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Hey friend. Reading what happened to your baby this morning made me realise how unprepared I am in terms of an emergency kit. Would you be willing to make a checklist please?

Avian First-Aid Kit

  • Bottle Stypic Powder (toenail/feather bleeding)
  • Pair Latex Gloves (personal protection)
  • Bottle Eye & Skin Wash 1 Oz. (flush eyes or wounds)
  • 1” x 6 yd. Sterile Gauze Bandage (wrap wound areas)
  • Pair Scissors (trim feather/cut bandage tape)
  • Pair 5” Locking Forceps (remove broken blood feathers)
  • PVP Iodine Antiseptic Wipes (sterilization)
  • Antiseptic Towelettes (clean wound or hands)
  • Packages 2” x 2” Gauze Pads (apply to wound area)
  • Cotton Swabs (apply ointment or creams)
  • Roll 1/2” x 2 1/2 yd. Adhesive Tape (secure bandage)
  • Hand Wipe (personal cleanup)
  • Bird Emergency Card (record info/vet phone number)
  • Popsicle sticks (splinting broken bones)
  • Towel or thick gloves (emergency restraint, avoiding bites)

Avian Emergency Response Kit

  • Low thread count pillow cases per bird (for transporting birds during a fire, low thread counts allows airflow while filtering most smoke, flip case inside out with hand inside case grab the bird and flip it outside in, tie knot at the top, makes it easy to move multiple birds at once and not have to struggle to get a freaked bird to step up or get bitten)
  • Travel cage/ cage covers (emergency evacuation, earthquakes)
  • Portable seed containers, keep full
  • List of local places that allow parrots
  • Feeding syringe (medications, force feeding)

Emergency things you need to have in your house

  • Olive Oil (a drop or two in mouth if choking to loosen up blockage)
  • Dishsoap (a few drops in water will help the water cut through feathers to get to the skin and cool down during a heat stroke)
  • Flour, cornstarch, quik stop (place to clot wounds and stop bleeding)

Emergency knowledge

Avian CPR

Choking - drop of oil to loosen blockage, encourage regurgitation, call vet immediately

Heat Stroke - cool down slowly (colder room, fan, standing feet in cooler water) if no change then put some dish soap in room temp water and soak your bird, call vet

Swallowing a foreign object (check throat for blockage, feed nut butter to coat the throat and crop to avoid it getting stuck or cutting the crop, call vet)

Seizures (wrap gently in towel and call vet, the longer it seizes the more brain damage occurs)

Broken blood feathers  Pulling blood feather video (no real birds in this video)

Emergency splinting

Broken wing - fold wing to normal closed position, wrap with vet tape in a figure 8 (tip of injured wing, under rear, behind legs, under other wing, over back, over injured wing shoulder, under stomach, in front of legs, under other wing, on top of back) if bird is struggling STOP it will make it worse

Splinting legs - towel bird with legs sticking out, gauze on  both sides of leg, wrap with gauze tape, cut popsicle sticks to size of leg and wrap them to cover any jagged pieces, put popsicle sticks on either side of leg, wrap with vet wrap, call vet.  If bone is visible do NOT  allow direct contact with  bone, cover thoroughly with gauze.  (Intended to stabilize leg so the bird can not flail and do more damage, do NOT try to reset the bone, call vet immediately after splinting)

It also pays off to practice evacuation procedures, if your action plan is to throw all the birds in travel cages and go make sure you practice where each cage goes and in what order

Note: None of this replaces the work of a medical professional, call the vet as soon as you have the chance. These methods are to stabilize the bird, reduce further damage, and to increase their odds of survival before they can make it to a vet.

I was watching the junior year Barolena flashback scene from the last episode again and Jesus, it was terrible. The scene where they are talking about the Secret Santa gifts really does perfectly describe Caroline and her relationship with her friends. 

Caroline saying that Stefan is a terrible gift giver and look at this shitty little cheap snow globe key chain he gave her that he probs got from a Quik Stop for 4 dollars, and then Bonnie saying “oh well I love my bracelet!” And Caroline says yeah of course you do because I got it for you….because you’re my friend and I love you, so I actually tried, because I wanted to get you something nice that you would like, because I CARE. 

Caroline actually cares about her friends, she wants to do nice things for them, she is always there for them whatever they need, she TRIES for them. And what does she get in return? Absolute shit. The bare minimum. Not a goddamn thing. 

People saying “Caroline hated Stefan’s crappy gift, yet she kept and treasured it for all those years anyway awwww!!!!! shipper FEELS!!!!!!” like….that’s not cute that is just fucking awful and sad. I mean, I can’t even really be mad at SC shippers for thinking that because it is obvious that’s what these trite, shitty writers were going for with that scene but jfc talk about a staggering lack of awareness from the writers, as per usual. 

Another thing that fucks me up is that we know Stefan isn’t thoughtless. Like, he isn’t actually a shitty gift giver. Certainly when it comes to say, Damon and Elena he is thoughtful (restoring Damon’s car and giving it back to him, the necklace to Elena) so yeah…dude is perfectly capable of giving them meaningful things…yet Caroline gets a cheap ass key chain from a gas station and we are supposed to think it is a great, meaningful thing that she held onto that ratchet ass gift….wow.

The Steroline propping doesn’t just make it seem like Caroline has been regressed, it makes Stefan look like a careless asshole. They are tearing apart any good things from the Steroline friendship years to make it seem like whatever bullshit they have planned for 2015 looks like evolution instead of devolution of their relationship. That is beyond fucked up and the epitome of lazy forced writing.

No Time To Explain || insincerelythepoisonedyouth

Cooper had overheard the persons call in the small quik shop gas stop. It wasn’t intentional, not at first anyway, but they’d driven up in one of those old cars it just seemed like they fit the profile. Walking slowly through the aisle and grabbing a pack of candy, but keeping an ear tuned into the conversation he checked out a few minutes before them, glancing over his shoulder as he left the stop. He managed to pick the lock to the trunk before climbing in and settling himself in for the ride. He thought of it as a free… back up just in case the person was new to the whole… hunting monsters gig.