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Aria looked around her, trying her best to get her bearings. She wasn’t entirely sure where she was, but she needed to find out. Walking up to the closest person she saw, she cleared her throat and tapped them on the shoulder. “Excuse me, but I’m afraid I got a bit lost. Do you mind telling me where we are? And uh…possibly the date too if its not too much trouble.”

New Beginnings. Dan + Quinn

Dan hadn’t seen Quinn in a while and he was kind of missing the boy.  He pulled out his phone and opened his text messaging, sending him a text. ‘We should go do something together.’ Dan grinned to himself as he hit 'Send’.

Subtlety || Closed @ quinnofthehunt

Subtlety was an art form unknown in its intricacies. Never had too fine of a point been placed upon the complex nature of assimilation. Nor would it ever be. Castiel had spent an eternity in observation of those that walked the Earth, and an eternity had not been long enough for him to learn their every custom. 

The muted glow of his bound Grace was iridescent to the eyes of the damned, if not dulled to the senses of humanity. Demons were far harder to hide from. 

He did not regret their deaths in the slightest, their interest in him having garnered their his attention in return. They had thought him easy prey, striding into the room as though it were they that held the upper hand. More the fools they. The arrogance of hellspawn never ceased to amaze him. 

With the burning light of the Divine fading, his Grace calming as he turned away from the bodies of the demons he had so recently smote, his eyes settled upon a figure standing within the doorway. 

He hesitated for a moment, assessing the nature of the intrusion. Would he be forced to kill again? 

“Who are you?” He demanded, “And why are you here?”