quilly kitty

I’ve decided to open commissions b/c after the Nintendo Direct it has become very apparent to me that I’m broke 

> I can draw humans, I’m not limited to Pokemon/Furries, for more examples of my work you can find my art blog at quilly-artblog.tumblr.com or the other 4 links I placed at the top right corner of the commission page. 

> I hold the right to reject your commission, depending on how NSFW it may appear or other various reasons.

> I will begin drawing after I receive payment and references (picture or written if you need me to make it from scratch)

> You will get a preview of the sketch before I continue to make sure everything is in order. You will get the drawing first, but after it’s posted I will not make changes, so make sure if you want any you express them to me right away.

> There will be 5 slots open, so I don’t get overwhelmed. Simply ask if you’re curious about spots.