Everyone’s over SNK now but I’ve wanted to make something like this for about a year, time i finally did it. In my defense it is a lot more finicky and harder than it looks

Most of it was done with 3mm wide paper, a bit of softer dark red paper for the flowers, a bit of glue, and vellum paper. Will make a shadowbox frame for it. 

Each shield is a little longer than the length of my pinkie. It would be a great ego booster if people could reblog and like it :)

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its a miniature Raava made entirely out of paper and glue. And blood, sweat and tears. Just kidding. Tears weren’t involved.

3mm paper mostly, it’s not perfect but its a birthday card that’s part of a collab with a friend and their part is way cooler than the part I made. It’s a little smaller than my palm so if you think it looks huge, it isn’t. 


Paper Love

You may have seen this beautiful quilled design attracting attention over on TypeWorship’s Instagram feed. It was created for Elle Magazine’s Valentine’s Day special by Mumbai based designer, Sabeena Karnik. I posted some of Sabeena’s work there years ago and you can see it’s gone from strength to strength.

Above you can see a step-by-step showing how her paper art designs are constructed.

Swirly (quilled) Paper Flowers

I found instructables more than a year ago while I was searching for paper flower tutorials and I was amazed to find out all these amazing flower tutorials in this site.

After a long time I’ve finally decided to post a paper flower ible as soon as I saw these paper flowers on a facebook page. I wasn’t sure what to name this flower, though it looked quite similar to Saccharum spontaneum (kans grass), but as this flower has a lot of swirls I named it ‘swirly paper flower’.


So… based of this nice graphic by expression-over-impression, i tried 2 do a little arty thing

  • im an abysmal photographer it looks cooler irl i swear
  • 3mm wide paper and black thread used 
  • its about 13.5cmx6cm so the microphone is about as big as my fingernail
  • …i tried

more notes about the thing if u clickk on the pictures


Sarah Yakawonis is a Portland, ME based illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated with a BFA focusing in graphic design from the Maine College of Art in 2009. In 2010 she began a study of human anatomy in quilling paper. It was through that work that Sarah gained international recognition. She has been featured on dozens of websites and blogs. In 2011 she competed her anatomical quilling series and developed an innovative process of creating images that combines the beauty and elegance of quilling and cut paper with the flexibility of digital imaging. Her Etsy shop.

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Moon prism power, make up!

Disclaimer I don’t actually watch Sailor Moon. It’s a little dodgy in places but it was one of the hardest things I’ve tried to make I think. 

 All made with 3mm wide paper, background is watercolour pencil. Size is about 12x10cm. I still have to fix the frame a little. 

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