Okaaay i’ve been tagged to answer some questions… Thank you brittana-is-heya! NO TOUCHY !!!

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1.- What was the highlight of your summer? - going to hong kong for vacation! it was awesome and my first time going some place out of the US (well besides Canada)

2.- Marry, Fuck, Kill? - this question makes me feel awkward cause i honestly don’t know. there are so many people that i could choose for all of them. uh first one: i don’t know… maybe grant gustin. he’s adorable. and then the second one: darren criss? he’s so hot. third: i don’t want to kill anyone. that seems mean… maybe someone that really bugs me?

3.- If you could do anything in the world what would it be? - i would want to be famous so i could meet all the other famous people that i love and go to after parties for award shows. that seems like so much fun.

4.- What would you do if you were given a 50 million dollars? - i would go on a shopping spree maybe? or buy like a really awesome house with all cool furniture and stuff that was on that one post called like “things you need in your house” or something?

5.- One person (alive or dead) you’d love to meet? - argh. it’s hard to choose just one person. uhh i guess i would love to meet cory monteith. i mean i was really upset when i found out that he died and i mean i always wanted to meet the entire glee cast so i would choose him.

6.- What’s your guilty pleasure? - uh i guess it would be glee? i mean i love it but like most other people i wouldn’t announce that cause it’s just like that one text post i saw today about how glee fans hate the show since it’s getting kinda bad plotwise but at home they would totally gear up in glee stuff and just rewatch a bunch of episodes all day.

7.- Do you have a hidden talent? - hahaha no. i don’t have any talent whatsoever.

8.- If you had a super power what would it be? - i don’t know. i wish i could have like all super powers (cause i’m just that greedy) but if i had to choose one… it would be either seeing the future, being invisible, or being able to fly.

9.- What would have to be your perfect way to fall inlove? - i don’t know. either being friends and becoming best friends and then falling in love or like just spontaneously falling in love at first sight. i honestly don’t have a perfect way. probably just like how people fall in love in fairytales and stories and such (even though that’s so cliche)

10.- If you could know anything in the world what would it be? - if someone will actually fall in love with me (ha related to the last question cause that’s just what i was thinking after i read question 9)

11.- Anything you’re looking forward in life? - eh not really. i mean i like to take in life as it goes day by day. thinking about the future hurts.


Time for my questions!!

1.- What did you do for most of your summer?
2.- If you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you absolutely need to have with you?
3.- Describe the perfect weather on a perfect day for you.
4.- What would you do if you won the lottery?
5.- What’s your favorite color?
6.- What’s the song that gets stuck in your head the easiest?
7.- What’s your greatest and most exciting experience in your life so far?
8.- If you had a super power what would it be?
9.- What’s the song that you would just drop anything you’re doing (no matter how important it is) and just break out and start dancing?
10.- Favorite food?
11.- If you had the chance to have a pet unicorn, would you take it?

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