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Gwenpool #1 has been a huge success, selling 100,000 copies! That makes it the 4th best selling Marvel comic (beaten only by Black Panther and Star Wars) and 6th best selling comic overall for the month! It also received extremely positive reviews from critics. Looks like Gwenpool is here to stay!

Saving Grace; [chapter eighteen]

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SUMMARY: Ed hacks into the phone, but something else stops them again.

WARNINGS: death, cursing

NOTES: so my masterlist isn’t working and idk how to fix it; if anyone can help that would be great

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inspired by this sort of

every villian is lemons AU

 ian quinnthe charmer“ head of the operation and total drama queen. raina written off as “the beauty” of the operation but actually the smartest person there tbh. donnie gill ”the brains“ who invents the gadgets and comes up with the plans. miles lydon "the hacker” who handles the communication work. grant ward the muscles“ except he’s actually a lost puppy who has no idea what life is anymore. jeffrey kaminskythe cheerleader” he pretty much just needed a job since the hydra gig went nowhere y’know?

together they rob secure government facilities, hoping to find a way to utilize their precious gravitonium. as a front for their operations, they work out of “grant ward’s dog shelter: a home for lost and abandoned doggie friends.” reoccurring themes include ian whining about anything and everything, raina giving the camera pissed off looks as per “the office”, miles going off on his hypocritical hacktavist rants, donnie accidentally freezing things, grant cuddling puppies, kaminsky choreographing the fight scenes and mike peterson foiling their plans for world domination. coming to a tv screen near you. maybe.