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This is for the ones that stay up late here on tumblr!

Tegan and Sara Live at Hangout Festival 2014


1. Back In Your Head 
2. The Con 
3. Goodbye, Goodbye 
4. I Couldn’t Be Your Friend 
5. Now I’m All Messed Up 
6. I Was A Fool 
7. Walking With a Ghost 
8. Feel It In My Bones 
9. Living Room 
10. Sentimental Tune 
11. Alligator 
12. Shock To Your System 
13. How Come You Don’t Want Me 
14. Drove Me Wild 
15. Closer

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New Year…. new name

Hello everyone! as a way to re-start my weekly blogging again i wanted to have a little bit of new start..so i changed the name of my TnS blog!

from QuinSource 

now TeamerandSider

my first TnS family was here on tumblr so thank you to all! 

P.S. im keeping my old url in a new blog that it’s empty just in case or maybe i’ll do something there later..