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What do you think about Lotor's age? Is he "immortal" because of quintessence exposure and that's why he's still alive even after 10,000 years? Or was he in a cryopod like Allura and Coran? Or you have a theory of your own to explain that?

I think Lotor was in a cryopod because he’s clearly not viewed as eternal the way that Zarkon and Haggar are- Throk calls him a “brat” and clearly seems to believe that he’s been fighting with the empire longer than Lotor’s been alive. Also, while Zarkon and Haggar clearly look like older adults in their immortality, Lotor still looks like a young teenager.

It also would make a lot of sense if Lotor, like Allura, took the quick path to the future, because a lot of Lotor’s strongly-held ideals basically hearken back to how things were before the war, ten thousand years ago.

Allura also reacts to the revelation that Zarkon has a son with “this is… disturbing”, in a way that suggests she has more reason to be uncomfortable with the topic than just the fact that somebody had to have Zarkon as a dad.

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you keep saying shiro wouldn't hurt us but i think you've forgotten the season 1 finale

if ur talking about this dude right here

yeah. yeah this guy would absolutely murder every single one of us with no remorse and i would still thank him w my entire heart as i died. but that’s not our baby boy though. that’s just the evil quintessence clone or w/e (i think fandom has taken to calling him kuro???)

THIS is a boy who would not harm a Singular Innocent Fly.

boft beef baby. i love u. u have done nothing wrong in ur entire life. please crush me beneath your feet. pl

So I thought of something pretty sad.

This is long and Voltron related so a read more is gonna be put in place.

Okay so you know how Zarkon and Honerva were like affected by the Quintessence?


Imagine if they were actually loving and attentive parents before the discovery of the quintessence, and it makes them more focused on their work than their child? Like he has more memories with his servants than his parents.

Imagine Little Lotor finds out his parents are dead, and he’s crushed.

Now imagine little Lotor seeing his parents alive, but they’re completely different people. So in a way his parents died twice to him.

Lotor grows up resenting and hating his parents because of it, even to the point of betraying them.

Imagine he tries to go to the other side because he thinks his real parents that love him are there instead of the ones he has. In the end, he’s just a little boy that wants his parents back.

Synthetic AU Headcanons (to get this urge out of my system)

  • EMP weaponry only works on a few of his systems since he really runs on quintessence like Sendak’s arm.
  • This recharging was passed off as him needing regular treatments of quintessence after almost being killed during a battle (this was also used to explain why he didn’t get hungry/need to eat anymore after he was revived).
  • There was a period of disconnect and distrust after Haxus found out what had actually happened to him (in the case of him only finding out after he survives the fall from the catwalk, it’s a full-blown freakout and demanding to know what the Paladins had done to him.)
  • Also in the case of the latter, it unnerves him that he’s capable of communicating with the Lions with relative ease.
  • A while after he comes to terms with what he is, Haxus takes the time to “upgrade” things like his vision.
  • It’s very possible for someone like Pidge to get into his systems, but it’s also just as possible for him to kick her out again assuming she hasn’t dug too deep and messed with anything vital.

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On the goodend au ( where earth is discover ) how would the old paladins meet their replacement?

I’m really sorry to be turning down another request, but I’ve been sitting on this all week. And I’m just not into this “goodend au” thing anymore. The scenario in which Zarkon and Honerva weren’t corrupted by quintessence is a cool idea, but it changes such a fundamental part of their characters now that I feel like I’m just writing OCs at this point.

Besides that, if there was no corruption, then the old paladins wouldn’t have had to give up being paladins until they were old and needed to retire. In which case, the Blue Lion wouldn’t have been hidden on Earth and just… so many logistics that make it so that this exact thing honestly wouldn’t even happen.

But if you’re interested, I have answered something very similar to this not very long ago. Just not with “non corrupted” Zarkon.

reference for @theluckyjinx2170​ ‘cause this brave heart want to cosplay the empress. I’m honored and intrigued that you chose my version. 

Note: I imagine the empress as a woman who you would kneel before just looking at her. The woman who defeated Galra and built the most powerful Altea empire in the universe. She’s as terrifying as beautiful.
The war has broken her and then fused again. God knows what Allura has gone through but unfortunately there weren’t anyone left who would explain to her that no war =/= peace. 
Her outfit is a mix of her dress and pink paladin armor + dark color and a little gold. I think it looks noble and military at the same time, doesn’t it? Also her marks changed because of practicing with quintessence.

The Baku Gardens and The true Evil of Voltron

The whole episode of “The Depths” is about brainwashing and what brainwashes what.

And eventually the conclusion is this:

Queen Luxia: “Please! The last thing I remember is that organism in the garden falling from space. I went to inspect it. I thought it was a plant.”

(and we are shown this picture of that snake creature)

Hunk: “Wait a second. We’ve been eating that plant.
And it’s delicious! It’s so safe and warm.”

Lance: “A-ha! Mind-swishing! It was the plant the whole time.
And the queen was the first one to be mind-controlled.”

Plaxum: “But why?”

Queen Luxia:The Baku has been harvesting us all. We are its food source.“

And we are made to believe the organism was this thing:



The snake is not the organism that fell from space and was mind controlling everyone.

It was the same thing that got Zarkon

This little thing that they let enter their universe through the rift:

The mermaids have been eating food contaminated with that purple quintessence stuff Zarkon has been gulping down.

“The Depths” are kinda telling us what happened to Zarkon before we see it in season 3.

Honerva (or Zarkon) was the first one to be mind controlled by the creature, and the creature is harvesting all life forms in the universe I guess because it’s it’s food source.

(It’s something that becomes very clear after S3E7, but it was right in front of our eyes since S2E2)

Since it doesn’t seem like team Voltron are on to it yet, they just know that Zarkon somehow came back to life after he died in the rift and blame him for all the bad the Galra Empire has done. 

Maybe Lance and Hunk would be the first ones to connect the dots and realize the real enemy is that purple demon thing.

And in “The Depth” they got rid of the brainwashing by using a fish..

So maybe someone should throw this thing in Zarkon’s face to save the universe haha

OK no, although that would be awesome.

That was a temporary solution, but it did seem to cancel the brainwashing effect of eating the purple quintessence, so maybe Plaxum, Blumfump and Swirn could help team Voltron understand what exactly was in that fish that did that in the future..

I mean if they will still be around.. because

The thing is still there when they leave the Ocean planet. They didn’t get rid of the real problem. They just got rid of the snake that was probably controlled by it.

Also if letting the purple quintessence into your system has the ability to brain wash you and puts you under the “Demon Thing” (NOT ZARKON’s) control…

Shiro has been like bathing in that stuff since the start, he got hit with it so many times haha


endless list of favourite female characters: Cruella de Vil
101 Dalmatians (1961/1996)

“This is extraordinary. I am reduced to tramping through sewage because my two imbeciles can’t keep track of a bunch of infant dogs!”

Meta Post: How did Shiro get his scar?

So a few days ago I did a post about Shiro’s prosthetic arm and the response was amazing! Many of you also showed interest in me doing one on Shiro’s scar as well, so here we are. This one took me a lot longer to make because it’s not as cut-and-dry as the arm. There’s a lot of variables and speculation. We can’t really know for sure what DID happen, but we can most likely deduce what DIDN’T happen. (WARNING–I’m going to discuss some graphic stuff, blood/gore/injuries, etc. So be aware.)

In this post we’ll go through the possibilities and see which ones are the most likely to occur. There will be one numbered point per general option, and I will narrow them down to the ones I think could happen. I would love for you to share your thoughts on the matter! At one point most of us, myself included, assumed Shiro got the scar on his face during battle, so this brings us to the first option:

1. The scar is the result of a sword or other blade swipe during battle

Let’s take a look at what would have to happen for this option to be the case. There’s an easy way to visualize this in 10 seconds or less.

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damn. zarkon and honerva/haggar’s wedding. who could have thought that either of them could look so happy? this backstory is tragic affff

Theory: Keith is actually part Altean

Ok, so this theory is a little bit…out there, but if it were true it would actually explain a lot of things. 

I think it’s possible that Keith might actually be part Altean as well as part human and part Galra.

One of the mysteries that came with Keith being revealed as part Galra is the fact that he pretty much looks like a regular human. His unusual violet eyes are the only visual clue that he is partially not of this Earth, but it’s a pretty subtle one. Hence, many people have speculated about Keith having a “Galra form.” A lot of that is people being furries, but the fact remains that Keith just doesn’t look like an alien, so it’s certainly a possibility. 

But one of the only ways that could work is if Keith has the ability to shape-shift. Which aliens do we know of who have that ability?

Way back in Season 1, Allura shocked the paladins by demonstrating the Altean ability to shape-shift, which allows her to disguise herself as a Galra soldier and sneak aboard one of their ships. The fact that Alteans can freaking shape-shift is so wild that it seems highly suspicious it hasn’t come up again. You’d think Coran would do some pretty wacky stuff with that, at least. Plus, it seems unlikely that the writers would add shape-shifting to the mythology just for that one plot point. Thus, the shape-shifting reveal kinda seems like Chekhov’s gun. In other words, it’s a setup for something much more significant to happen later on involving the Altean ability to shape-shift. 

This all ties in with another enigma concerning Keith’s origins: his mother. It seems pretty clear that Keith’s alien heritage is from her, given the general air of mystery surrounding her character and the fact that his Marmora sword belonged to her.

In Keith’s vlog, he says that maybe he is naturally untrusting because his mom left him. It’s possible that she left before he was old enough to remember her, but the way he says it kinda makes it seem like he does remember her. She is probably even less human than he is, but she if looked like a giant purple space alien, then it wouldn’t have been much of a shock to him when he found out he has Galra ancestry in Season 2. But even if Keith doesn’t remember her, she was on Earth long enough to meet Keith’s dad and have a kid with him, and giant purple space aliens aren’t exactly inconspicuous on Earth. But this wouldn’t be a problem if she had a way of looking more human.  

Allura says that the ability to shape-shift has made Alteans great explorers and diplomats, but it would make them even better spies. The mystery surrounding Keith’s mom gives me hope that she is involved in something that’s super important and badass, and intergalactic espionage could certainly fall into that category.  

This brings us to the Galaxy Garrison, an institution that lots of fans think is hella sketch and probably in league with aliens. When Hunk, Lance and Pidge are surveilling the site of Shiro’s crash-landing, Lance zooms in on a certain military officer who has just arrived.

Who the heck is she, indeed. While this moment certainly works to establish Lance’s character, it seems kinda…unnecessary? Unless this character were going to play a more significant role later on… 

not saying she’s Keith’s mom, but

There’s definitely something going on with Earth. The Galra were hanging out near Kerberos, so they definitely know that Earth exists. Why haven’t they colonized it? Not only that, but the Blue Lion was on Earth: it must have ended up there sometime after Alfor disbanded Voltron, and considering those mysterious cave drawings, it’s probably been there for a really long time. What’s with all this Ancient Aliens stuff? Why don’t most people on Earth know that aliens exist, given that aliens have known about THEM for thousands of years?  

The topic of the Blue Lion brings up another mystery about Keith: How the heck did he manage to sense its presence all the way out in the desert when he didn’t even end up being its paladin?

None of the other paladins have demonstrated that kind of connection to a lion they don’t fly. But someone else has.

In the very same episode, we see Haggar reaching out and sensing the Blue Lion, much like what she helped Zarkon do with the Black Lion in Season 2. But Zarkon has a connection to the Black Lion because he used to be its paladin, while Haggar has never been a paladin. But she is Altean. 

One last thing: at SDCC this year, Lauren and Joaquim gave this interview, in which they said that Keith was originally going to have white hair and fangs. That doesn’t sound much like most of the Galra we’ve seen, but it does sound an awful lot like a certain half-Galra prince.

I think it’s pretty clear that Lotor’s mother is Haggar, which makes him half-Altean. The other people with white hair on this show are Allura and her family, alll of whom are Altean, and Shiro, who was experimented on by an Altean. It’s maybe worth noting too that the people in Allura’s family have white hair with a bluish tint, while Haggar’s and Lotor’s hair and Shiro’s floof are stark white and all seem to be related to experiments involving quintessence. Additionally, right after Allura finds out that Haggar is Altean, Haggar strikes her with a bolt of magic and Allura discovers that she has some sort of mysterious magic-bolt powers of her own.

It seems like contact with quintessence magic awakens latent magical abilities, or maybe just magnifies existing ones, since Allura has other magical powers. In the same episode as Allura’s shape-shifting reveal, a druid’s magic leaves purple splotches on Keith’s skin, and then he gets a container full of pure quintessence splashed all over him. Afterwards, he notices that the quintessence got rid of the purple marks.

Maybe what’s keeping him looking human has something to do with quintessence itself.

To recap: Given Keith’s very human appearance, the situation regarding his mother, and his ability to sense the Blue Lion, I think it’s possible that Keith is part Altean, or perhaps his human appearance is due to something involving quintessence. 


  • Shiro is no longer the black paladin. Sorry, I mean “Shiro
  • More coalition! More galras!
  • there’s a “mess of things on both sides”
  • “we have Hunk and Lance-” *audience goes WILD*
  • Hunk is a diplomat!!!!!
  • Lotor is “unpredictable ”
  • “Maybe he’s not evil, who knows?” YASSS
  • the evil quintessence thingy might still be there??
  • Blue is like a mother to Lance <3
  • A certain cryptid voice actor is yet to be found

Bonus: “sorry I’m a lil nervous cause you’re so beautiful ”


So not only is Lotor physically distancing himself from the rest of his team, but he’s crossing his arms across his chest so tight, he’s making an even bigger barrier between himself and them. He looks like he’s deep in thought and I feel like here he’s honestly just totally shut down for one of the first times in the series that we’ve seen so far. He doesn’t even have a weapon on him to fight back against Acxa.

Lotor’s closing himself off to everyone, including us, the audience. We haven’t been let in to his mind or his heart. And I really, really hope that the paladins can give us that insight and at least we get a little peek.

This isn’t asking for a redemption arc. Lotor doesn’t need redeeming. He needs a story, and it’s clear he’s reluctant to tell not only his generals, but us, too.

Anyway I just thought this imagery and body language was pretty interesting. There’s definitely so much more to this than we know right now.

Here’s to hoping we get some deeper insight into his plans, and what exactly he’s hoping for with all the quintessence he wants to gather, and the Sincline ships.

Season 3, with it’s time travel, alternate reality, clone stuff, etc., has basically made anything and everything possible.

I was thinking about Jeremy Shada saying, “Lance dies,” and my interpretation was no, he is teasing and there is no way that happens.

But what if Lance does in an alternate reality and we see it?

What if, even worse, Keith in a moment of desperation, because he can’t lose anyone else important to him, brings him back with quintessence, like Zarkon did Haggar and we have zombie/druid Lance?

I’ll be flipping tables.