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Bleach characters! Ishida has joined the Quincy! Your reactions?

As requested by powerofthree-95. :)

We haven’t really seen any of the Bleach characters beside the Quincy react to Ishida’s joining of Yhwach. It’s not entirely clear whether anyone else knows. But let’s say that everybody has received the news that Ishida has turned traitor and joined the Quincy. How will everyone react?

Kurotsuchi: Well well. Looks like the Quincy and I might get to finish our fight after all.

Kurotsuchi: Try not to heal him this time, Nemu.

Nemu: Yes, Mayuri-sama.

Isshin: Oh man. So our boys are fighting on opposite sides of a war?

Isshin: You, uh, gonna do anything about this, Ryuken?

Ryuken: I already told him that he sucks. I don’t see what more I can do.

Hitsugaya: So if he’s with Yhwach, does that mean he’s got one of those letters now?

Bazz-B: Yeah. A. Stands for “asshole.”

Hitsugaya: …I doubt that somehow.

Rukia: But this doesn’t make any sense!

Rukia: Ishida is our friend! He came to Soul Society to help rescue me!

Byakuya: I thought he said it was because he felt so ashamed of losing to Renji.

Renji: Well, sure, he said that, but when he and I actually found ourselves in battle, it was on the same side!

Renji: He basically saved me from that espada.

Renji: There’s no way he’s with the Quincy now.

Rukia: That’s right! He helped saved both us!

Soi Fon: Don’t be morons.

Soi Fon: Obviously he came to Soul Society the first time to collect intelligence.

Soi Fon: And went to Hueco Mundo to rendezvous with the Quincy stationed there.

Soi Fon: He has been planning this all along.

Rukia: I don’t really think…

Soi Fon: Open your eyes! He has glasses

Orihime: No! Ishida-kun is our friend! 

Chad: Yeah, I’m sure he has his reasons.

Orihime: Maybe he’s being coerced?

Chad: Maybe he’s working for Urahara secretly.

Orihime: Or trying to gather intelligence on his own! He likes working alone!

Ichigo: Or maybe it has something to do with his mother being brutally murdered at Yhwach’s hands and Ishida wanting revenge.





Ichigo: According to your faces, I should share more.