Klaine one-shot - "After"

This is just a short, sweet aftercare moment with professional Dominator Kurt taking care of Baby Boy Blaine. Follows ‘Baby Boy Blaine Fighting His Demons’ in the Baby Boy Blaine series.

Part 1 - Baby Boy Blaine’s Bad Day

Part 2 - Punishing Baby Boy Blaine

Part 3 - Taking Care of Baby Boy Blaine

Part 4 - Baby Boy Blaine Fighting His Demons

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As a Dominator, Kurt is the quintessence of complete and utter control – in his commands, his actions, his planning, his ability to anticipate nearly any outcome. Those traits are some of the reasons why he’s always been in high demand. Being a Dominator isn’t just his job, it isn’t just a lifestyle; it’s who he is, bone deep. He’s creative, inventive, and he has a passion for domination that goes beyond most Dom/mes in the business.

Kurt juggles his fair share of subs, with the numbers changing from month to month, but Blaine Anderson has been in Kurt’s stable for almost half a year.

And he is, by far, Kurt’s favorite client.

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“Even in rainier areas, where dust is less inexorable and submits to brooms and rags, it is generally detested, because dust is ( N O T   O R G A N I Z E D ) and is therefore considered aesthetically bankrupt. Our light is not kind to faint diffuse spreading things. Our soft comfortable light flatters carefully organized, formally structured things like wedding cakes with their scrolls and overlapping flounces.It takes the mortal storms of a star to ( T R A N S F O R M ) dust into something incandescent. Our dust, shambling and subtractive as it is, would be radiant, if we were close enough to such a star, to that deep and dangerous light, and we would be ( R A V I S H E D ) by the vision—emerald shreds veined in gold, diamond bursts fraught with deep-red flashes, aqua and violet and icy-green astral manifestations, splintery blinking harbor of light, dust as it can be, the quintessence of dust.” ― Amy Leach, Things That Are

                                         THE EARTH IS SHIVERING.

Answer the 11 questions given to you, then write your own 11 questions you want those you tag to answer.

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  1. fave drink? (alcoholic and/or non-, w/e) tbh the only things i really drink are water, milk, and hard cider
  2. top three fic recs?  i haven’t saved fics that i like for several years now (unless they’re blow-me-away good), but 1) i’m re-listening to as this sunset turns to morning (j2) which is just as incredible as it was 3 years ago, 2) i read this adorable harry/eggsy one the other day, 3)and i saved this matt/foggy soulmate au a while ago(I LOVE soulmate aus ok shut up)
  3. fandom you most regret participating in? why?? hmmm….i never really felt like i REALLY participated in it, but the spn fandom certainly has had its gross moments (though it has its very good ones too!)
  4. what realistic, definitely-gonna-happen-kinda-soon invention are you most excited for? (ie. self-driving cars!!!!) so not teleportation then? or the ability to record your dreams (although they actually have made some progress on that)? i guess then for 3D printing to be more readily available! it’s amazing what we can already do with it
  5. go-to self-care treat? really just being alone, watching some movie i’ve seen a thousand times (13 going on 30, sleepless in seattle, les mis 25)
  6. 3 things/events/changes that you’re most excited for in this upcoming year of your life? 1) making friends oh my gosh i really need to make some outside of my roommates!!! 2) really getting settled into a new city 3) (once i get over it being TERRIFYING) creating a classroom community and having 25 students i love and care for and are all MINE (bc honestly i love my student teaching kids so much imagine when i’m their actual teacher)
  7. fave fruit and/or vegetable? asparagus! and green beans! and i have a banana like every day
  8. favorite time of the year? why? february! it has my and my parents’ birthdays in it, and we usually see a musical
  9. what would the you-of-10-years-ago think of you today? pretty much that i’m doing what i always figured i would, except maybe not the moving across the country bit. she probably wouldn’t be all that surprised.
  10. if you could buy one thing in the world regardless of cost, what would it be? gosh tori these are so hard!! can you buy tickets to the emmys?? or do you have to be invited? i wanna go to the emmys
  11. top three favorite books? time traveler’s wife, of mice and men, goblet of fire

my questions!

  1. (this is one i had to answer on a job application once) if you had to have two things instead of hands/prosthetic hands, what would you choose? literally anything else
  2. what was your best celebrity encounter?
  3. anything you used to ship that now you can’t believe you did?
  4. what was your first pop culture obsession as a kid?
  5. what’s your favorite thing that you had a teacher do for you/your class? could be a regular thing in their classroom or a one-time thing
  6. what is your absolute dream job?
  7. if you could be 1 animal for a day, what would you be?
  8. any weird quirks/talents you can do with your body?
  9. what’s your ideal temperature for it to be outside?
  10. what did you listen to in middle school?
  11. have any future kid names picked out?

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        Through a brittle downpour, a small throng scattered in each direction from the awning, quivering by hand of the harsh winds. Lily waved her goodbye with a trademark smirk, if only to upkeep her image; in truth, she was fucking tired, no sugar-coating.

        There was no prior expectation of a clique of teens merely avoiding the storm clouds to open galaxies in their eyes upon sight of her. Lily didn’t want to say her self-esteem was poor, because it wasn’t; they just didn’t seem the type. Regardless, she signed some of their stuff and one of them had a selfie stick (or something?) and made her do her stage poses and God, it was a lot more than she bargained for on an off-day. Luck was a lovely lady friend, but only when she wanted to be, in the singer’s case.

        Finally situated in a beanbag chair near a stand in the back, she exchanged looks with the owner who seemingly expressed concern. Of course, she only tossed grins around as though she withstood no problems, and he returned to stocking. A wonderful seven seconds of peace, before peeking upward with a single eye to someone a bit closer to her age range than the usual. Refreshing, though the fatigue lingered in her smile regardless.

        ❝ Hey there. Did you, uh, want an autograph for your sister or something? Or were you just plannin’ on bein’ the view? I mean, I’m fine with either.

i was going to make a gemsona but then i found this dollmaker on deviantart and of course i had to W.I.T.C.H.-ify the squad