The Best Of: Quinn Fabray


I wanted to thank you guys because without each and every one of you this would have never happened. you supported me and loved me through all the drama.”

Moments I’ve wanted to hug Quinn Fabray (in order of occurrence) | Moment Three | Vitamin D

Quinn: I’m not Superwoman. I know glee is your whole life, but I have the Cheerios, I’m on the Honor Roll, I have friends.

Rachel: You don’t have to be embarrassed, no one at glee is going to judge you. Look, I know everyone expects us to be enemies and be in competition, but I don’t hate you.

 Quinn: Why not? I’ve been awful to you.

Rachel: That was before you knew what it felt like to be me. An outsider.

Quinn took what Rachel said to heart. She didn’t all her names, she didn’t swing at her, she listened. She quickly realized that her status at the top of the food chain was coming to an end soon, and she would really be no better than even Rachel Berry. Then she went back to glee, and a group of people that accepted her throughout the pregnancy.


The Best Of: Quinn Fabray

Moments I’ve wanted to hug Quinn Fabray (in order of occurrence) | Moment Five | Throwdown

Quinn: You are so insensitive, bringing up baby names when you know I don’t want to keep it. I can’t keep it.

Finn: I know, but I don’t get what you expect me to do.

Quinn: Not have an opinion.

Finn: Hey, this is happening to me, too.

Quinn: No, it’s not! You’re not the one whose parents will burn her like a witch if they find out.

Finn: You know, sometimes I wish you were more like Rachel.

Okay, let me say I felt bad for Finn here a bit too….so don’t jump on me.

The girl is so terrified of her parents finding out, and the fact that she says “if they find out” makes me wonder if she really thought she could conceal it from them.

The part that kills me is when Finn says he wishes she were more like Rachel. He knows she’s insecure about his connection with Rachel, and it clearly jabs her in the heart. She can feel her hold on Finn - and her status - slipping little by little, and she thinks at the moment he is all she has.

For the record, I personally believe if Quinn were actually in love with Finn, she would have slugged him for that comment.

Quinn: You can’t make any promises, but you know, you’re the only guy who’s actually been okay with me just being myself
Noah: Well, when you’ve seen a baby come out of a girl’s magic garden, everything else is easily acceptable
—  Gleequote: Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman
Quinn: Home for the holidays, just like we promised
Finn: Guys, I’m…
Noah: Dude, if you start crying, I’m gonna kick your ass!
—  Gleequote: Quinn Fabray, Cory Monteith and Noah Puckerman - 04x08 Thanksgiving