Project #1 done! We re-did our one-car garage floor in the hopes of turning it into a man-cave space since we don’t use it for cars. We will purposely leave a few of the dings and scratches on the walls as he doesn’t want it too “pretty” since it’s a man room. I’d say it went rather well for under $100. We can also use it for cars one day should we want to.

Materials used:

  • Quikcrete Epoxy for floors in tan color. Purchased at Lowe’s for $75. Also comes with instructional DVD, stuff to clean the floor with, and optional color flakes (which we used as they will help hide dirt and wear and tear on the floor giving it a longer life).
  • Two-inch paint brush- used for corners and edges about $2
  • Three and a half inch roller about $3
  • Long handle for roller about $3
  • Paint tray about $2
  • Long scrub brush about $15
  • Broom we already had around the house
  • Elbow grease

DIY $8 Modern Concrete Lamp Tutorial from HomeMade Modern. Excellent video and written tutorial at the link. I have used concrete/Quikcrete for stepping stones, modern art sculptures, etc… Quikcrete sets up quickly and isn’t as hard to use as real concrete - but the bags are really heavy.