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Just for Tonight [Choices Create #24]

Based on: Endless Summer

Pairing: Jake X Female!MC (Myra)

Rating: PG-13 (Just to be safe)

Words: 1,011

Tagging: @hollyashton and @alwaysanotheroc

Summary: Myra feels heavy with the burden of witnessing her friends’ futures. But Jake has a solution for her.

A/N: Written for #ChoicesCreates24 Prompt: Movement of the Stars. This is my first ever work in the Choices fandom, and I am nervous. I hope it’s alright. Also, I am assuming, just for this one-shot, that the stars in the La Huerta skies move, just as the normal stars in our normal world do. Can’t be seen by the naked eye that much, but they are constantly moving. I think? Ugh. I am terrible at this. Please keep reading.

Everyone gathered around the fire the Vaanti have built, Taari dancing around it with the other Vaanti kids, Seraxa being forced to dance with them, and her friends briefly forgetting the dire situation they’re all in and having the time of their lives – all of this should make her happy. It should make her want to join in, sing (with terribly pitch) and playfully irritate Michelle. At the very least, it should make her feel safe, just for the time being.

But Myra was feeling far from that. The idols she had collected, the pasts, and the futures of her friends she had witness was rather…off-putting. As her eyes fell on each of the face that has now become so familiar it hurt, she only remembered what they had been through, and what they are possibly going to go through. It has already happened with Quinn. How long more till the next one went down? What was she going to do then to save them? Will she even be able to save them on time?

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Prom - Kellin Quinn Imagine (Possible Trigger Warning)

Kellin Quinn imagine? Where you’re at prom with your (douchey/abusive) boyfriend and kellin and his band are the live music and for a slow dance he sings iris. You and him have history so as he sings he’s looking at your and it’s super tense and yeah end how you want! Thanks c:

“I’m ready,” you sighed, grinning happily as you made your way out of your bathroom, running your palms over your silk, silver ball gown dress, the fabric following your heels as you made your way across the room to your boyfriend who had been laid out on your bed for the past twenty minutes, groaning about nothing in particular. 

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“Hold On, We’re Going Home” - Kurt/Blaine

because this is what happens when I headcanon with @whatstheproblembaby​ due to her life-ruining tagging habits

Kitty!Kurt. Kitty!Mercedes. Kitty!everybody. (and a title snatched from the Drake song of the same name because I’m ridiculous)

~2800 words | AO3

They’ve been dubbed “the problem litter.”

They’re not actually from the same litter, of course, but within the New Directions Hybrid Rescue Facility, they have formed a sort of family while they wait for their permanent homes. Will and Emma have done their best to find good matches, but for one reason or another, it has taken a long time for that day to arrive for each of them. It does happen, slowly, but for a bunch of orphaned, misfit cat hybrids, every day of waiting feels like an eon.

Rachel, shocking all of her mismatched litter-mates, is the first of their group to find a home. Her method of getting prospective owners’ attention—bursting into song at the drop of a hat—hasn’t worked in her favor thus far, because no one looks for a cat hybrid thinking, “Gee, I’d love a really loud companion.” But she keeps at it, and one day, a handsome man in all black strolls in, announces, “Jesse St. James, you’ve heard of me,” and promptly begins singing along with her when he spots her next to the open window. Rachel goes home with him two days later.

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Fic: Long Way Home (Klaine, 34k, complete)

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine first and last, also Kurt/Adam, Blaine/OC, Mercedes/Sam, Santana/Brittany (if you don’t blink), Rachel/Finn (past), Santana/Dani (for a second)
Characters: Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, and also everyone else
Word count: 34k
Rating: Mature and also sometimes explicit
Warnings: Finn’s death is referenced throughout the story.
Notes: Alternate canon, splitting off somewhere around Glease. This is a love story foremost but some chapters are pretty sad.

More than thanks. chiasmuslovesme cajoled, critiqued, prodded this thing into life, saw every word of it when it was rough and ordinary, and discussed it with me for hours when either she or I should have been asleep. podklb added insight and her particular rhythm and thoughtfulness, stultiloquentia was ferocious in making it better than I would have alone.

Summary: It can take a little time to find your way home

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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