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What's intriguing me about Sunny and Veils story is that while their enemies are trying make them be as property even going so far as to bind little henry like a slave, they want to be no ones property to be free and raise their child in a better place. I'm rooting so hard for them.

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I’m rooting for Sunny and Veil really hard also. Thankfully Sunny has escaped but Veil is still with Quinn under the guise of protection. There really doesn’t seem like there’s a thing such as freedom in The Badlands. Options are very limited especially if you’re unable to protect yourself. Luckily Sunny and Veil both possess skills that are valuable. 

When it’s all said and done I hope Sunny and Veil will be able to live life the way they choose taking care of the child they created. I don’t think Quinn will be too happy about it since he’s hellbent on raising Henry. Ohh the drama of it all.

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