Catching Daddy Luke quiffing up your 5 year old son’s blonde locks before sending him off to his first ever day of school with his little kids sized vans and letterman jacket that hangs off his little broad shoulders, a teenage mutant ninja turtle backpack slung over one of them and to say goodbye they do the school of rock handshake thingy gOODBYE

i fell in love with a floppy haired quiet little luke and now i have a perfectly quiffed sex on legs confident front man and i just have so many feelings about this

Behind the scenes Spud 3
  • Director:Troye we have to get rid of your quif
  • Troye:*gasp
  • Director:It's too modern we have to make your hair flat
  • Troye:*wince* please I'll do anything
  • Director:I'm sorry Troye
  • Troye:please! *gets on knees*
  • Director:don't make this difficult Troye *starts tearing up*
  • Troye:*sobs*
  • Director:Someone get hair and make up in here
  • Caspar:It's ganna be okay man, we'll get you through this I promise
  • Troye:*sobs*

allow me to explain. 

so we have luke, with his super fucking quiffed hair and his FUCKIGN SMOULDER THATS MELTINGM Y FACE OFF and ofc he had  to wear a buttoned plaid shirt and A MOTHER FUCKING LEATHER JACKETwEFHGSAF


phil quiff

i never really draw phil so i decided to put a lot of effort into this and it literally took me hours over the course of multiple days, but it was worth it because i’m really proud of it. especially the hand because it actually looks like a real hand

i really hope that phil starts quiffing his hair more often because it looks great on him. uwu


#151: He Realizes His Feelings For You


Your heels clicked loudly along with yours and Luke’s giggles filling the whole street, the two of you fooling around with your arms hooked around each other. Your makeup was on point, he was wearing a nice new black dress shirt, you even wore heels for this event! But for nothing. “I can’t fucking believe that both our blind dates cancelled on us.” You giggled and held onto the brown plastic bag tightly in your arm, the whole bag filled to the top with candy from the small candy store down the street. Luke nodded his head agreeing and ran a hand through his well quiffed hair – for once in weeks he had decided to actually do something decent about his hair. “It’s because we don’t do dates. It’s because the world has decided that we don’t have any soulmates and will end on a farm with 20 cats and Michael sleeping on the couch in the garage.” Luke clapped his hands together in amusement by your words, totally imagining the image you created. It was because of Michael and Calum the two of you when on blind dates, something that was supposed to be a double date to save you from being with some creep and saving Luke from the awkwardness of being alone with a stranger. But the second the both of you arrived after using a huge amount of time making yourself ready, you sat by the table alone. You gave it at least 15 minutes until you guys had drank your free served water and ate the garlic bread from the basket. You looked at each other awkwardly but ended up in fists of giggles and it only continued from that, all the way to the candy store to buy at least 1 kilogram candy for a movie night instead. Luke was the one deciding to drink one red bull, and with you taking sips from it the two of you were buzzed on energy, hype on sugar and on your way home to his apartment. “What did you imagine your blind date look like?” You asked casually and looked up at the dark sky, the stars beautifully creating small patterns that you couldn’t point out what was what besides the little dipper. “I don’t know. About your height, same length as you and the memorizing eye color of yours.” He looked down at you with a teasing smile playing on his lips. You rolled your eyes in response and smacked the bag of candy against his arm harshly. “No you didn’t imagine that.” You argued in a mumble and looked up at him with a smile. Luke had always been the flirting person, always making you crack up laughing by his lame offensive way of trying to hit on you. When you came to his apartment you walked up the few stairs to his porch and he searched around for his keys. “Imagine if we hadn’t been bailed on and we would eventually split up, I would go to his house and you would go to your own. How would you finish this date?” Luke smirked down at you by your question and waited with opening the door. “I wouldn’t invite her in because I’m not that sort of guy. But I would walk closer to her, place my hand on her cheek and look deeply into his eyes. “ He did as he explained, moved forward until you guys were centimeters away from each other. “And then I would gently kiss her on the cheek, telling her that I was having a really great time and we should meet up again.” He smiled gently by the reaction you got from his words, “And then the second I would walk into my apartment I would smile all over my face and hurry to text her the second I would close my door.” You grinned up at him by his words and winked your eyes rather impressed by his imagination. “I don’t think any girl could reject that.” You giggled and fished his keys out of his hands, opening the door and wanting to get out of these killer heels. “You coming?” You asked confused and looked over your shoulder to see him standing frozen in his spot. He nodded his head but didn’t move, only made a shyly smile appear on his lips while he looked at you. This wasn’t anything he had planned doing with anyone before. It was spontaneously coming out of his mouth as he stood in front of you, and his stomach erupted with butterflies, something he hadn’t experienced before. He looked down at his feet and up at you again, and he couldn’t prevent the huge smile appearing on his lips by the sight of you. He was both happy but also scared of the fact that he had fallen in love with his best friend.


Calum pulled the hoodie of his black sweatshirt over his hair, taking a last look in the mirror before he rushed to the front door and opened it the second his hand touched the handle. Even in the darkest nights of the burning Sydney lights from the views behind, it couldn’t compare to the bright smile you served the second your eyes locked with his. “Are the other boys sleeping?” You whispered and looked behind him to see all lights being off, and in reply he lifted his finger in front of his lips and silenced you. You nodded your head understanding and grinned, your eyes showing clear overtiredness but you were buzzing on energy. Recently the last couple of days you and Calum had started this new trend. With him having to suffer with jetlag all the time and you suffering with insomnia it was difficult for the both of you to sleep at night. You remembered clearly the first night you called him, the clock striking three am and he was online on twitter. You didn’t hesitate to ask him out for a comfy night walk and since that day the two of you would do it, occasionally when you were so tired of staring up at your dark black ceiling. “Are you wearing our old merch?” Calum asked almost confused as he took in your attire, the small hint of an old tally printed on your chest and you looked down at it almost like you had forgotten. “Yeah it’s an old one I found.” You giggled quietly and watched as he walked out and remembered to lock the door. “It’s from one of your old Koko shows in London. I was cleaning out my closet today out of boredom and found it deep inside.” You placed your hands in your pockets and backed towards the stairs, grinning when Calum widened his eyes by the memory. “I barely remember that. So many years ago.” He mumbled the last part and placed his keys in his own hoodie before following you down the porch and into the darkness. There wasn’t any direction to where you guys were going. It was all about enjoying each other’s company while talking nonsense. You guys could talk about everything and anything without a limit. You never knew where you guys would end because of the intense talkings. They could be serious, but also something so fucked up the two of you would crack up laughing by your ridiculousness. You hadn’t even noticed when you guys came to the beach, the waves crashing ashore by the strong wind by the ocean. At least the wind wasn’t cold but you still wore your hoodies over your heads to prevent your ears from getting cold from the nightly weather. The moon was reflecting in the water and the second you took off your shoes a sigh of bliss escaped your lips. “We don’t visit the beach enough.” You commented when you came down to the water and took in the horizon and silence. It was lovely. “Yeah I totally agree. It’s hard finding time with my schedule though.” Calum mumbled from beside you and checked his phone to see the time striking past 3am. “At least you always somehow find time for me in the early mornings of weekly days.” You looked up at him with a smirk and he cracked a smile by your words and nodded his head agreeing. “A bit depressing though, right?” He grinned and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. “I can only find time to hang out with my best friend when I don’t have anything important to do with lack of sleep.” “I like it.” You replied back and stopped to look out at the ocean, enjoying the sounds of the waves. He carefully removed his arm from your shoulder to look as well but as he did, he accidently glided it down to your hand, and a small boots ran through his veins and his stomach filled with butterflies. He quickly removed his hand and looked at you with wide eyes, but you didn’t seem to mind, you barely looked like someone who noticed. He hurried to place his hand in his pocket and he felt an odd feeling going through his veins. He hadn’t been feeling like this before but the touch of your hand was enough for him to sudden realize the satiation he was in. You looked up at him with a smile after some silence and he weakly smiled back before biting his lip and took your whole form in. No, that couldn’t be it. He had always feared this thing would happen but that wasn’t just a simple touch to him. Did he finally realize that he did have feelings for you and now had to deal with this whole other perspective every time he was looking at you.


It was a girly scream that made Michael’s eyes open wide, the blackness of the room overwhelming him and he sat up confused. A blanket was draped over his body and he took a second to realize what was going on, where he was and how the hell the day had turned from daytime to night. His mouth formed the letter ‘o’ when he realized the fact that he had been taking a nap earlier, feeling ill and wanted to block it out by sleeping. You must have been the one to wrap him in a blanket while sleeping and on purpose decided not to wake up him up to make sure he would get enough sleep to feel better. And it worked, Michael was feeling amazingly fine now, just a bit off from the nap, his voice a bit raspy and he took a look at the time on his phone. It was past midnight now, and he expected everyone to be asleep now but his mind changed when the he heard the cause of his sudden awaken. Another high pitched came from behind the door, and he removed himself from the bed and walked out of the hallway confused. The faint sound of a bass drum was clear from the living room along with giggles and whines, and he furrowed his eyebrows confused and headed towards the noises. When he walked into the living room he was met by the large TV being replaced with a huge wide screen and a projector, meanwhile you sat with the boys at the couches. It took Michael a second to recognize the game on the screen, and his eyes widened as he saw you sit with the mouse, almost crying out in your pillow and not even looking at the screen while Luke was controlling the keyboard. “No, no, no no no, why the hell are you guys forcing her to play this?!” Michael screeched and hurried towards the couch to take a seat, moving you away from the mouse and pressed you into his chest. “Last time I played this with her she was having nightmares for a whole week!” The boys laughed in reaction to Michael’s sudden exclaim arrival, and Calum grabbed the mouse from the coffee table to control the vision on the screen. “She said she wanted too!” Ashton laughed from the couch and clapped his hands together in amusement. “No I didn’t you guys said we were gonna play a fun game!” You mumbled from Michael’s chest, occasionally looking at the screen but regretting by the fear of getting jump scared. You had no idea how they had convinced you, you had been totally naïve until slender was plastered on the screen and there was no backing down. So far you had been playing for five minutes and the at least ten jump scares had made you jump up from the chair, the boys laughing their asses off in amusement. They knew you hated this but took it for granted. “How many pages do you have?” Michael asked interested and furrowed his eyebrows while looking at the screen. “Only two, we could have collected much more if Y/N wasn’t such a chicken and didn’t want to go through the tunnel.” Luke responded and bit his lip while concentrating on the screen. You scoffed into Michael’s chest by Luke’s words, even though he was totally right about his sayings. Hell no you didn’t dare to go into that tunnel, you didn’t want to go anywhere in that game. You moved your face away to look at the screen but regretted it the second Calum moved the mouse around, slender man literally standing meters away from the narrator. A jolt ran through your body by the dramatic jump scare and music, and you wrapped your arms tighter around Michael and buried your face into his chest. “How can you not be scared of this?” You murmured and looked up at him shortly, watching as he remained his focus on the TV screen, his jaw hanging. “I Am Y/N. So scared.” He whispered back and leaned his face against yours. But not scared of the slender game in front of the two of you. He was scared, scared of the fact that having you this close to him made him feel so amazingly happy. Scared that you were so attached to him, but not in the way he saw you. It was like a small moment of reality hit him, by the fact that he wanted this to be more. He wanted to be your boyfriend, holding you close when you were scared and promise to do everything in his power to always keep you safe. But it wasn’t until this exact moment that all these scenarios flashed before his eyes while he held onto you for dear life, waiting for the game to be over.


”Okay Y/N, where are they?” Ashton asked into his microphone, his eyes scanning the area. He grabbed the microphone from its stand and stood up from his drum kit, took a look around the arena and furrowed his eyebrows. This was gonna be a hard task for him. ”I know that you’re hiding somewhere in here Y/N, and I’ve already outsmarted you. I can see the top of your hair from the chair over there.” Even though Ashton had no certain idea of where the hell you were at the arena, he wanted to trick you, see if you jumped onto his words and would peek your head up from one of the chairs – but you didn’t. A silent chuckle came from your lips and you leaned your body further against one of the many many chairs that were in the arena, a teasing smirk playing on your lips. You were holding his drum sticks close to your chest, your heart pounding in nervousness of being caught. You wanted to tease Ash, and the first thought was to steal his drums. Earlier you had begged him to entertain you, do something funny while waiting for him to do soundcheck. But now, after at least thirty rejections from him there was only one solution to make, and that was to steal the most important thing he would have to use during soundcheck. Ashton jumped down from the stage and started to walk against the steps, looked up towards the balconies and terraces with furrowed eyebrows. This was gonna be a hard to investigate. “At least make a sound or something?” He giggled and silenced himself to observe every sign of noise in the arena. If you wanted to play hide and seek in an empty arena, he was up for it. You pressed tour hands together around your mouth and did your best to make the most silent noise of an owl as possible, your voice echoing in the arena and you sneaked your eyes over the chair to watch his reaction. His back was facing you, but by the sudden sound he turned around 180 degrees with a smirk playing on his face. Your eyes widened of the realization of Ashton noticing you, and you rushed up from hiding in behind seats and ran down past the rows. Ashton sprinted towards tour direction, jumped between seats and your giggles filling up in the while arena. You wouldn’t dare to look back, knowing that if you did it would slow you down and Ashton would catch you easily. ”This is what you get for ignoring me all day.” You yelled between giggles, trying to catch your breath and not slow down on the running. But you needed to just get a glimpse of how close he was, and it was enough for you to let out a squeal as Ashton reached his arms forward and stopped you from running. He was laughing just as heavily as you, spun you around in the air and you both calmed down your heavy breaths. “That hide and seek didn’t last for that long, huh?” He grinned and let go of you when you elbowed him lightly in the stomach and took a few steps away from him. You hid the drumsticks behind your back and giggled even louder when Ashton reached his hand forward, moved his fingers inviting for you to give back the sticks but you shook your head. “Come on, Y/N. I promise we will spend time after the soundcheck. You’ll decide what we do.” Hea promised and you bit your lip and your eyes finally giving in. After placing the drumsticks in his hand you swung your hair over your shoulder and sprinted down between the rows. Ashton cracked a smile by your immature but yet amusing personality, watching as you disappeared into the backstage area. Butterflies erupted in his stomach when he took a look down at the drumsticks. His eyebrows furrowed and he bit his lip and looked back at the dressing rooms. This was something he had been feeling for a while, smiling much more when he was near you and being happy. But it wasn’t until now that he realized that there was much more to it than he expected and he was somehow scared of what was going to happen. Having you with him on tour seemed to increase what he never predicted to feel in his life, and even if he tried to avoid it, he now realized what he was feeling from you just by your small teasing act. Seeing you were like coming home to a place he didn’t realize he had been missing.