Viola and Oliver’s Birthday

It’s so good to be here with all my brothers! I can’t remember the last time we had the whole family to get together like this… we have to do this more often. Another year, another birthday, and I’m glad Olly and I can celebrate it together! We came to this little pub that we really like. Not fancy at all, but that’s why it’s perfect for us! - Viola.


5 in the afternoon

Claire: so tell me everything about your new school, how was your first day?
Cassadee: it was nice… I became friends with this girl who sits next to me, her name’s Samantha… I guess
Claire: cool! Aaaand… are there any cute guys?!
Cassadee: ughh, I don’t think so! None in my class, the ones in my class are all… you know, just boring guys.
Claire: ah that’s… boring. Well let’s hope the older boys can notice us soon!
Cassadee: hahah right! That will take some time. But I’m okay with that, as long as I have ice cream to comfort me!!

Max: are you listening to that? Cause it seems they don’t mind that we are! Ohh that’s too much information…
Quinney: can’t believe they already talking about boys… they’re growing up so fast!
Max: I’ll just keep pretending that Cassie still rather play with her dolls and still thinks boys are idiots.