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FYeahStar is looking for members!

FYeahStar is a blog dedicated to Fox’s new show Star. Star is a musical drama television series created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy. It revolves around a trio of women; Star, Simone, and Alexandra, who must navigate the hardships of the music business, and their personal lives on their road to success and stardom.

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I will be only selecting two people to become members of this blog. We will be accepting more applicants when Star returns for season two!

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Deadline is March 31st.

Aww I’m so happy just looking at them. Should I just throw up the challenge and start playing polyandry legacy? >_<

Thank you so much Sim Goddess/Gods, creators and a couple of mothers for sending your beloved children to my universe. Believe or not, I’ll treat them all good!