quilting studio


I love my new Ikea Kallax!  It has made it a lot easier to organize and retrieve my stuff.

On the top row, I have a practice sandwich, fabric for the project I’m currently working on, a large bucket for scraps (from my current project), and I put some of the Juki accessories there temporarily while she is at the shop (foot pedal, knee lift bar, etc.).  I put away scraps into my plastic bin that has them sorted by color at the end of each project.

I have my color cards, individual patterns, and a few quilting books in the next cubby.  Most of my huge quilting book collection is in the 2nd bedroom, but I have the last few I’ve been looking at out here for easy access.  Then I have 2 cubbies with completed tops/ backs in them.  

I put 2-drawer inserts in 2 of the cubbies, and they contain the following:

Drawer 1 - quilting supplies like bobbin washers (which don’t go in the Juki), gloves, the Supreme Slider (that I’m not using), and the manuals for both of my machines.  Drawer 2 - all sorts of marking utensils - pounce powder, chalk pencils, markers, Frixion pens.  Drawer 3 - tape measure, cleaning brushes and Qtips, machine oil, needles and rotary cutter blades (in the square plastic container), and additional feet for the Juki.  The Janome stores all her feet in her on-board tray, but the Juki doesn’t have one.  Drawer 4 - pins and clips of all types. 

That stuff is all behind me as I sew.  Right next to me at the sewing machine is my small 2 drawer cabinet.  I have my scissors, rotary cutters, a small school ruler, and a couple of marking utensils in there.  Also, my magnetic pin cushion and my most-used Juki feet (the FMQ, walking, and ¼" foot - whichever ones aren’t on the machine).  In the bottom drawer I store all my thread and bobbins.  Yes, that is one of those sugar cookie tins that everyone’s Mom used for sewing supplies.  :)

I forgot to take a close-up photo of the buffet, but it has 2 skinny drawers in the top that I use for rulers.  On the left, my top 3 rulers (12" square, 8" square, and 6x24"), a lint roller, and a roll of Invisigrip I keep meaning to apply to the rulers.  On the right, I keep all my other rulers and templates, template plastic, and freezer paper.  They are really convenient to the cutting mat, so it’s easy to keep everything put away. The bottom of the buffet has actual dishes in it!  

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at my newly-arranged Quilting Studio.  :)  I am still tweaking it a little but it’s working really well so far.  Now I just need my Juki back so she can take back the pride of place on the table!  Usually I store the Janome in her case unless I need to zigzag or need a free-arm.  

concept: it’s me and you and our pet dogs. it’s storming outside and it’s the late fall. there is thunder and lightning but it doesn’t matter. we are under a quilt and watching Studio Ghibli movies together while we eat popcorn with too much butter. it is safe and wonderful here.