quilly quarters


Rinoa fell asleep during backrubs :)


Elle and her babies

Last June 6, 2013, I woke up to Elle Nhi being a bloody mess and 3 stillborn hoglets. As I cleaned her cage, I got the surprise of my life when something moved among the tissue paper I was bout to throw away. There, hidden completely, is the smallest hoglet I’ve ever seen, barely 2 cm long, but living and breathing.

We’ve named him Harry (the hoglet who lived). Elle had birthing complications and had allergic reactions to meds, making her unfit to nurse baby Harry. For 6 days we’ve battled to keep him alive, staying up almost 24/7 to keep him well fed, toileting him and trying to keep down the bloating. Thrice we’ve almost lost him. Unfortunately, our battle ended on the 7th day.

Elle Nhi gas fully recovered now, but our hearts are still aching for the loss of our beloved baby. We’ve made little Harry a little coffn and buried him, along with his 2 brothers and sister in  claypot and landscaped it to look like a hobbit house. I’ve also made a clay hedgie figurine to look like Harry and it now stands guard on the hedgie hobbit house.

“A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered.”

-Lacie Petitto

Meet the final addition to our family. Quilly Quarters in now fully booked. Meet little Luna Eclair. ♥ Her owner is leaving the country soon so we decided to adopt her. He said she’s a champaigne white, but I can see a few very lightly banded quills on her back so I’m guessing she’s just a (very) high snowflake. Also, am I wrong or is she an apricot? Her nose has no liver outer rim. What do you think?