Since you are required to have a certain theme that’ll look clean and organized, we’ve provided you below with some that you might like. 

    You may customize these themes to your liking! Credits to those who made them are right below. Check them out! They’re wonderful. 

    i want everyone to follow these people if you’re not following them already. these people will light up the world tonight you gotta give up the bark and bite oops. what was i saying? oh yeah. they are gonna light up your dashboard and make this place quality. i also wanted to say thanks to you guys for making my dashboard a better place in 2011 and i hope you will continue in 2012. :3 and i want to wish you happy new year even tho its few days too early. :D im really sorry for this shitty graph- something. so here’s the list:

    rachpuckermanprettylittlefeverlefabraypuckermanfabrayquinnilrbcnnayariveraxanistheplushbeardiannaagronsd-trollgronnaya-riveraanothergaysharkjessramblingsharmonsfaberrum-diannaskurtanakumtanariverstreetchordaholicnayaholicicanbemyselfnowpsychadeliachilda-benzobelleanimaohnayaphoebestonkinlopezpierceharpottercentral-perkblaintanasantana-rachelkenricspovitryaopposite-directions-getupinmygrillskank-fabraystillafireinmernaya-kunisareyouquestioningmybadassenessaneternalflamebrittsugarmattsmithsexualmebeingastaranderevansgryffindoredfluorescent-lightsoverstreetchords prettylittleliars-bitches pezberrry

    im sure i forgot a lot of people. here’s my blogroll. here are all of people i follow and all of them are really quality :)


    Quinni pics! (I was Seirin Kuroko/Sam/Carlos/Eren if you’re wondering who this is)

    Kuroko - unicornfarmer

    Intern Dana - theinvisiblekayla

    AVPM Draco - dicaeopolis

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GABRIEL! I hope you had an amazing time yesterday! You did have cake, right? Sorry this is late! I got sick last night and so I couldn’t come online when I got home and yeah. Howeverrr I’ll try to find the nearest TARDIS and put this back through time so it reaches you on time. And then pick you up and we’ll go for some adventures in time and space. Deal? Ahah, anyways happy belated birthday hun! :)


    So I got a pretty darn cool theme, you guys can get the code for it here: http://pastebin.com/fNVp1hyr

    Follow the person who made this, she’s super cool too: http://quinni.tumblr.com/

    And I’m still not done with it, need to decide on a background (any ideas?), and add the codes for endless scrolling and my music.

    But yeah, lemme know what you think so far, and which direction I should go as for the actual theme of it (Doctor Who, Ravenclaw, Orchestra, ya know)