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Ep 3 down. And Trish is the best.

And poor Riggs and is continuing path of self-destruction and snark.
But my main takeaway from this ep is his terrible way with food, which is making me think of the Leverage crew on a job in LA, and Riggs running into Eliot, who thinks he’s Quinn for a milisecond, and then ends up spending half the con trying to get this strange Quinn-a-like to eat actual food.

a quinn-a-like omg


i need this so much i can’t even. (The real quinn shows up and they all end up in bed. He and Riggs hate each other on sight. The insults are flying. The guns come out. Which is what they finally bond over, white eliot looks on in distaste. And then they bond over that, too.)

And haha yes, Riggs’ eating habits are disgusting, and this is how i know i’m in too deep, because i think it’s disgusting but in an endearing way?