quintanilla family


At 22 my favorite Youtuber’s life was taken. For reasons unknown 😢 I honestly don’t know how I feel right now. But I know it’s going to be hard.
Got a message me asking if I heard about what happened to her. I was constantly checking for any updates about her condition then my sister messaged me saying that she had passes away. I was hoping that it was a joke i didnt want it to be true. And now I have an empty place in my heart. Christina’s covers had helped me get through some of my hardest times. I remember when I found out that she was on tour with Selena Gomez, my sister had surprised me with tickets to go and see them.. I cannot even begin to understand what the Grimmie family is going through right now. Just writing this I am starting to tear up and feel everything I had felt just a few hours ago.
Like how can anyone do this..? How can someone just plan to go somewhere and plan kill people? It’s such a sickening and heartbreaking thing to do. When is unnecessary bullshit like this going to end? No one should ever have to go through something like this. And the fact that it happened at a concert where people go to escape and connect with others is so tragic. That she was shot in front of her brother and her fans! It just makes me angry thinking about how screwed up this world can be.
Her passing is just going to be like how it was for Selena Quintanilla-Pérez 21 years ago.
My thoughts and prayers are with the Grimmie family during this hard time
Rip you beautiful nerd ❤

Ok here’s the thing about the Selena + Mac post I just reblogged. It’s really important to remain critical of everything and where the money is going and I appreciate the discourse that’s happening. But it’s also good to remember that this Mac + Selena collab is completely approved of by the Quintanilla family. Suzette Quintanilla herself and even Chris Perez have been helping with the collaboration and working closely with Mac, they’ve been posting all over social media about how excited they are that this is happening. If they were believing Selena’s legacy were being exploited in any way they would have turned it down. They’ve done it before (an example would be the Hollywood walk of fame, the Quintanilla family has said multiple times they don’t want to have Selena on there because they don’t believe it’s genuine if they have to pay 40k to get on there as everyone else on there has). Anyway just wanted to clear up the fact that Selena’s family is ok with and approving of this collaboration. Plenty of other non-latinx celebrities have done collabs like this in the past (Miley, Rihanna). Does Mac actually care about Latinas? Probably not but many of her fans are proud of the fact that they got a global corporation to take notice of one of their icons through a grassroots movement & petition. EDIT: just wanted to clarify that this is NOT about Mac + the IDF boycott. This is a separate conversation about Selena’s brand & the white ownership of Mac & Estée Lauder (for example the fact that a line honoring a Latina will be lining the pockets of a white guy). I’ll link to the original post I’m referring to once I get to a computer but I’m on mobile rn.