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The Best Of: Brittany S Pierce

4.  Quinn Fabray (portrayed by Dianna Agron)

Cue the united sigh! Quinn Fabray was one of the show’s main characters during the freshman season and ever since then her screen time deteriorated and deteriorated. But what I do appreciate about Quinn’s character is the situations that she has gone through. From cheating exes and pressurising parents to a traumatic pregnancy and a car crash, you could say that Quinn went through it all. What I hold on to the most however is Agron’s portrayal. It was never uttered that Fabray was going through depression but from the sighs of lost hope and constant agony in her existence on screen it was made pretty evident. Quinn may have been compressed into “Puck’s girlfriend” by the end of her run but we shall never forget what Agron successful threaded into her character.