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Next time somebody asks you which recent DC film had the better Joker and Harley, bring Wander in to throw in his two cents.

troubled mind  a harley quinn playlist listen here

my medicine- the pretty reckless // troubled mind- marina & the diamonds // bombshell blonde- owl city // cherry bomb- the runaways // off to the races- lana del rey // mad hatter- melanie martinez // bubblegum bitch- marina & the diamonds // crazy=genius- panic! at the disco // you don’t own me- grace ft. g-eazy // i’m gonna show you crazy- bebe rexha /// rude boy- rihanna // gangsta- kehlani // haunting- halsey // ode to sleep- twenty one pilots // i’m so sorry- imagine dragons // soap- melanie martinez // centuries- fall out boy // don’t fear the reaper- blue oyster cult // heathens- twenty one pilots // sucker for pain- various artists

Joker + Harley Quinn, “The King and Queen of Gotham City” (Playlist by Angel Lloyd, Spotify)

1) The Taste of Blood - Jozef Van Wissem/ SQURL 

2) Gangsta - Kehlani 

3) Lullaby - The Cure 

4) Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey

5) Club Thing - Yoav 


7) CrushCrushCrush - Paramore

8) Sucker for Pain - Lil Wayne/ Wiz Khalifa/ Imagine Dragons/ Logic

9) Heathens - Twenty One Pilots 

10) Crazy in Love - Sofia Karlberg

11) Love the Way You Lie - Eminem/ Rihanna

12) In Every Dream Home a Heartache - Roxy Music

13) Girl Loves Me - David Bowie

14) Toxic - Rumer Willis

15) Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys 

16) Carousel - Melanie Martinez

17) I Can’t Stop - Flux Pavilion 

18) Strict Machine - Goldfrapp 

19) Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Marilyn Manson

20) Genius - Courtesans

21) Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde

22) The Bad in Each Other - Feist

23) I Started a Joke (feat. Becky Hanson) - ConfidentialMX/ Becky Hanson

24) Hearts a Mess - Gotye 

25) Marionette - The Civil Wars 

Click for better quality.

I watched both Suicide Squad and Lego Batman for the first time last week and so of course the natural result is Harley Quinn Style Batman. Perfectly logical conclusions.

I imagine Joker got his hands on Bruce when Bruce was younger and was like “Oh! An orphan with a complex, I could have fun with this!” and proceeds to drive Bruce absolutely batty. Of course what narcissistic psychopath doesn’t love having lots of loyal little worshippers, so after Batsy ‘s pretty much lost it, he proceeds to find the guy (“the guy”) that killed Bruce’s parents and helps Bruce get justice (revenge) for it. After that Batsy’s all for anything the Joker wants, especially if it involves delivering his now warped since of justice by killing criminals (who always end up conveniently being the Joker’s enemies.)

now if he could just get Harley and Bruce to stop playing the “ I Love Mr. J more than you” game, everything would be great.

There’s more tattoos and head canons under the cut, because I feel like I started rambling

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Suicide Squad logic:
  • Amanda: "We need a team to take out the next Superman, just in case one does pop up. So, who will we recruit? We'll start with the country's best soldier, that's a good start. Then we'll get a guy with perfect aim, some crazy lady with a baseball bat, a guy with a boomerang, some crocodile dude, Prince Zuko, a samurai whose husband is a sword, some dude with ropes, and a witch."
  • Random General: "Uh...Amanda...do you really expect these guys to take on Superman? I mean, you do know that Superman is like a god-"
A very detailed analysis of Keep Holding On with Achele(or Faberry) being sly!!

This time I’m exploring all the Achele and Faberry feelings during Keep Holding On, the season 5 version, although I might do season 1 too sometime soon. This review was requested by JabeLee and is dedicated to her. Sorry for taking so long!!

Be warned my Quinn Fabray and Faberry feelings were really hurt this time around and I might rant a little bit more, over Quinn and the fantasy couple and not the real one.

So, Puck decides to sing KHO to Quinn, because F**k logic!! KHO to what my friend?? The past you say? I hear you! I know the past defines us, but there is a little thing called moving on. And what exactly should she hold on to? Getting pregnant at 16? The pain of giving away her child? Being drunk and (legally) date rapped at a party? I hate Ryan Murphy with a burning passion like I hated no one before!

Do the same things apply to all the rest of the characters then? What about poor Rachel? Should she hold on to being bullied, to being a Lima loser? To the ghost of a man that only hurt and fancied her when it was convenient? 

And what about your past, bro?? Didn’t you humiliate Quinn time and time again? Especially when she was pregnant! Slept with the adoptive mother of your child, sided against Quinn every single chance you got, tried to force her in to a physical relationship, sexted every other girl when you were trying to be with her and a million other things I don’t feel like recalling. Keep Holding On Puck! 

*Le sigh* Sorry for that, you were warned..

Anyway trying to make sense to song choices and find reason in what characters do in glee is like trying to win the age old argument of the chicken and the egg. Won’t happen anytime soon.

So the singing begins and we are brought to the auditorium with all the gleeks sitting in a cycle minding their own business. Lea/Rachel being very smooth chooses the least suspicious seat to gaze at Dianna/Quinn. Although let me tell you something Lea it is still suspicious since people, well the rest of the gleeks, tend to look at the person performing, but not you, Lea! Of course not when Di is sitting there looking all dolled up, but points to you for managing to make sitting look so… endearing I think is the right word for it. I so wish for an hd of the pic below! Quality sucks but you can still see how sweetly Lea/Rachel looks at Dianna/Quinn.

Because Achele is always very sneaky, the easier way to catch them is usually at the beginning or end of a performance, when the spotlight isn’t on them. So let’s over analize the above 2 pics. Mark/Puck, is sitting across from Dianna/Quinn, so she by default should be looking straight ahead.. and not say left, to where Lea/Rachel is sitting.

But before we see exactly where Dianna/Quinn is looking, after we zoom in on the 2 pics above. We see: A)Di is serious in the first(left), but smiles in the second(right). You can tell by the change in her cheeks.

And B)Lea is smiling in the first(left) and turning serious in the second(right), as the singing begins. 

To show you that Lea is in fact smiling a toothy grin, i’m giving you the super duper zoomed in version of the above pic. Even thought the pics are not clear you can still notice that in the first one(left) Lea’s lip line is not visible(no dark line) and there is a little white there, so she is smiling toothily at her lady. You can tell because in the second(right) Lea’s lip line or where her lips meet(whatever it’s called) is visible!!(There is dark line.)

Meaning Lea threw her girl one encouraging smile before the charade began, and Dianna returned it and it was also caught on camera. Because, next thing camera cuts in Dianna’s face and she is in fact smiling, lovingly if i may add, and looking left to where Lea is! 

Seriously, look at this face!! Look how she is looking at Lea..

Moving on.. Dianna remembers where she is.. and she faces forward to Puck/Mark. Her smile is fading little by little.

Camera cuts out to the rest of the gleeks for a second and when it comes back, Dianna’s face represents the whole Quinn Fabray fandom, as we all catch up to what is going on here.

Step 1. Is this really happening?

Step 2. Denial/Hair toss. Nooo..they wouldn’t go there, it’s ridiculous. PS someone make a hair toss GIF! We need this!

Step 3. OMFG, they are really doing this!! Why??

Step 4. Someone help!!

Step 5. LEA HELP!!!

*Sigh* At least Lea looks pretty…

Dianna’s/Quinn’s expressions during KHO are priceless. Could she look more awkward?? Except, of course when she looks at Lea, like the pic above, and almost smiles! (like every damn time! I think i counted 3 times it happened during the performance.)

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  • *in a fight with my step dad*
  • *Brother walks through hugging his laundry*
  • Me: Wait, is Quinn wearing a tank top?
  • My mother: What? Quinn come back here.
  • Me: Yea. He is. He is wearing a black tank top. Haha. Oh my gosh.
  • My brother: Yea.
  • Me: What possessed you to wear that?
  • My brother: I don't know. They're cool.
  • I know this may seem kind of pointless to most people. But my brother is scrawny and the sight..was just so..funny. Also his logic. Can't forget the ever funny Quinn Logic.

anonymous asked:

well of course maddies releve isnt going to be as good as kalanis, kalani is 2 years older than her

yeah maddie is two years younger than kalani

however she is a little under 2 years older than kaylee quinn, so by this logic her releve should be miles better, right? (no its very wrong)

  • maddie - 

  • kaylee - 

(theyre even doing (pretty much) the same moves so that no one can make an excuse about that being that reason kaylees is so much better!!!)

im sick of people making bullshit excuses, maddies feet are subpar get the fuck over it