more apparent.  Robert Duvall, introduced first to the standing-room-only audience at Film Independent’s pre-release screening of “The Judge” at the L.A. County Museum of Art, is quintessentially straight-faced, seemingly carved from granite, reserved and quiet.  Robert Downey Jr., on the other hand, bounces onto the stage, all whip-smart energy and volleys of words, a smile flashing every few moments.

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