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Love your blog! i spent a good amount of time going through it! also I love your CM headcannons! They're freaking brilliant! Could you do some more based on Emily and Spencer? I have recently become a massive shipper for them!!! xx

This ship is growing on me too, anon (I blame em-ily-pren-tiss ssadrblake and crimnatic for their amazing posts, you fuckers!!) Here’s some headcanons about Prentiss and Reid my pretties:

  • A few months after Prentiss returned from the dead, her relationship was still fragile with Reid. One day after work she kidnapped him and they went back to her place to watch Solaris, something she’d really wanted to do the first time he asked, but obviously couldn’t. They had a great time, conversing in Russain, laughing (something either hadn’t done in awhile), and Prentiss loved hearing Reid excitedly ramble off movie trivia, which she really missed about him. Spencer sat with his arm around Emily, while she curled up at his side with her head on his chest, both just happy she was alive and here with him. After this, their friendship was effectively on it’s was to being mended.
  • Emily and Reid both know morse code. Sometimes, if they have hotel rooms right next to each other, they’ll tap out messages on the walls for fun. Or they’ll do it even if they’re on the jet just to annoy the fuck out of Morgan.

  • Reid can’t beat Prentiss at poker for shit and it confuses the hell out of him. The resident genius can’t figure figure out how the woman is so good at it! He’s done equations, statistics, probability—all sorts of math—and Emily still wins every time! She absolutely loves torturing him with this.
  • Reid wrote letters to Prentiss when she was “dead” (JJ recommended it to help him cope with her loss). He was planning on getting rid of them after she came back, but Emily found out and wanted to read them; she said it would help her understand what he felt better, and Reid obliged. It took her an entire weekend, but Prentiss tearfully read every single heartfelt message that Spencer poured his soul into. On Monday when she came back to work, Emily immediately went up to Reid and hugged him so tightly for a really long time, not wanting to let go. At first he resisted, but then hugged her back and they stayed like that for at least 10 minutes. Em was almost crying and apologizing to an emotional Reid while they just stood like that.

  • Reid goes into a protective frenzy when Prentiss is injured even more so than Derek or Hotch. He insists she has every scan, test, check-up, and often worriedly accuses the doctors of doing a terrible job, even sometimes checking her himself. Emily absolutely hates medical care, but complies because she thinks it’s charming and sweet that Spencer cares so much and hates seeing him upset.

  • Emily and Reid take Halloween VERY seriously. The rest of the team is only mildly interested (much to their dismay), but those two go full out. Their desks are always decked in hardcore decorations and both of them wear complimentary costumes while they walk around DC. One year it was Captain Mal Reynolds and Zoë Washburne. Some others were V and Evey, The Joker and Harley Quinn, Ozymandias and Laurie Jupiter, and even classic zombies!
  • The both of them are huge geeks. When he first met her, Reid would never have pegged Emily to be a giant nerd, but after getting to know her better he was ecstatic to find out her interests. Every couple weeks they have movie nights at their apartments filled with copious amounts of sci-fi/superhero fangirling. It’s nice not to have to hide that side of themselves when they’re with each other.
  • Emily helped Reid learn to shoot better. She has a lot of patience and could tell Spencer was frustrated so one weekend they went to the range and spent the whole day practicing while also joking around and having a great time. This is part of the reason Reid went there a lot after Prentiss died; it reminded him of when everything was perfectly ok.
  • Both of these dorks take their Hogwarts houses very seriously.
  • Prentiss heard about Maeve in a conversation with Hotch and flew in as soon as she had time off. Reid wouldn’t let anyone in his apartment, but when he heard “Spencer, it’s Emily open the goddamned door” he let her in straight away. Reid felt comfortable sitting with her and talking, probably because she’s such an easy person to be with and he knew she’d understand. Emily had lost people before, hell she had died herself. Prentiss convinced him to let the team help and that drugs were not the answer. They sat curled up on the floor for awhile while Emily stroked his hair (her just being there helped). After she left he thought about it and decided to take her advice. Reid would be forever grateful to have a friend like Prentiss.
  • Emily knew the answer once to something Reid didn’t and was literally so fucking proud of herself! Spencer was laughing at how excited she was (Prentiss told everyone at the office. Multiple times) and thought her amusement level at this was adorable.
  • On the jet after the standoff at the religious compound everyone was asleep except Prentiss and Reid. She thought their talk would straighten things out, but Reid still looked freaked out and guilty. He kept eying her over the edge of his book looking like a kicked puppy. Emily had enough of him feeling bad, so she got up, crawled into Reid’s lap, and latched onto him. Reid was highly confused and slightly afraid, but Prentiss just bear-hugged him and refused to get up until “He got it through his huge genius-ass brain that she was ALRIGHT and it WASN’T HIS FAULT”.
1st National Training Camp of 2015
  • Kyla Ross
  • Maggie Nichols
  • Ashton Locklear
  • Sabrina Vega
  • Maddie Desch
  • Megan Skaggs
  • Polina Schennikova
  • Aly Raisman
  • Bailie Keys
  • Felicia Hano
  • McKenna Kelley
  • Ashely Foss
  • Margzetta Frazier
  • Mykayla Skinner
  • Alyssa Bauman
  • Nia Dennis
  • Jazmyn Foberg
  • Grace Quinn
  • Emily Gaskins
  • Laurie Hernandez
  • Deanne Soza
  • Emily Schild
  • Lauren Navarro
  • Christina Desiderio
  • Olivia Trautman
  • Norah Flatley
  • Simone Biles
  • Aly Vasquez
  • Sydney Johnson-Scharpf
  • Laney Madsen
  • Victoria Nguyen
  • Ragan Smith

Listed in height order based of the most recent line up photo released!

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