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idk specific songs but i would search through 8tracks i find it really helpful

ive been on 8tracks for like 2 hours and found like 3 songs that i like lol

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Magic-rude Is my all time fav right now Ed sheeran -dont Ummm 8 tracks has some very very good playlists just search pop 2014 in the tags Have a safe trip!


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i think its good but not worth the read :/ i cried a whole fucking lot its super angsty and shit but yeah its not rly worth it :) (IVE HEARD VERY GOOD THINGS ABOUT DAST SO IM GONNA CHECK IT OUT TOO)


i feel like matty reads good things and so if she likes it it’s probably worth the read. 

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About the tags u put in that zerrie question gifs. yes i agree. they always make that girl talk. the one who has been having some hate with her weight a while back. she always says the same same thing in magazines. 'hes smitten with her' and yeah theyre kind of putting that same general idea for it like the 'it just kind of happened' situation. like oh yeah we became friends we instantly clicked and its just the same wording over and over in magazines and in interviews like that one

You’re talking about Jade, right? She’s the one doing most of the talking in the interview.

Again, I don’t follow little mix too closely, but what you’re saying makes me wonder if Jade is the Louis/Liam of Little Mix- aka the best at lying or saying what she’s supposed to convincingly.

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i laffed out loud, danielle is the worst outta all of them :L

yeah, same, perrie and el seem nice bur peazer?? not even liam likes her anymore lol

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i literally just started laughing ,even the ppl that ‘ship’ payzer 2.0 accept that something has changed and they dont look happy together anymore

some people just can’t say goodbye to the past :))) but this sentence ‘everyone loves payzer’ just killed me

I really wanna talk about this.

I have alot of Ziam feels right now. They get very mushy so bear with me.

First of all lets look at their faces ,notice Zayn’s face right before he completely turns around. I happen to know that face and that smile is very special when it comes to Zayn. That smile is very known in the Ziam world.That smile shows love, I can sense he hesitates a little bit before giving in to the butterflies in his stomach and just going full on with the twirling.

Now onto Liam’s smile.Oh my god.Okay literally just both of their faces show absolute happiness lbr.

Their arms go tightly together.They just envelop each other flush together as much as possible.The grips pf their arms around each other get tighter once they start to turn.

Liam goes and settles himself one leg between Zayn’s legs and one to the side. I cannot get over it. Like his crotch just goes to Zayns leg/hip and I cry.

Their legs scramble cuz Zayn was not ready for this so he just jumps up at the last second

and I would give away all my fucking limbs to know what the fuck Zayn whispered to Liam before pulling away.It doesnt show it in this gif but there is a gif of this moment that is longer and it happens. Zayn whispers something to Liam and then goes away in the opposite direction without looking Liam in the eye before going away, I wonder if it was something dirty hmm

I think im done vomiting feels

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I thought it was rly good and i was really enjoying it and i did but i didnt like that zayn was straight in it and (spoiler) he even has an unplanned baby and shit ,it is really raved about but i cried alot alot and i did NOT like that they killed (spoiler) niall :/ like NIAM was a couple and Larry is a couple but yeh

oh… well then. hmm.

now im not sure if im about this 317 life because im not a huge niam fan (unless its really well written) and its beginning to seem like one of those stories with A LOT going on and im kind of about simplicity and stuff so idk.

but you never know. maybe ill crack and give it a go one day. i mean, people seem to like it so it must be doing something right.

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I dont really know i guess its jade?? i dont know anything about them at all except who perrie is cuz of her mentions with zayn. oh i forgot to add the part of 'he worships the ground she walks' or smthng like that. Yeah i think so too cuz (from what ive seen on my dash) she seems to be the one thats constantly over talking everyone on that topic like doing what shes told but being exagerated with it so it makes it come out as sarcasm do you get me?

Jade is the one talking in the gif set I just posted, but the print interview quote was Jesy saying stuff- lol maybe all three of the other girls just know they have to continue to push this relationship so they help perrie out.

Yes, I just posted the “he worships the ground she walks on” quote- yeah a lot of stuff surrounding zerrie does seem over-the-top and forced to me.