CAKE kick-off: MariNaomi, Mike Dawson and Elisha Lim, live reading at Quimbys 5/30/14

The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo will kick off its third year’s festivities with a reading at Quimby’s Bookstore with three of its many exciting exhibitors. Join us the Friday before the festival to welcome comics makers, MariNaomi, Elisha Lim and Mike Dawson as they read excerpts from their new graphic novels.

MariNaomi will read from her book, Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories (2DCloud). In this collection of thought-provoking, emotionally honest graphic vignettes, MariNaomi explores a wide spectrum of topics including youthful rebellion, mortality, disillusionment and compassion.

Mike Dawson will read from his book Angie Bongiolatti (Secret Acres). Set in the same universe as Troop 142, Dawson’s much acclaimed tale of Boy Scouts gone wild, Angie Bongiolatti puts away childish things and moves into the city.

Elisha Lim will read from their book 100 Crushes (Koyama Press), which compiles five years of queer comics. It is an absorbing documentary that travels through Toronto, Berlin, Singapore, and beyond in the form of interviews, memoirs, and gossip from an international queer vanguard.

I’m super excited about this event! I’ve never been to CAKE before, never been to Chicago before, and never been to Quimbys before.

More info HERE.

Hope to see some folks there.


CAKE is excited to present a signing event for Kramers Ergot 9, with CAKE Special Guest Sammy Harkham. Joining the signing will be contributors Andy Burkholder, Anya Davidson, Kevin Huizenga, Patrick Kyle, John Pham, and Lale Westvind.

“I think this is the best issue yet and I couldn’t be happier doing it with any other publisher. Fantagraphics is the place where the best of the low brow and the literary strands of comics are equally represented and cherished on their own terms, and that’s something I have always strived for with Kramers, as well. So it’s a great fit.” – Sammy Harkam

Since Kramers Ergot ‘s inception in 2000, it has introduced new talents and solidified aesthetics; each volume is an of-the-moment, state-of-the-medium manifesto. This anthology has always been a reflection of creator/editor Sammy Harkham’s comics passions, both past and future. Kramers Ergot 9 gathers many of the best and brightest together in one giant, oversized collection.

Quimby’s is proud to co-sponsor The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo [CAKE], a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago’s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists– past, present and future. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers. The Fifth Annual CAKE will take place on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12, 2016, at the Center on Halsted, 3656 N Halsted Ave. in Chicago. For more info about CAKE:cakechicago.com & Max Morris cakeexpo(at)gmail(dot)com.

This event is sponsored by Revolution Brewery, and will have refreshments provided while supplies last.

To see this event listing on quimbys.com, go here:


Quimby's 24 hour zine challenge Jan 14 - 15, 2012

“Perhaps you were not able to participate in the 2011 Revenge of Print Challenge by getting your zine or comic out. Or perhaps you need some encouragement. Do you work well under deadlines? Perhaps you’re addicted to the adrenal rush of zine crafting?

Well, you’re in luck.

The 24-Hour Zine Challenge is for you. Starting Sat, 1/14 at 7pm and going until 7pm on Sun 1/15 here at Quimby’s, we invite you to come in and make your zine within 24 hours. And we’ll let you crash at our pad. By “pad” we mean on our floor.

We’ll provide: paper, minimal scanner use, zine supplies such as a long arm stapler, some food, power strips, temporary free wifi.

You provide: sleeping gear, ideas, stamina, your computer or typewriter (if that’s your thing)

AND THEN! Want to read from your zine here at one of our events? On Sat, Jan 28th we’ll be having the ZINES MADE AT THE QUIMBY’S 24 HOUR ZINE CHALLENGE EVENT.

Please RSVP to info(at)quimbys(dot)com for the 24 Hour Zine Challenge by Wed, Jan 11th.  because there is limited space available. Only RSVP’d zinesters will be allowed in the store between midnight and 6am. Visitors are welcome at all other times. The store will be open until midnight (usually we close at 10pm on Saturday nights).

Get your New Year’s zine resolution resolved before the first month of 2012 is over.

 Sat, Jan 14th 7pm to Sun, Jan 15th 7pm”

Calling All Local Independent Zinester Shops!

CHICAGO IRL continues to send out probes into the cosmos to discover new shelf spaces it might take residence amongst other local fare. From Earth central, to Mars Dome, to Beta 9, the Io Colony and the moons of Saturn and back to the inner planes of home world and throughout dimensional rifts.

Even still we seek to expand our knowledge and growth alongside different cultures, peoples and alternate realities. This reduces those pesky S&H fees and allows for us to bring a little bit of Chicago’s queer culture beyond your bedroom.

So if you’d like to see Chicago IRL on your local shelf for this or future issues, please contact us at info@ChicagoIRL.com and send along some details.

In the meantime keep up to date with new offerings and next issue info on our blog here, on Facebook or Twitter.

I have 4 books available at Quimby’s in Chicago and I just stumbled onto Edie Fake’s flattering descriptions. Thanks Edie!

“Jumbles of homewrecking youths, unleashed on puppety schemes- Juvenitive reads like a blind contour drawing of children’s television- weird and wonderful!” -EF

“Murphy’s comics are a puzzle and a playfully-designed delight. Some of the best integrated collaging in comics, paired with a rubbery plot and a Gustony naivete to the drawings, totally rad little book!” -EF

“Real good fun! Murphy’s whacked and raw drawing style lives somewhere on the spectrum betwixt Philip Guston and loosegoose James Jarvis, all bent-cardboard limbs and craft-box paranoia. Me Nut Nut Nut is a series of non-cohesions that begin making jelly together after a couple times around, multi nutting highly recommended!” -EF

you can also purchase these books here…..here…..&here!


Hey Chicago folks! Did you know that you can now get a sweet ‘ol copy of one of the original first edition prints of Chicago IRL at your neighborhood beloved Quimby’s & Chicago Comics?

Well go on then! Jump off that Damen Blue Line stop and check it out and go get it.

And if you are sad that you cannot swing by your local indie comic or zine shop and see our pretty faces up on the shelf, get in touch…perhaps that store wants a little Chicago culture also. We are happy to share shelf love.