Here’s a picture of Carol Bartholomew who was married to Wynn Bartholomew with Glen Campbell himself. Carol is the blonde in the famous picture with Ted Bundy standing in the kitchen drying plates. Wynn was a classmate of Ted’s at the University of Utah Law school (J Quinney building).


Viola and Oliver’s Birthday

It’s so good to be here with all my brothers! I can’t remember the last time we had the whole family to get together like this… we have to do this more often. Another year, another birthday, and I’m glad Olly and I can celebrate it together! We came to this little pub that we really like. Not fancy at all, but that’s why it’s perfect for us! - Viola.


5 in the afternoon

Claire: so tell me everything about your new school, how was your first day?
Cassadee: it was nice… I became friends with this girl who sits next to me, her name’s Samantha… I guess
Claire: cool! Aaaand… are there any cute guys?!
Cassadee: ughh, I don’t think so! None in my class, the ones in my class are all… you know, just boring guys.
Claire: ah that’s… boring. Well let’s hope the older boys can notice us soon!
Cassadee: hahah right! That will take some time. But I’m okay with that, as long as I have ice cream to comfort me!!

Max: are you listening to that? Cause it seems they don’t mind that we are! Ohh that’s too much information…
Quinney: can’t believe they already talking about boys… they’re growing up so fast!
Max: I’ll just keep pretending that Cassie still rather play with her dolls and still thinks boys are idiots.