I’m not typically one for cheesy Valentine’s stuff, but in the spirit of Heartthrob and gooey songs like Love They Say, I wanted to give everyone a late Valentine e-card!

Seriously thank you for being so enthusiastic, fun and obsessive. Haha. Whether you’re sobbing to Shock To Your System or jamming to Drove Me Wild, or doing both today, I hope the rest of your February includes days that are real happy and healthy, strong and calm. :D

#QCQPProject  - Created By Chloe Ferne – Lilmizcmf 20/1/2014

Please help me by reclogging this, sharing this with other Quintwinist/Quinist where you live if it’s the UK, USA, or anywhere in the world it is fine! I want to get as many Tegan and Sara Fans Involved in this!

Right, well we all love Tegan and Sara right? And most of us as fans want to meet them or want to be seen by them? Well this idea or QuinCamQuinPostProject (#QCQPProject the hashtag for this) is for Quinist from all over the world to join together.

What would this need from you?!

Well! I want to make a video of all fans possible, so if you could send me a photo of yourself and your name, age and country, through the ways listed below because of the lack of response I am extending this by the 20th September  of put all the photos together into a video to post on YouTube, which then can be shared on Facebook, twitter, tumblr for fans to see! Then I will be making this into a CD and with anything else from me or from you guys (use the contact methods, or you can send me letters/drawings/anything to my address! Will go straight to Tegan and Sara (I won’t read it if you don’t want me to!)

For The Video – Photo of yourself with/without merchandise need to be in 18th September 2014

For The Package - CD with YOUR Letters, Drawings or anything else need to be in by 6th November 2014

I am doing this now because I know that if you want to post me letters/Drawings for Tegan and Sara could take time to arrive from other countries!

Please Help Me Do This – Tegan and Sara Mean So Much To Me! I Want To Do Something For Them and Their Fans!! <3 xx


Message me Chloe Ferne or Message/post on the timeline of: Quinist and Proud!

Links: https://www.facebook.com/QuinistAndProud


Twitter: Tweet your photos to me followed by #QuinCamQuinPost My Twitter: @ChloeFernex

Email – Email Me atChloeSharonf@gmail.comTitle it QuinCamQuinPost I will reply when received it! Also if you tell me where you heard about this! I’ll follow you add you!! :D

To Post Letters, Drawings or anything else

Message me J


Also for Tumblr if you post something to do with it please put #QCQPProject on it so more people find out about it!

I will keep you updated with what’s going on!

Chloe Ferne – LilMizCMF x

- Plz help my guys #QCQPProject