Text || Quinnson
  • Mason: we waited too long
  • Mason: it's either Coleman or a copycat who now knows they can get away with it
  • Mason: either way it's got to be his freaking fault
  • Mason: im going to talk to him. tonight. be there, bring hunter, or don't, I don't care, but nobody else is getting hurt on my watch
  • Quinn: Take a breath. Do we know who was attacked?
  • Quinn: Don't get yourself a battery charge because you couldn't wait to see what's actually going on. Don't get yourself a battery charge period, that's stupid.
Text || Quinnson
  • Mason: Madison and me are going over to Hunter's tomorrow.
  • Mason: any tips?
  • Mason: also this is a thing i'm proud of. or like a success or whatever. for the record.
  • Mason: even if hunter's still sort of soulless and you know. hunterish.
  • Quinn: He invited you over? Do you know if Mr. Clarington is going to be there?
  • Quinn: Mason, that's definitely something to be proud of.
  • Quinn: I can't believe he's d–[DELETED]
  • Quinn: I don't believe he's soulless. He's...Hunter. Just be on your best behavior. I would recommend that you don't preach about your beliefs. Ask questions, show them that you're interested in learning more about them, but not to the point of prying.
  • Quinn: For silverware, the easiest way to remember is that you always work from the outside in. The fork farthest from the plate, then the second farthest, and so on.

Going over that interesting, INTENSE Harrison Wright love interest scoop discussion, I also realized that the Pope & Associates colleague doesn’t necessarily have to mean nor suggest that it’s someone that works at Pope & Associates.

Boom goes the dynamite, indeed!

Yes team Abbison (Abby + Harrison) and team Quinnson (Quinn + Harrison) are STRONG contenders as Harrison’s love interest for great continuity reasons…

BUT what if it’s a NEW Scandal character we have yet to meet/see??? Peep the keywords there “Pope & Associates colleague.”

Bottom line: I think we all as Gladiators love us some Harrison Wright. I’m ready for what’s going to happen with Harrison. I trust Shonda.

Sound Off Gladiators!!!

Is it healthy to be this obsessed with a tv show?

Scandal. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever loved a show more or anticipated the start of a new season. I was apprehensive about the show, at first. I didn’t even watch it until it was renewed for a second season (since everything I love is usually cancelled). I ended up watching every episode, twice. It’s just that good and it has you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning to very end.

I can go on and on about the reasons why I love scandal but I think I’ll just do the top five.

#5. It was created by Shonda Rhimes. Duh! (huge GA and PP fan ^_^)

#4. It is brilliantly casted and acted. Kerry W. (Olivia) is an absolute phenom. She took her acting abilities to new heights with this role (Already a huge fan of her work, an even bigger one now). Tony G. (Fitz) is great and his connection with Kerry in every scene they are in together… oh! *melts*. And everyone else: Jeff P. (Cyrus)’s ruthlessness and the fact that he’s not a stereotype, Darby S. (Abby)’s brashness, Columbus S. (Harrison)’s smooth talking, Guillermo D. (Huck)’s mysterious nature, Katie L. (“Quinn”)’s “the new girl act” - she tries so hard to impress Olivia and do a great job. Henry I.C. (Stephen)’s nice but tough guy, his best frienship with Olivia. Can’t believe he’s not coming back. Be still my Stephen loving heart.  I’m only going to mention the main cast, but you get the idea, they are all great.

#3. The story lines and plot twists. As I mentioned before, the show keeps you on your toes and keeps you interested. The story lines have great writing, they are absolutely not weak, always deliver. The plot twists are jaw dropping to me. For example take the “Who is Quinn? cliffhanger” - the character with the least developement and kind of looked at as the least useful, but has the least baggage. Then, bam. We find out that this character was purposefully under developed because she isn’t who we think she is and she has the most baggage out of all of them. Wow. Nice. Enough said.

#2. The character of Olivia Pope. I absolutely cannot get enough of her. Love how her character gives off the “everybody deserves a second chance” vibe. She basically “fixed” everyone on her team by helping them out of their various situations and gave them a “second chance” by giving them their jobs and showing no judgment of them. Favorite character, by far.

*Drum roll*

#1. Olitz!!! Holy chizznits! Olivia and Fitz's chemistry is literally fire hot. It leaps off of the screen every time that they are on it. The passion, the desire, the lust, the angst, the love, true love between them is so palpable. And what makes it even better: it’s interracial (huge fan of interracial-ness). I love how Kerry W. and Tony G. are able to portray them so freaking well. Kerry’s stunning beauty and Tony’s utter, shall I say, hottness meshes well together. Their “One Minute"s are the sweetest thing ever! I really hope the audience gets more Olitz in the coming season *coughcough and less Mellie coughcough*. More into their history and just more of scenes with just the two of them. Not to mention their off screen chemistry is so cute! (and no I’m not one of those "people” that think they have “something” going on off screen)

Side note: I’m also starting to ship Quinnson or, at least, Kalumbus. Their chemistry on and off screen is making me say “hmm… they’d go well together”.


I have a stream of consciousness way of writing, so this probably came out all over the place. But, yeah, I really think this is kind of unhealthy, too bad that isn’t stopping me. :)

archerwrites  asked:

"You make a good pillow."

“That’s what they tell me!”

Okay, so… on the real, nobody had ever told Mason McCarthy he made a good pillow in his life. Not even Madison and they’d spent, like, a ridiculous amount of time sharing a bed before their parents intervened to force them to sleep in separate bunks at the embarrassing age of twelve. He just really needed to sound somewhat experienced now that by an honest to goodness miracle he managed to find himself under the covers with Quinn Fabray.

She didn’t seem to remember recruiting him for Glee a few years back but he remembered the way his jaw dropped with the first roll of her hips in that alumni uniform.  Mason started cheering as a toddler and he had never seen anyone work a skirt that well. Holy smokes!

He recognized her right away when she returned to McKinley to help Rachel and Kurt resurrect the New Directions. Madison subscribed to every cheerleading magazine in the country and he had admittedly swiped any issue with Quinn in it from her collection to hide underneath his mattress.

No way did he ever imagine he’d bump into her while trying to find his first lecture at Yale. At first he wanted to run and hide in a bathroom when she apparently had no idea who he was… but that faded as soon as she started to flirt with him. Did seniors ever waste their time on freshmen?

They had gone to dinner a few times since then and often found excuses to enjoy each other’s company after classes. She gave him pointers on how to make it through his first year and he gave her a much needed break from taking everything way too seriously. It was an unlikely match made in heaven.

The kind of match that could easily ignite now that she had boldly joined him in bed after a night she spent teaching how to take a shot of tequila with lime and salt. His arm slid around her waist as soon as she seemed comfortable with her head on his chest and her hand low on his stomach, fingers barely grazing the skin that peeked out with his shirt riding up.

“You know,” he whispered, “they do make full body pillows these days.”

You know what I think about when I look at Olivia?
A bookkeeping degree.
That’s what you do right when you spend 8 years in federal prison. That’s what I was facing for insider trading.
8 years of my life (plew!) wasted if she hadn’t saved me.
So the way I see it Liv’s a good person.
A good person that has to do something bad for the right reasons?
I’m down with that.
I don’t want to know the how’s.
I don’t want to know the why’s.
I just come to work every day thankful as all hell I don’t have to earn a bookkeeping degree.
—  Harrison Wright to Quinn Perkins (Beltway Unbuckled, Scandal Season 2 Episode 4) Harrison’s team Olivia Pope!
Top 7 Favorite Quinnson Moments!

External image

Quinnson is a shipper name dedicated to Harrison Wright and Quinn Perkins given by gladiator-in-sweats.

Here are just the very best of Quinnson - a ship we (GIS and I) hope to see happen in the future as Columbus Short and Katie Lowes have great chemistry on and off camera. They click and we love it!

(Disclaimer to non-Quinnson/Quinnson shippers: Let it be known that we ship Quinn and Harrison and NOT Columbus and Katie. In real life, Katie is happily engaged to her boo and Columbus is a happy husband and a proud father!)

*UPDATE: Thanks to klutzybrunette I now want to congratulate Katie on getting hitched this Summer to her boo! 

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If you are an Quinnson shipper, join in on the harmless fun! It’s all love!

Favorite Quinnson Moment #1: TV Guide Interview with the cast of Scandal

The cast of Scandal sat down with TV Guide magazine to talk about season 1 and what to expect. The best part of this video is of course the Quinnson cutness that starts at the :45 mark!


Miss it? Relive that moment via gif made by anjelia3

Katie: Beautiful… guy.
Columbus: You are beautiful.
Katie: You are.

(Source: anjelia3)

Favorite Quinnson Moment #2: Merri Howard shares the Olivia Pope & Associates team (Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield, Columbus Short and Katie Lowes) burning the late night oil!

Favorite Quinnson Moment #3: Katie Lowes shared a photo moment of her with Kerry Washington and Columbus Short* in between shooting season 2 of Scandal on Twitter.

Favorite Quinnson Moment #4: Olympic Gold Medal Champion Allyson Felix visited the set of Scandal and Quinn sat down on Harrison’s lap.

Favorite Quinnson Moment #5: Colubmus Short may be a Quinnson shipper at heart. He has a shipper name for them - HarriQuinn.

External image

In addition to that great photo moment, here are more Quinnson photos from Twitter…

Favorite Quinnson Moment #6: Quinn is Katie’s middle name! (It’s faith, ya’ll!)


Favorite Quinnson Moment #7: Gladiator in a suit!

From the moment  Harrison said that classic line to Quinn, Quinnson was born! Need to get your Quinnson fix? I highly recommend reading scandal story’s fan fiction on them here!


image credits - Columbus Short, Katie Lowes, @ScandalABC, Merri Howard, TV Guide, & anjelia3


Sweet Baby: Favorite Quinnson Moments

These are screen shots of the first duo that Scandal introduced us to. Quinnson is Quinn Perkins & Harrison Wright. (They go on to work together on the Sully case.)

Memorable Quote: Gladiator in a Suit.

Thoughts: From this dynamic duo, the fans of the show are officially named Gladiators In A Suit or simply Gladiators for short.

Harrison hires Quinn Perkins as a new team player at Olivia Pope & Associates.

Harrison guides Quinn through the Sully Case and working at Pope & Associates like a big brother should.

Quinn as a new team player is sort like a fish out of water and Harrison acts as a guide.

They go on to work together on several cases during the season as a great duo.

Will he be the first to discover her true identity in season 2?


Who is Quinn Perkins? Deposition Video (Harrison)