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Things my friends have said about bands

‘Vic Fuentes, he sounds like a fine cheese’

*watching congratulations* ‘Are those potatoes??’

‘Ah that’s the sirens I can tell because of the Kellin boy, he has a nice singing face’

'There was this song I really liked but I forgot who it was by and the album but I remembered the album cover so I spent two days searching up different variations of “two Asian boys holding hands”’

*watching kfad* 'This song scares me so much you think it’s going to be a fun nice, calm song but then nOPE’


'That song that has blue in the video and there’s an “ooh” in it is really good, I just can’t remember the name’

-Meeting Kevin in school 
-Meeting Spencer when you join the BAU
-Harley thinks that Kevin is kind of a wimp 
-She thinks he’s really cool when he works out he’s the prophet 
-She’s proud of you for joining the FBI even though she jokes that you’re gonna arrest her one day
-The team actually helps you take down the joker
-Harley cries for a long time but you help her understand that he wasn’t a good person and how he hurt her
-You find out about Kevin being the prophet when you meet Dean and Sam on a case and you hear them talking about him
-Doing everything you can to help him 
-Becoming friends with team free will
-Being the middle-man when there was a supernatural case
-Kevin and Spencer recognise each other when they meet because Kevin had seen Spencer talk at a university once
-The team had a case of Harley in the circle but you managed to convince JJ to over-look it
-Your life can get really dangerous but you know that you’re safe
-When Kevin died you locked yourself away for weeks
-Thats how Harely and Spencer finally officially met
-You’d told them about each other but they’d never met
-Spencer helps Harley not be such a ‘bad guy’ anymore 
-Harley and Spencer have in-depth talks about the human psyche 
-She even helps on cases sometimes 
-Having big barbecues once in a while with the suicide squad (and family), the BAU (and family) and team free will


You can just see the moment it clicks for Quinn that not only does he get to jump off the platform into the water, he gets to push Chaos in too. And he just gets this amazing happy grin on his face.

Progression of Lesbian ships:

The “Wow, whats this?” and realization on your own gay as you watch Spencer figure it out:

The ship that was full of side glances and cut scenes but so undeniable: 

The one after Glee destroyed your soul but IRL people told you it was okay to ship them and the fan fiction was brilliant and you let it consume you:

The one you decided to give a shot and fell into head first: 

The one that gave you everything you ever wanted and Tiny Gay Laura got her vampire:

To Love a Jester // Spencer Reid

Prompt: In which the reader quite literally is Harley Quinn, and Spencer attempts to get her to move on from the Joker.

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: This was interesting to write! I hope you enjoy it!

“What the hell?” Spencer muttered as he reached the door of his apartment. He could hear the television playing loudly on the other side, and his guard immediately went up. It was late. Late enough that he knew whoever was in his home wasn’t someone he should trust. He threw his door open, unsure of what to expect as he pulled his gun up into the air.

He released a deep sigh as he caught sight of you. You sat on his couch with your legs stretched out onto the coffee table, your comfort enough to convince anyone else that you owned the place. He watched the bright pink bubblegum pop in your mouth as you turned to him, your hands playing with the pink and blue dyed tips of your blonde hair.

“Hey puddin’. I was starting to wonder when you’d get home,” you greeted with a mischievous smile. Spencer shook his head at your nonchalance and shut the door behind him.

“How’d you get in?” Spencer asked as he set his things down on the single recliner. With the things that had happened to those in his line of work, he’d taken extra precaution to add more locks to both his door and windows. He raised an eyebrow at you as he waited for an answer, but you merely frowned at his lack of excitement.

“What? No ‘hey Harley’ or ‘how have you been sweet cheeks’?” you asked with a childish pout. Spencer couldn’t help the small grin that broke onto his face at your words.

“You know I don’t call you that. And I know how you’ve been. I’ve seen the reports from Gotham. I should be turning you in and instead you’re sitting here…watching cartoons?” he ended with a tilt of his head as he looked at the television. You shrugged, turning to look at the old cartoons you had stumbled upon.

“What? A cat and mouse are a classic. Leave Tom and Jerry alone,” you replied with a grin. You flipped backwards off of his couch with incredible ease, your flexibility yet another trait you were known for. You hopped up, sitting on the top of his furniture as Spencer merely rolled his eyes at your theatrics. “How have you been Dr. Reid? I’ve missed ya.”

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Hating to bash on anyone. But have you seen how large the Harley Quinn collections at Hot Topic, Spencer’s, and Halloween Stores are? I’m all for supporting characters and supporting DC. What I don’t support is when someone dresses as a character that we love and respect and doesn’t know a thing about that character. Not the name, the origin, or basically anything about the character. If I ask how you found out about harley and you answer with seeing her at one of the stores and that’s it, a little knot will form in my stomach. Now if you research her and what she’s about after that, that’s okay. I think other acceptable answers are, I use to watch the cartoon, I read comics, or even the Arkham Games. Don’t pretend to like a character you don’t know anything about. And do NOT only like Harley because she’s “hot,” because she is SO MUCH more than that. Also guys, this is an OPINION… I know it’s hard on tumblr to let people have them. But calling my opinion wrong or rude doesn’t make yours any less wrong or rude. If I’m on my “high horse” and you complain about my opinions, you’re right up there on the horse with me. I am a human being, entitled to believing that people should know about what they’re presenting to others before they slap it onto themselves. Also it’s incredibly interesting to see how diverse my followers are, and how some people support this statement in absolution and others are willing to fight me to death to prove me wrong.

Caroline- Auston Matthews

Word count: 1100+

Part: 1 (pt 2 is up now!!)

A/N: This was so fun to write! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


“You ready to go?” My sister, Lily asks
“Yeah just give me a sec.” I nod, shoving the last picture from my wall into a box.
I grabbed my backpack that I’d be leaving in the passenger seat of my car.
“I’m gonna miss you” my brother Grayson hugged me
“I’ll miss all of you. Especially you” I hug the youngest member of our family, Parker.
We have a complicated back story. I was adopted as a baby. We have a very big, multiracial family.  I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Grayson is 16, Lily is 14, Jayda is 13, Luke is 9, Quinn is 7, Spencer is 5 and Parker is 3.
“Carlie, you need to bring a cute boy home by Christmas” Jayda grins
“Leave her alone” my dad rolls his eyes
“I don’t want you to leave” Luke looks at me with sad eyes
“I’ll be back soon” I smile sadly at him
“Sent me a postcard.” Quinn smiles
“Call as soon as you get there” my mom responds, teary eyed. My dad kisses her temple, trying to soothe her.
“I will, but you have to come visit me. Just not all at once, there’s only 2 bedrooms.” I say, causing them to laugh
Hugs went all around as we stood in the living room, saying our goodbyes as I headed off to college. I loved my family but I was so ready to get away. To live on my own. To not wake up to screaming kids every Saturday morning .
I got in my car and set the gps to my new apartment in Toronto. Audios Cleveland, hello Toronto!

The drive was long and exhausting but I made it. I freaking made it! I’m here! In Toronto. I took a minute in my car to collect myself and take it all in. Once I had done that I grabbed my book bag that had the letter for me to get the key to my apartment. I grabbed my car keys and headed to the front desk. I didn’t want to live on campus because of the many rules so I found an apartment off campus that was within 5 miles of the school.
“Hi, can I get the key to apartment 8B? For Caroline Porter” I ask the receptionist
“Sure thing.” she smiles and hands me an envelope. I smiled and took the envelope, climbing the set of stairs to get to my apartment. There was an elevator but there was a long line for that so I opted for the longer route. I walked up the stairs, seeing two shirtless, good looking boys running down the hallway. The larger one carrying an iPhone above his head, away from the grasp of the smaller one.
“Ok” I mumble and find my apartment. This is it. This is my new home. I speedily shoved the key in the door and opened it. I loved it. I set my backpack down and set the keys on the counter, closing the door behind me. The apartment was fully furnished with a sleek white and grey theme. I had a while to set everything up as school didnt start until early September and it was currently mid-June. 12th of June to be exact, I couldn’t forget the date I got to leave home. My mom wanted me to stay for the rest of summer but I convinced her to let me leave early so that I could get used to the city and furnish the apartment. It was going to be a lot of work but I was excited. I was ready for this challenge.

It’s was six o'clock as I sat on the blanket I had layed put in the living room. I had no wifi or tv so I really didn’t have much to do. I decided to go get some food. I drove to Walmart with the low humming of Brett Eldridge playing on the radio. When I arrived, I grabbed my wallet, keys and phone. I walked in, wandering the aisles with my cart. I found some groceries but decided against buying them yet. I’d get food for tonight and then go out again tomorrow morning. So I just grabbed some Oreos and Arizona tea in the grocery section. I picked up a white duvet as well as some cute little frames. I threw them into my cart, heading to look for pillows. I got a nice one that I could sleep with and then I ended up grabbing a few throw pillows. As I walked through the aisles, gazing at different items, my cart bumped into another one. The boy behind it looked.
“Hi, my name is Auston. You live in my building right?” The most familiar and beautiful boy looks up at me.
“Yeah” I smile warmly.
“College student?” He asks
“Yep.” I mod.
“Cool. Where do you go?”
“I’m starting at U of T in September”
“That’s cool. What are you majoring in?” He asks, scanning the rest of my pillows
“Education but I want to go back later in life to do urban design. I know, very diffrent careers.” I laugh lightly at his reaction.
“Those are some pretty different options. See you around.” He nods.

I threw the bags from target on the floor of the kitchen and sat back on the couch.. I opened my Raman noodles and put the soy sauce on them. Than I started to eat my rice and won tons while the soy sauce was absorbing into the noodles.
“This is amazing.” I mumbled, chowing down on the food. I suddenly heard a knock on the door. That’s weird. I grabbed the phone just in case and walked to the door.
“Hi, I’m Auston. We bumped into each other at Walmart. I live next door and my mom told me to bring you some cookies” the guy from Walmart greeted me
“Hi! I’m Caroline. And yes, I’m the girl from Walmart.” I laugh and open the door wider for him to enter which seems weird but he seems really friendly so I let him enter
“That’s a pretty name.” He smiles, laying the cookies on the counter
“You like it? You should hear my phone number” I smile, quoting Phoebe from Friends.
Friends fan. Nice. How’s your unpacking going?” He chuckles.
“It’s going…as good as it can considering I got here today.” I grinned, glancing towards the boxes on the floor.
“Cool. Well, I’m gonna get going. Enjoy the cookies. I’m to the left if you ever need anything.”  He smiles and walks back towards the door
“Thanks! See you later” I grin, closing the door behind me.
Well, that was cool. I thought laughing at his use of the word.