trida was always the favourite queen of the aether. they loved her and respected her for seizing her mother’s corrupt rule. how quickly the aether forgot that their beloved queen killed her own mother for her seat of the throne. i am not the first to speculate that dida’s insanity was just an excuse for trida to finally take her place upon that golden throne, but i will be the first to say this: trida will be the ruin of the aether. she may have stepped down from the throne to allow her daughter, quinda, to step forward, but when quinda makes room for penda, trida will lose her tight grip on her daughter’s shoulder. trida had all the aether under her spell when she politely gave her throne away, but she has always been controlling quinda’s moves.
—  the unoffical history of tvndyl

Took the fist two photos from my terrace this morning. Went out for some personal supplies and also stopped at Kowalski to see Quinda, have a coffee and order a picnic lunch to bring to Dawn’s tomorrow when we visit in her garden. Good times in Alkmaar!