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For Sydney, or anyone else who wants to chime in. Re today's Quinn GIF set. When Estes tells Quinn, "He knows" in the hallway, does anyone else notice how cool Quinn looks just standing there when the camera pulls away? Am I just being a silly fan girl? Swooooon!

I pretty much swoon at everything he does, so you’re asking the wrong gal. 

Halloween 2016

Close as Strangers: Chapter 10

Close as Strangers: Chapter 10

Word count: 4.5k

Genre: High School au, angst, fluff

Happy Valentines day, lovelies. Thank you if you’re still reading this. Sorry about mistakes, i’m sleepy and just got off work.

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

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The fact that it was March, almost April, was crazy. You were getting into some different colleges and so was Jungkook. It was weird that sooner or later you’d be departing from each other. You’d been thinking about it so much recently. You knew you two would have the summer and everything. It was just that you had been waiting so long for Jungkook to be yours and then all too soon you would be split up. It was like you couldn’t win.

You were trying not to think about it and obviously it wasn’t working.

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  • Estela: So, who broke it? I’m not mad, I just want to know.
  • [Silence]
  • Quinn: I did, I broke it-
  • Estela: No. No, you didn’t. Craig?
  • Craig: Don’t look at me. Look at Zahra.
  • Zahra: What? I didn’t break it.
  • Craig: Huh. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?
  • Zahra: Because it’s sitting right in front of us, and it’s broken.
  • Craig: Suspicious.
  • Zahra: No, it’s not.
  • Aleister: If it matters... probably not... Michelle was the last one to use it.
  • Michelle: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap.
  • Aleister: Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Michelle: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Aleister!
  • Quinn: Alright, let’s not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, Estela.
  • Estela: No. Who broke it?
  • Jake: Estela, Sean has been awfully quiet...
  • Sean: Really?!
  • Jake: Yeah, really!
  • [Cut to Estela in another room, the rest of them fighting in the background]
  • Estela: I broke it. It burned my hand so I punched it. I predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

Summary: This sort of follows the relationship between Seth and the reader, through their ups and downs.
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: This is sad, y’all. That’s my only warning.
A/N: Okay, so… this kind of sad, heartbreaking, slightly angsty fic is absolutely in my wheelhouse. It was more or less my calling card in my old fandoms and I wanted to try to bring a smidge of that with me. That being said, I’d be lying if I said that I thought everyone was going to like the fic. Please, please let me know what you think of it though!

I’d also like to dedicate this to  @theworldiscolorful for being the best.

Tags: YOU GUYS. There are so many of you that wanted to be tagged in this (THANK YOU!!!!!!!), so I’m putting tags at the end!


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Professional wrestling was your first love. You had watched with your father as long as you could remember; your first memory was watching The Undertaker defeat Jimmy Snuka at Wrestlemania VII. Even at only five years old, you were captivated by The Deadman. Listening as your dad retold the story anytime he was backstage with you at a show, he would say that your mother was so sure that you would be scared of Taker, but that instead you were so engrossed with him that you didn’t move a muscle the whole match. He’d finish up by saying that’s when he knew you would love the sport as much as he did, pulling you in for a quick side hug.

He was wrong, though.. you ended up loving it more that he did.

You had loved it so much that when you hit sixteen, you began training. You loved it so much that you kept pushing yourself as hard as you could every day, even harder the next. You loved it so much that you broke down crying when the WWE called and offered you a developmental contract with them.  Above all else, though, you loved professional wrestling so much because it introduced you to the last love of your life.

Seth Rollins.

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gotham girls aesthetics- 1. suicide squad harley quinn

“I know how the world works, okay? And when it comes to the heart, it’s everyone for themselves.” x

Y’all acting like they aren’t going to give us a third book but I can debunk this rn. 

1. We have had 12 chapters and the average amount per book is 17. Now, the most I think is 21 but that almost never happens (it was for ROE). Okay now consider this also. They have to kill 12 people. 12. It’s going to be kind of hard to kill 12 people in just 5 chapters don’t you think? That would be two people a chapter at least. (I should say, craig is probably dying soon based on his scene but I don’t remember it well). 

When Michael dies they are by water if I remember correctly. When diego dies I’m pretty sure its in a lab. For crying out loud Zahara doesn’t even die until years and YEARS later. Rourke dies before Jake also. (Jake is seen in Zahara’s idol scene and she release all prisoners). We don’t even KNOW how Quinn dies since she survived her idol scene. The MC has to dig 13 graves. We don’t know anything about he red astronaut man. In fact, if you didn’t unlock the clue scenes I’m fairly confident he hasn’t shown up at all. 

That’s an entire other plot thread that hasn’t even been touched on in this book. Not to mention there will probably be an epilogue chapter. And, if the story follows it’s current theme of touching on all the LI’s backstories we should be getting a sean centric arc soon that will be plot relevant just like the other LI’s. We also still have to find Lila.

TL;DR there is way to much content for this book to be rapped up in 5-8 chapters. We literally have to kill everyone, introduce a new plot point, solve the conflicts, and tie a nice little ribbon with an epilogue. I assure you there will most likely be a book three. Not to mention, this is without doubt the most popular story they have rn. The cash cow goes moooooooooooooooo. 

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Have you done any angst break-up headcanon? Could you please make one for the LIs of ES? Thank you.

Hey Anon! I’ll try to give this a go (PSA: there is mention of death and blood)

Let’s start with Estela I love her so much it’s unreal:

  • So, if you’ve slept with Estela and she trusts you enough with her secret, you’ll learn that she’s in La Huerta because she wants to avenge her mum, who had a suspicious death at the Celestial probably killed by Rourke.
  • I think that everything would be going well between Estela & MC, despite the circumstances that they are going through and the trials that their relationship has to overcome due to these situations, until everything is calm and they have captured Rourke.
  • So of course both of them think that it’s best if the other stays away from Rourke: MC because they saw how bad Estela beat him up when they stepped aside and allowed her to, and Estela because she knows that Rourke is a snake and wants him as far as possible from her significant other.
  • Estela came to the island for one thing and one thing only; and she isn’t just going to back down from it no matter how much MC pleads her to. She goes to interrogate Rourke but of course the longer she talks to him the more furious she gets because he is answering her questions cryptically and she’s losing her patience.
  • And that happens for a few days and MC is always there with Estela, just standing back and watching the whole situation, but they are really anxious because they don’t know how to stop her but at the same time they understand that her mother was murdered and she just wants answer.
  • One day Estela completely loses it and she beats up Rourke again to the point that she almost kills him but MC grabbed her arms and stopped her, dragging her out of the room. And then Estela turns around and she’s just so pissed at MC because she says that Rourke deserves that and so much more and she’s going to do what she came to do to the island.
  • But MC tells her that they can’t go on in the relationship with Estela if she’s so blinded by her hatred for Rourke that she started to develop and unhealthy behaviour and mentality, and they are pleading her to stop and to just let him rot in jail.
  • That makes Estela kind of shocked and quiet for a second, and she considers what MC has just said but in the end she tells them that maybe they should break up because she isn’t going to stop until she gets her answers and revenge. And so they do, because Estela refuses to give up her goal and MC can’t stand besides Estela while she destructs herself and what they have like that.

Let’s move on to Sean:

  • So you managed to get off the island and return to Hartfeld and all     is going good between MC and Sean, I mean, they managed to survive and escape and island full of monsters right?
  • Well, life goes on so all of you return to your daily routine,     which for Sean means he has his courses + the American football team + getting back in shape to be the quarterback and lead the team + taking care of his family.
  • Sean really does the best he can but between all of the things he has to do + maintain a relationship, he can’t sleep much, he falls asleep during the classes, he isn’t focused during practice and only day he’s sitting in his room and he thinks of a new strategy to balance all of those things.
  • But unconsciously he starts spending less time with MC, and at first MC brushes it off because they understand that Sean has got a lot on his plate, but they slowly begin to feel upset about it cause they are spending little to no time with him.
  • So MC drops by his dorm and Craig is there, he lets them in and tells them that Sean is in his room but before they go he stops MC and tells them that he’s really grateful for all that MC has done for Sean and for standing beside him.
  • With a lump in their throat MC goes to Sean’s room and knocks the door slowly, but there’s no reply so they open the door a bit and they notice that Sean is in his bed, surrounded by books and papers, and flowers are sitting on his desk for them.
  • Sean is so focused that he doesn’t realise that MC is in his room until they close the door and clear their throat. And MC’s heart breaks a little because Sean has huge bags under his eyes and he yawns after greeting them and giving them a soft smile.
  • MC just shift from one foot to the other and Sean realises that it has been around two weeks since they saw each other and he immediately hops to his feet and embraces them but he knows that their relationship is falling apart.
  • So he sits down with them, and he says that he’s really sorry, and that he thinks they should take a break because the spending so little time together because of all that he has to do is unfair to MC and to him as well, but he would never admit that it’s all just too much.
  • They sit in silence for a moment, wondering how they let their relationship get to that point but MC nods, and kisses his cheek and say that they should see in each other in a couple of weeks and see where this is heading and then leaves. They don’t speak or see each other over that time, drifting apart but constantly think of the other.


  • So we all know that Quinn is ill, and that it’s terminal (she had six months to live after the experimental thingy her father spent all the money he had left on) and that her time is running out and may be a little less than what it’s expected to due to how funky time is on La Huerta.
  • MC is always by Quinn’s side unless they have to go spy or do something to uncover the mysteries and Quinn can’t follow them, but they try to be with her all the time that they can because they know what’s going to happen. Neither of them tries to think about it, especially when they are together.
  • But Quinn starts to see MC’s bags under their eyes, and he sees them get slower when they run or a little more unfocused when someone speaks to them, and she knows that it’s because they stay up most of the night to make sure that she’s okay.
  • MC always reassures her that they are fine, and that they do it because they love her and that she shouldn’t worry about them at all and just focus on keeping her energy for important things like running when they need to escape and all of that.
  • Quinn feels a bit weaker with the passing of the days and it becomes more and more difficult for her and one time while running from the Watchers, the blue creatures corner them and a fight between the two groups breaks out. MC is doing their best to keep themselves and Quinn protected but somehow while they are fighting a Watcher, an arrow goes past them and into Quinn’s stomach.
  • MC turns around and just ran towards Quinn and gathers her in their arms, shouting for Michelle to hurry and help her and Michelle tries to her best, with Iris’ help, but she has no way of stopping the bleeding with the little equipment that she has and there’s nothing that she can do.
  • At this point, MC is just pressing Quinn against their body as tightly as possible and Quinn has her hands pressed against her wound so that no one has to see the blood oozing from it but it’s just too much and it spills from her hands.
  • Her blue eyes are focus on MC’s face and she asks them to just smile one more time for her, and they do, even when their lips tremble and their eyes are filled with tears, which makes Quinn give them a soft smile before she says that she loves them and that they’ll be reunited later. MC and Quinn’s relationship doesn’t end because of a break-up but because life took her way too soon.

And Jake my precious boy I adore him:

  • So, if you had sex with Jake and he trusts you with his secret, you know that he has a bounty on his head and can’t return to US soil (‘cause that’s where MC and everybody else is from apparently) unless he wants to spend the rest of his life in prison.
  • When Jake & MC are dating, they aren’t really thinking about how limited their time is together, they just enjoy each other’s company. Plus, both of them lowkey know that their time together doesn’t have to be limited if they settle on a place like Costa Rica.
  • Their friends all talk about how their lives are going to go back to normal when they get out of La Huerta, what courses they are going to be taking at Hartfeld, seeing their families and all of those things, but MC and Jake stay quiet on those conversations for two different reasons: Jake doesn’t have those things to go back to and MC doesn’t want Jake to feel like they are holding them back because he isn’t part of that future.
  • One night, when it’s Diego’s and MC’s turn to stand watch, Jake can’t sleep so he just lies down with his eyes closed waiting for time to pass. But the friends’ conversations picks his interest when he hears that MC originally planned to go back to college and finish their university studies and Diego asks what has changed, they replied that Jake is in their life now and they aren’t sure what to do now, Diego asks if they still want the original plan and MC says that they kinda do.
  • So Jake thinks about that all the time, and he slowly starts to push MC away because he loves them and wants them to chase after their dreams and goals without them feeling guilty about him or influencing MC’s decision to go with him to Costa Rica.
  • MC quickly catches on with Jake’s change of behaviour and when everyone else is busy or asleep, they push him aside to an isolated space and ask what’s wrong and what has changed between them. Jake knows what his going to do because he had been waiting for that moment, but he can’t find his voice to speak the lies he has come up with but finally says that he doesn’t really love MC, that for him it was just a casual thing and that he didn’t know how to stop it when it turned serious.
  • MC is just in silence and shocked because out of all of the things they thought Jake would say, that wasn’t on the list. And they just kind of start stepping back from Jake, turn around and stumble back to the camp, leaving the pilot alone. When MC leaves, he finally allows himself to cry because it’s the third time he lost the person in his life that he loved the most, and he tries to remind himself that he’s doing it so that MC can be happy and have the future that they want and deserve, but that doesn’t lessen the pain at all.

luke, raphael, simon, and jace, post 2x15 scene || light spoilers, light jace/simon, raphael/simon

They let Luke’s partner go after her memory’s altered, and Raphael slides into the bench opposite Luke. The werewolf nods at one of the waiters, and a glass of blood is set down at their table. 

“No thanks.” Raphael says immediately, arching an eyebrow. “It all smells like wet dog.” Luke shrugs as he slides it to the end of the table, his gaze settling heavy on Raphael. 

“Thank you.” he says, his voice tired. “For what you did for Simon.” 

Raphael shrugs. “Simon’s fate is the clan’s fate, now. He’s a Daylighter. He’s the most wanted vampire in our world.” He stares at the cracked red leather in the booth. “I never thought I’d see it happen, but he’s managed to annoy just about everyone through his sheer existence.” 

“You don’t sound annoyed.” Luke says, leaning forward, and Raphael looks at him and smooths a hand down his jacket, grounding himself as he momentarily relives every single thing Simon’s put him through.

“I don’t know what I am with him right now.” Raphael admits. 


Sometimes he burns with anger at the thought of the gift that’s been handed to Simon. He aches for the touch of sunlight, to feel warm again, however briefly. He’ll take anything, any small chance to be what Simon is - and yet. Raphael has lived eighty years, has helped this fledgling more times than he can count, has cleaned up after every mess Simon left behind, and yet - 

Hasn’t he been good? Hadn’t he been good enough to deserve this?

Or is this the punishment he’s been waiting for since drinking Isabelle’s blood? Maybe the weeks spent sweating out every trace of her from his system, the shattered pieces of his heart, weren’t enough. Maybe the elusiveness of Simon Lewis, always there and yet too far away to touch, is his true penance. 

Habit takes him to to the boathouse where the fledgling lives now, and he stands outside silently, weighing whether to go in or not. He hears raised voices from the inside - 

“ - get out, Jace, I’m serious. This is - this is the opposite of a good time to bother me - “

“Valentine escaped.” 

Jace Wayland - Herondale, now, they say - sounds broken, and defeated, his voice unbelievably small. There’s silence for a while. 

Jace.” And oh, the amount of emotion in Simon’s voice when he says Jace’s name - it shouldn’t hurt Raphael. It shouldn’t. But when has life ever gone according to plan with Simon? “Jace, I - why did you come here?” 

“I don’t know.” Jace is unwavering when he speaks, a soldier charging ahead into battle. “Or - I do know. I just can’t…face it right now. Besides, you’re…”

“Heartbroken.” Simon finishes quietly. “Yeah.”

Raphael decides that he’s heard enough and he slides the boathouse door open, leaning against the frame and looking at the two of them. They turn, both staring at him warily. 

“Were you - “ Simon begins. 

“Yes.” Raphael answers shortly. “Valentine’s escaped?” He addresses the last part to Jace, who’s hands clench into fists. 

“Someone took him and probably killed Duncan too.” Jace admits quietly. Raphael doesn’t know who Duncan is, but he looks carefully at the way Jace looks poised to fight a threat, and thinks about what Isabelle told him. About manipulation, and what it means to be monstrous. 

Raphael thinks he understands. He doesn’t want to, but - he does. 

“The cops have been taken care of. They know Quinn killed the girl.” Raphael says to Simon now, his voice low. “You’d do well to stay out of the way of any vampire for a while. Daylighter or not, you’ve created sides in the community over the incident.” 

“Right. Thank you, Raphael, I - ” Simon’s voice is thick as he looks at Raphael. He looks miserable, his face permanently lined with sorrow, but Raphael wants to shake him for his stupidity. When everyone around him has fallen in love with his bright eyes and quick smile and horrible sense of humor - when Maia looks at him like he’s the most delightful person she’s ever met, when Jace constantly goads him for his attention, when even Raphael trails behind him, quietly saving him from himself - why does he keep looking for Clary? When so many other people fall so quickly for him - why does he still only have eyes for her? 

“Simon.” Raphael says, and he looks down briefly, crossing his arms, before he looks back up. “I will protect you, but - how did you become a Daylighter?” His voice is soft, and filled with an ancient longing that he hadn’t meant to let slip. 

He can’t help himself. “Please.” He says quietly. The first time, the only time he’ll beg this man. 

Simon flinches back like he’s been slapped. Jace inhales sharply, and Simon’s glance flickers to him. 

“I don’t know.” Simon repeats dully, but he’s still looking at Jace. “I don’t know.” 

The pieces click. Raphael wants to scream. 

“I hope,” he says, his voice tight, “that you’re worth the sunlight, Herondale.” 

Jace’s hand flies to the hilt of his blade, and Simon takes a half-step forward to shield the Shadowhunter, but Raphael is done. He’s shaking with anger and with misery, because this is the one sacrifice that he isn’t willing to make, and it fucking figures that Simon’s pulled every possible person into his orbit, inescapable in his force. There is no immovable object here that can withstand Simon Lewis. 

He turns and leaves, and he can hear Simon’s whispered I’m sorry. What he doesn’t expect is Jace, running after him, and when Raphael faces him, Jace is steely-eyed. 

“I will always remember who my friends are, Raphael Santiago.” He says, echoing Raphael’s own words from what seems like an age ago. Raphael’s mouth twists downward in an ugly sneer, but he can’t help the envy and jealousy rising in his chest. 

“Save your pity for someone who cares.” Raphael snaps. Jace stands his ground.

“If it were anything else, I would give it to you too.” He says clearly. “You understand.” 

“Understand what?” Raphael snaps. 

“What it feels like to be a monster.” Jace smiles wryly. “What it feels like to be around Simon.” 

Raphael is silent, because silence is his last line of defense against his own heart. He can’t do anything more, weak and battered as he is. 

“I can’t take it, even if you offered.” Raphael licks his lips absently, thinks of rich crimson pumping wildly beneath fragile skin. “I’m not that person.” 

“I know.” Jace nods. “That’s why I didn’t offer.” 

Raphael wants to scream, and laugh, and cry; he wants to thumb away Simon’s tears and make him understand affection and kindness given even when it isn’t asked for; he wants to know why the haunted look in Jace’s eyes is familiar enough to make him feel like he’s choking with fear. He wants to taste the sunlight. He wants to drink the sun. 

He can smell Jace’s blood, thick and rich, beating wildly with the vitality of youth and the angels. He wishes things were that simple. 

“Keep Simon close, Shadowhunter.” He says, stepping away into the shadows. He thinks about how beautiful Simon had looked when he’d been at the DuMort, all sharp lines and eager excitement. “You never know how much you miss the warmth of the sun until it’s gone.” 

“I know.” Jace says. “I know.” 

  • Me: *takes deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone has ever spent five seconds around me: Yes, you love Harley Quinn, we know. You love Harley Quinn so much, she's the light of your life. You love her so much. You just love Harley Quinn, we KNOW. You love Harley Quinn. You fucking love Harley Quinn. OK, we know. We get it, YOU LOVE HARLEY QUINN. WE GET IT.
Gotham: Showrunner Talks Batman Rising, Solomon Grundy & More
Showrunner John Stephens discusses Gotham's villainous rebirths, Bruce's destiny, Nigma's setback and Harley Quinn.

Evil seems to thrive in Gotham City. No matter what Jim Gordon or the GCPD sacrifice, the villains keep plotting and scheming to take over Gotham City – and take out the competition. In the Season 3 finale, Barbara executed Butch, so in retaliation, Tabitha electrocuted Barbara. Oswald commanded Mr. Freeze to put Edward on ice; a brain-washed Bruce stabbed Alfred in the chest; and Selina turned to Tabitha for guidance and an ally. Now, more than ever, the people of Gotham City need a Dark Knight to champion them – and they may finally get one in Season Four.

Ahead of the season premiere, Gotham showrunner John Stephens recently spoke with CBR about Bruce’s destiny, the Scarecrow’s fearful return and the coming of Solomon Grundy. And, he addresses once and for all, whether Barbara is actually Harley Quinn — and whether the popular character will even arrive in Gotham at all.

CBR: Last year ended with plenty of cliffhangers and various characters at crossroads in their lives. What was your mandate or main objective that you wanted to achieve in Season 4?

John Stephens: It’s a couple of things. One, we wanted to continue to deepen Jim Gordon’s character and find new complexities, sides and angles to him – and have him continue to compromise himself ethically. Then, we wanted to have Bruce take a couple bigger steps towards becoming Batman. We’re not going to get there, obviously, in this season, or probably the show. But, we wanted him to do things where the audience could look at him and say, “Oh, I see that’s where that piece of the Batman myth came from.” I think we do that over the course of this year. A couple of big pieces of that personality get put into place. And, also, you want to do it an unexpected way.

Bruce adopts a secret identity. What motivates him as he moves forward?

A couple of different things — the biggest thing motivating him at the beginning of the year is the knowledge of Ra’s al Ghul being out there, perhaps in Gotham. Bruce feels he needs to prepare himself for the day that Ra’s actually makes a move against him. That motivates him into taking a more active “vigilante” position in Gotham. While Bruce is doing that, he actually starts to see he physically has an effect on the city itself, apart from whatever Ra’s might be doing, and that it feels to him like he’s somehow making up for the murder of his parents. It starts to make Bruce think, “Hey, maybe this is the right course for me to follow.”

In the finale, Jim Gordon lost Lee and was infected by the Tetch Virus. Now, Gotham is once again under siege by supervillains. Where is Jim’s head these days?

When we find Jim at the beginning of the year, he’s in a particular position because at the end of last season, Oswald took advantage of all the chaos to seize power like never before in Gotham, where he wasn’t just the King of the Underworld. He made it in the legitimate world as well. What we’re saying is, he’s trying to unionize and legitimize crime. In a way, the GCPD is more on Oswald’s side than on Jim’s side. Jim, once again, finds himself fighting a battle for law and order in a city that doesn’t seem to care that much about law and order.

Oswald is no longer the man in charge. How does that sit with him? What’s his game plan?

At the end of last season, Oswald had the epiphany that it was his emotions that had weakened him. He took all of those emotions and pushed them down. He decided he wasn’t going to be that emotional soft person anymore. Part of that desire for everyone’s love, he felt was driving him to be the mayor. Now, he says, “I’m just going to be the person who has all the power and be in charge. I’m not going to let anybody get close to me ever again.” He’s doing that at the beginning of this year, becoming the most powerful person in Gotham, until somebody comes in who, once again, finds a way to pry open the manhole cover of his emotions and starts to let them out again.

Oswald’s emotional Achilles’ heel, Edward Nigma, is literally on ice. Once Edward defrosts, what becomes his top priority?

Vengeance is the number one thing on his mind. But what Edward quickly finds out is his time on ice had a negative impact upon his intellect. So, then, before he can get his vengeance on Oswald, he has to get smart again. That becomes his trajectory for a while as you have someone who knows he is the smartest person in the room, but just can’t think of any good answers.

Barbara experiences a rebirth. In what way does life after death change her?

It changed her in the sense that the passage through the Lazarus Pit changes anybody. Historically, it affects different people in different ways. With Barbara, it’s given her a connection to Ra’s al Ghul that is going to play forward throughout the entire season. It’s also given her a new sense of calmness that she didn’t have last year. There are hints of madness still buried inside of her, and we see Barbara far more in control of herself than she was in Season 3.

Viewers keep speculating that Barbara will transform into Harley Quinn. What kind of conversations have you had about that development?

It’s not going to happen. Let’s put it out there. The discussions we’ve been having is – Look, we know Harley Quinn is never going to be on our show. However, there are elements of that Harley Quinn personality that we have liked, that sense of fun and anarchy, that we said, “Well, we can actually have those qualities embodied in Barbara without actually having to do Harley herself.” I think Erin Richards carried it off really well.

How does Tabitha impact Selina now that the two are BFFs?

Again, this is also like the Bruce model. Because we always know where Bruce is going to end up, part our story is tracking a voyage towards that. We all know that Selina, in our show, is this street kid who is really tough. But, the Selina of the comic books is the Selina who is the world’s greatest burglar and has a taste for the finer things in life. Part of her evolution this year is surrounding herself with a woman who is physically able in terms of martial arts, like Tabitha. Then, there is Selina’s taste for the finer things. Both of those personalities start to get infused into Selina as we see her moving towards the Selina Kyle of the comic books.

Butch also gets resurrected. What is Gotham’s take on Solomon Grundy?

He rises from Slaughter Swamp. We’re saying his real name is Cyrus Gold. There have been various iterations of Grundy throughout the years. He has the same mental capabilities as the most well-known version of Grundy. The way certain things will change is there are moments when elements of Butch’s personality and memories will come back into the fore of Grundy. One of the themes for the show has always been the idea of the fluidity of identity, and the creation of identity. So, even when he gets reborn as Grundy, we’re asking the question of, “Is this Butch’s new personality?” Or, “How does he create a third personality that is part Grundy and part Butch?”

The Scarecrow is back. What is he doing to strike fear into the city?

At first, he gets co-opted by a gang who want to use his abilities to get back at Penguin. Unwittingly, they create a monster. They create Scarecrow. So, initially, he wants to get revenge for the death of his dad. But deeper down, he wants to deal with his own sense of fear. By doing that, he sort of highlights the fear that Jim Gordon is carrying around.

Every season, we’ve seen these characters grow and progress. How closely do you feel they are to becoming those iconic heroes and villains that audiences know and love?

It depends what you mean by close. Bruce is not going to be wearing the costume. Selina is always going to be steps away from becoming Catwoman. But, I do hope by the end of the season, you’ll be able to look at Gordon or Bruce or Selina and say, “Oh, now I can totally track the next three or four or five steps that will take them to the person they are.” There are enough building blocks that are there that you can do the math problem yourself, and see that it equals Batman at the end of the day.