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Headcanon #16 - Dating Kylo Ren/Qui-Gon Jinn Would Include:

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☉ Late night cuddles as he strokes your hair and kisses your shoulder telling you about his day.

☉ Him being jealous at the fact you work for General Hux, he asks the Supreme Leader if you can work with him. The Supreme Leader agrees and Kylo does the childish pointing and laughing at Hux who really isn’t bothered.

☉ Being the only one who can calm Kylo down when he’s on a rage rampage.

☉ Praising him all the time, he loves when you praise him and ruffle his hair.

☉Trying his mask on and running around with it on making him late for meetings - he just can’t go to meetings without his helmet.

☉Trying to get him to open up about how he feels, and when he does your heart breaks. He tells you about his parents, about his uncle Luke, he tells you about his life as Ben Solo and vows to you he’ll never be that weak man ever again.

☉ Trying to convince Kylo that you’re with him because you love him, not because he’s dangerous and powerful. It wouldn’t matter if he became Ben again, you’d stand by him no matter what.

☉ Slow gentle passionate sex.

☉ Constant ‘I love you’s’ and gifts when he’s too busy to visit you during lunch breaks.

☉ Trying to get married and have children together.

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⇥Going out on fancy and expensive dates on different planets, ones you hopefully won’t have to visit together on missions, nervous about being caught.

⇥ Going on missions together, you two are the total power couple and you know it.

⇥ Heated make-out sessions in closets or dark hallways, you two can’t keep your hands off eachother.

⇥ Tugging at his long hair because it annoys him. He also does the same to you and sticks his tongue out before you both laugh at each others reaction.

⇥ Qui-Gon brings you a hot chocolate and tells you bedtime stories if you’ve had a bad day. He loves holding you close as the steam from your drink hits your face and you close your eyes whilst drinking and listening to his story.

⇥ So much sex because, well, you love him and he loves you and you want a family. Plus, you two are turned on most of the time and well, you love Qui-Gon inside you.

⇥ Explaining to Obi-Wan that even though attachments are forbidden, it’s healthy to have a relationship, and that he shouldn’t always follow the Jedi Code - oh and to keep it quiet.

⇥ Bathing/Showering together. Again, you’re both naked, your hands wonder. His cock wonders. Your legs open. I doNt NeED TO SAy aNY mOre

⇥ Meditating together and becoming relaxed and focused together. This helps keep your relationship healthy and brings a strong connection to you both.

⇥Trusting each other and being supportive of the others decisions.

Here you go anon I hope it’s okay! I just love the Triplet!Au sorry, that was completely out of nowhere.

Qui-Gon’s a lil'bit sexy, I wouldn’t mind going down on him, and breaking him👍🏼

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