quincy scott

Aww I’m so happy just looking at them. Should I just throw up the challenge and start playing polyandry legacy? >_<

Thank you so much Sim Goddess/Gods, creators and a couple of mothers for sending your beloved children to my universe. Believe or not, I’ll treat them all good!                                

Rest in power, Amiri Baraka. #ArtActivism: Baraka led the Black Arts Movement, an aesthetic sibling to the Black Panthers. Although the movement was fractious and short-lived, it involved significant authors such as Gwendolyn Brooks, Eldridge Cleaver, Gil-Scott Heron, Nikki Giovanni, Ishmael Reed and Quincy Troupe. “[W]e wrote art that was, number one, identifiably Afro American according to our roots and our history and so forth. Secondly, we made art that was not contained in small venues,” Baraka said in a 2007 interview. “The third thing we wanted was art that would help with the liberation of black people, and we didn’t think just writing a poem was sufficient. That poem had to have some kind of utilitarian use; it should help in liberating us. So that’s what we did. We consciously did that.” More here from the Los Angeles Times.