even bech næsheim, please protect and love this boy, who wants to give isak so much, so so much. so much love and affection and attention. who, in his own special way, wants isak to feel like he is wanted, that isak is worthy of so much.

protect and love this boy who, at first sight and impression, will look like your standard 19 yr old guy, all “joints behind his ear” and “smug smirks” and “quiffed up hair”, but oh god, once you get to his core, his inner workings, he’s nothing but filled with love. the softest. with such vulnerabilities and fears of loneliness and insignificance, but he’s got so much love to give.

protect and love this boy that cannot find it easy to open up to people. that has dreams of making films and becoming a director and is into the arts and theatre. who cooks cheese toasties with spices for isak. who speaks of death like it’s an escape. who doesn’t sleep at night. who’d break into someone’s house just to kiss isak in the swimming pool. who rides his bike and wants to take isak with him.

protect and love this boy who, for once, is okay to exist in a different universe, so as long as he’s with isak. otherwise, even the prospect of thinking about it scares him.

protect and love this boy.

in 2014 we all thought that luke hemmings couldn’t get any hotter with his quiffed hair and lip ring and his goddamn you complete mess shirt and the hole in his pants but haHA BITCH YOU THOUGHT here we are in 2016 with curly flat haired Luke no lip ring the knee hole is gone the you complete mess shirt is gone I’m a mess and I’m gone hes so active on social media these days his eyes are probably getting bluer my pants are dropping and he’s STILL FUCKING EVOLVING ??????

George Harrison, late 1950′s.

“He was cocky, a cocky little guy. He had a good sense of himself, you know, he wasn’t cowed by anything. He had a great haircut. He had this long hair that he quiffed back. We had a, a friend, Arthur. And he used to describe it as, ‘a fuckin’ turban. Like a fuckin’ turban.’ And it did. It looked like a great, big marvelous thing.” - Paul McCartney, Living in the Material World

“[John Lennon said] ‘He had a real kind of wild style on the guitar. It’s as though… you know, that he and the guitar were joined together. He also looked like a Teddy boy, but as you know, Larry, he was hardly that.’
Hardly. Sensitivity to others was George’s great talent as a human being. On the aircraft and in the hotel suites, it was George who was always asking, 'Everything all right, Larry?’” - When They Were Boys by Larry Kane [x]

Dirty Girl - Dylan O’brien SMUT

Author: daddyobrienx

Characters: Reader x Dylan O’brien

Rating: NSFW

Warnings: Smuttttt, Dom!Dylan, spanking, slight choking, oral, fingering, cursing

Word count: 2,123

A/N: HOLA, so this is my first ever image/smut I’ve posted, so i hope it’s good. I was inspired to start writing smut by the fuckin amazing writers @completedylantrash , @smutandahalf , @honeystilinski , @stilinski-jpeg , @obriensmut , @obrosey-af , @mystic-biscuit , @thelittlestkitsune , @dumbass-stilinski and more, Y’all are amazinngg! I hope y’all enjoy! I’ll be writing more smut if people like this one.

Dylan. Fucking. O’brien. What can I say? World-class douche. The biggest asshole you’d ever meet. His chocolate, brown hair quiffed to the perfect angle,  his hazel-brown eyes that eye-fuck every girl in sight, his tall, built figure. Every girl thinks he’s “sooo amazing”  because he’s “soooo hot”. Don’t get me wrong, he is hot, but his personality ruined it all. He thinks he can get any girl he wants, which he has proven. School was already hell, but he made school even worse than that. A week ago, It was my first day of my new high school. All I wanted was a fresh new start at a new school, leaving my bad history behind. I royally fucked up at my old school, I can’t even set one foot near it. So this is why I’m here now, a new girl coming in during the middle of the year.

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Waking Up With Simon

But let’s just establish it would be the best thing ever. He’d have that low raspy morning voice and he’d be so out of it when he talked. And he wouldn’t want you to leave, so he’d hold onto your waist super tight and nuzzle his face into your shoulder. And his hair wouldn’t be quiffed, so it’d be down and flat across his forehead where you could mess with it and it’d tickle his forehead so you’d get to hear that adorable laugh of his. When you finally did get up he’d complain a lot and just hold on to your waist whilst you got ready until you had to change. Then he’d get all blushy when you did start to change and he’d be really nervous when he changed his shirt because he’s so self conscious. But you’d reassure him that he was absolutely smashing and that all his fangirls wished they could see the sight you got to lay your eyes on.

Mr. Mendes

I take a seat next to Michelle after dropping my books to my desk. I sighed and she looked at me, trying to read my mind. “what’s up, girly?” she asked as I looked to her. I shook my head and mumbled a small, “nothing.”
the final bell rings and the whole class comes to a hush. I look around surprised that Mrs.Davidson isn’t already at her desk beginning a lecture about whatever the topic was today. “where’s mrs-” I’m cut off by Mrs. Davidson walking in and greeting us with the usual, “Good evening, class.” only half of the class ever says something back. we all look behind her to see a very attractive young man who looks to be about our age with topaz eyes and a soft looking quif. “this is mr. mendes. he will be here as a TA for this final semester.” Mrs. Davidson said as if on que. “mr. mendes,” I thought to myself.
“so he must be the notorious son of the principal.” I looked over to Michelle, she was practically drooling over him. I giggled louder than intended. mr. mendes and Mrs. Davidson looked at me and Michelle. she shot us a glare before turning back to her computer, probably looking at lesson plans. however, mr. mendes seemed to keep starring. we locked eyes and he smirked before turning back to our teacher. “holy fuck.” Michelle said grabbing my arm. “hm?” I said not wanting to get in trouble for being loud. “i know you saw that. you had to at least seen that because I literally felt it. he totally wants to fuck you. that smirk, he’s probably thinking about what colour underwear your wearing right now.” she said shaking my arm. “your stupid, Michelle. he’s a wanker, just like his father. and he probably didn’t even mean to do that.” I said pushing her arm off me and giving her a funny look. but i couldn’t lie, he was very attractive and i wouldn’t mind him doing any of the things michelle was thinking of, to me. “whatever you say.” she said turning away. “okay, uh lets get started shall we?” Mrs. Davidson said finally pulling away from her computer and focusing on her class. “pull out the purple book and turn to page, uhh.” she paused looking at her already open purple text book. “137.” she finished. “now who would like to start us off?” she gazed across the room before stopping at me. “oh god no. please no, pick someone else.” I silently begged to myself. “Y/N. why don’t you start for us?” she smiled at me, already knowing I hated talking in front of people. I hate attention. “u-uh yeah s-sure..” I stuttered.
“a considerable body of uh domestic v-violence litature exist w-which theorizes about causes of Dom-domestic violence.” Mrs. Davidson stops me. “uhm, how about we have someone else read?” my cheeks turned a scarlet colour. she always goes out of her way to embarrass me, ever since my mum and uncle were her students. I slouched down in my chair and put my head on my desk as she picked another student to read aloud. I looked around to see mr. mendes had his eyes on me. he licked his bottom lip when he had got my attention. I took a deep breathe before sitting back up, looking to him once more to see that same smirk playing his lips again. I looked back to my book following along with the class.
“ah miss. Y/L/N.”
I stopped gathering my things and looked up to see Mrs. Davidson and mr. mendes standing side by side looking to me. both had smiles on their faces as I approached them. “sweetheart, have you seen your grades lately? your close to failing my class. I can’t have you failing your senior year. with that said I have arranged for you to be tuttored.” she smiled, putting her hand on my shoulder. “is this uh, is this optional?” I said looking at her hand and then to her face. “what? the tutoring? no I’m afraid not. oh and mr. mendes will be your tutor.” she said looking to him. I followed her gaze. he was smiling, sticking his hand out. I looked at it for a second. “this is the part when you shake his hand and introduce yourself.” she said grabbing my hand. I took his and shook it. “Shawn.” I looked to his eyes, “Y/N.” I looked down and he chuckled. “your very shy, miss.” he said as Mrs. Davidson walked away. “huh? oh yeah. I guess so.” I said looking back up. “all right well the first session will be this evening at let’s say, 5. meet me at the café on 6th street. all right, little one?” he winked before walking away. his features were those of a god’s. his little pet names didn’t help me at all. “yeah okay.” I mumbled walking back to my desk, gathering my things and walking out of the classroom as fast as possible.
to: Michelle 💘 “ sooooo mr. mendes may or may not be my tutor and I may or may not be on my way to meet him for a lesson right now. so uhm I’m not gonna be able to text you because I may or may not be on a study date with the TA that may or may not be named Shawn. okay bye ysysyxncn”
I shoved my phone into my back pocket, grabbing my keys and heading out the door. I hit the unlock button and hopped in the front seat of my rover. the one I can barely even afford. once I got to 6th street I parked my car in the parking lot of the café. I got out and locked the doors, swinging my backup on. I walked around the corner to see Shawn standing with his back facing me. I walked up to him tapping his shoulder before walking in front of him. “waiting for someone?” he looked up from his phone and smiled, following me inside. “uh hey, why don’t you go pick a table and I’ll get some muffins, what kind of coffee?” he looked at me waiting for me to answer. “uh I’m good thank you.” I turned around and went to a corner table. setting all my stuff down I realized I had forgotten a pencil. “shit.” I said looking to the bottom of my bag. I sighed before grabbing my phone out of my pocket. I turned it on to see a missed call from Michelle. I called her back while waiting on mr. mendes. “hello?” I said once she picked up. “hi.” even though I couldn’t see her, I knew she had a grin from the tone she was using. “how is he? are you guys about to fuck? or did you already? you did didn’t you. was he any good, is he roug-” I cut her off laughing. “Michelle stop oh my lord, you nasty we are literally at the café why do you have such unholy thoughts?” she laughed before replying. “have you seen the man?” she was right, he was very attractive and he was pretty built up. I looked up and saw him coming toward me. “hey I’ll call you later, I’ve to go.” i hung up putting my phone next to me. “hey. sorry it took me so long, they’ve a long line up there.” I nodded and he sat his coffee down and then a basket of muffins down. “shall we get started?” he asked and I nodded. “uhm, I don’t have a uh pencil. I seem to have forgotten it in my hurry. I’m sorry I’m such a flop.” I said, rummaging through my bag once more. “no worries, you won’t need one this time.” he said taking a bite of his muffin. I nodded and he pulled out the English textbook.
we read from some of the pages of the textbook before he handed me an assignment. “okay so I’d like you to have that finished before tomorrow. and also instead of meeting every other day, we’ll meet up everyday because of how close all the exams are. can’t have you failing now can we? what do you say we take a break and learn a little more about each other yeah?” he smiled at me and I nodded back to him. “yeah sure..” “great. I’ll go first. what’s your favourite subject?” I thought for a moment before speaking up. “probably math. it’s easy to comprehend and to I don’t know, not forget how to use it. I mean if that makes any sense at all. Math is very resourceful and I find myself using it all the time, in any kind of situation. i’m kind of just rambling now aren’t I?” I started to feel my face heat up and turn red. “yeah a little. but I think its cute, ya know? how your always nervous. you’re so innocent.” he said, taking another bite of his muffin. “oh uh, thanks I guess..” i looked down, biting my lip; a nervous habit I picked up from Michelle. “so uhm, youre the principal’s son?“ i asked, trying to sound at least a little bit confident. "yeah, that i am.” he took a drink of his coffee, licking his lips after. “are you sure i can’t get you anything?” he asked as he sat his mug down. “uh no i’m good thanks.” he nodded before he grabbed his ringing phone. “hello?” he said not really even focusing on the call but more on something in his books. “oh uh no can’t right now. yeah i’m on a study thing with some girl from Mrs. Davidson’s class."  I cocked a brow and turned towards him. he was still focused on his books and papers. "oh yeah she’s gorgeous.” he looked towards me and smirked. “i totally would. ok alright, bye.” he hung up and let out a breath. i looked at him waiting for him to explain himself. “what? ohhh your embarrassed because i called you gorgeous huh?” i looked down and shook my head no. “mhm yes you are. admit it, Y/N.” he laughed before checking his phone. “hey uh my parents aren’t home wanna go hang out and study some more?” he asked as he gathered all of his things. “uhm sure.”
"welcome to my flat, well my parents flat.” he gave a small giggle as I smiled, looking around the giant place. “your eyes are so, gorgeous.” he said grabbing my chin, pulling it to make our faces level. we locked gazes before my cheeks got red and I looked down. he sighed. “why do you always do that?” I looked up at him walking to the kitchen. I followed him. “would you like coke or Sprite?” he asked opening the fridge. “uhm, Sprite please.” i said taking in his aperence from behind; muscle hugging shirt, skinny jeans. he reached up to grab a cup and his shirt rose a bit. I blushed at the thought of him completely bare. how muscular he’d be. how big he’d be. I shook the thoughts from my head when he handed me my cup. I looked down to see a tattoo on his forearm. “wow.” I said, still starring at it. “oh this? yeah it’s really something.” he said looking at it too. I reached my hand out and rubbed it as if I were blind and his arm was brail. I felt a spark but ignored it. “that’s supposed to be a guitar right?” I asked as I looked to see his eyes already burning holes into me. “yeah.” he simply replied. “do you have any?” he asked moving his arm down to his side. “uh two actually..” he looked at me so surprised. “two?” I nodded and he looked at me, obviously waiting for me to show him. “uh well uhm I can kind of only show you one.” he smirked at his own thoughts. “well on with it then.” I gripped my shirt and pulled it up to the bottom of my bra to reveal the large snake that wraps around me. he looked down and reached out and touched it as I did to his. he dragged his finger around me, following the whole art piece. shawn breathed out and looked back up at me. “so, where’s the other one?” he smirked as I looked down again. “uh, can’t show you.”
“oh come on, why not?” I sighed before answering him. “because it was a drunken mistake that my friends made me get. I regret it more than anything. but I’m too much of a baby to get it removed.” he nodded before asking if I could at least tell him where it was. he started acting fidgety when I explained that it was not even an inch above my genital area. we walked to the couch and got out more studying materials before I got a series of texts from Michelle. “uh do you mind if I check my phone? it could be important.” I asked as he stopped reading and laughed. “I love how you ask for permission. I’m not in charge of you, little one.” I nodded before grabbing my phone to see all the thousands of texts. I opened my phone and texted Michele back. to: Michelle💘 “omfg stop, we are not fucking. not that I would mind him pounding into me. he’s daddy asf and ok we were takking about tattoos and I didn’t show him but totally wanted to!!”
to: michelle💘 “talking*”
when Michelle decided to spam text me again I felt my phone being grabbed from my hands. I looked up to see shawn smirking, holding my phone. “SHAWN GIVE IT BACK, RIGHT NOW!” I said reaching over, attempting to grab it from him. he looked down at the screen and scrolled up, past Michelle’s most recent texts. “hmm what’s this?” he said, fighting me off with one arm, using the other to hold my phone in his hands. with a smirk he read, “we are not fucking. not that I would mind him pounding into me.” he looked at me shocked. “I am daddy as fuck though.” I face palmed myself and he laughed. “it’s not fucking funny. you just ruined the little self esteem I had. thank you for reminding me to kill myself.” I said, fighting back the many tears. “awe don’t be embarrassed, kitten. even though it’s hot when you are.” he said passing me my phone once I actually looked up. “no. shut the fuck up. I told you to give me my damn phone.” I said looking at him angrily. “you probably wanted me to read those texts so maybe I’d make a move on you.” he said smirking again. I scoffed at him. “yeah right. you really think I wanted you to read those? that’s the literal dumbest thing I’ve heard come out of your mouth.” I said, crossing my arms at my chest. he rolled his eyes. “I think I should leave.” I said grabbing my things. “no.” he said standing up with me. “excuse me?” I said, continuing my packing. “look just stay, I’m sorry okay?” I stopped and hesitantly sat back down. he quickly grabs my phone and drops it in his lap. “what the actual fuck Shawn?” I said getting even more frustrated with him. “relax, I’ll give you your phone. IF you show me your other tattoo.” he smirked at me when he knew I could only say yes. “fine.” I gritted my teeth before standing up. I went to pull my shorts down when Shawn stopped me. “let me.” I rolled my eyes, putting my arms at my sides. he looked back down and slowly slipped my shorts down, past my hips. I heard a noise that could be mistaken as a moan, come from shawns mouth. he ran his fingers a crossed the tattoo that read, “daddy’s” with an arrow pointing down to my heat. “so, you have a daddy kink?” he asked curiously looking back up to me. “Shawn I really think that more of a priva-” he cut me off my holding my phone up for me to see. I groaned, slapping my forehead. “yes, Shawn. I have a daddy kink.” I rolled my eyes, hating this little game of his. “well that’s good, so do I.” he smirked before looking back at my tattoo. I gasped when I felt a breeze and then my shorts and underwear pooling at my feet. “Shawn what the fuck are you-” I cut myself off with a moan as I feel Shawn press a kiss to my clit. “oh god, fuck Shawn.” I moaned unintentionally. “hmm? what’s my name, kitten?” he said as he stopped kissing my heat. “dadDY!” I said as he licked a stripe. “mmm. you taste amazing.” I moaned at the vibrations. “how about we go to my bedroom?” I nodded furiously, wanting his mouth back. he smiled before coming to stand on his feet. he looked at me before kissing me, hard. I kissed back almost instantly, loving the way our lips melted together. he picked me up and walked up the stairs, kissing my neck on the way. once we got to the bedroom he lied me on the bed before going back to my neck, leaving love bites everywhere he could. he got on top of me, reaching around me to unclasp my bra. I arched my back helping him. he pulled off my shirt and his mouth wasted no time in attacking my breasts. I moaned as he sucked my right nipple, messaging my left boob with his rather large hands. “mm, daddy.” I moaned as he switched boobs. the heat between my thighs was growing without a doubt. “daddy, I need you.” he smirked against my skin. Shawn stood up, breathing heavy. “get on your knees.” I looked at him for a second before smiling and following his orders. “that’s right baby, you gonna suck daddy off?” he said as I unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his thighs. I placed a kiss to his clothed bulge. he let out a throaty moan when I reached for his Calvin kleins. his cock hitting his stomach when they passed his thighs. I went to grab him in my hands but he grabbed them both and held them together. “no hands.” he said sternly. I took a deep breath before placing a small kiss to the head. he threw his head back, moaning. “God more, baby.” he moaned, slightly thrusting his hips forward, into my mouth. I began to suck to the base, gagging as he released his death grip on my wrists and held my head at the base. losing my breath and gagging, my eyes started to water. he let go and gripped my hair, bobbing my head back and forth. I felt him twitch in my mouth, encouraging me to go faster. I moaned on him and smiled when I felt him release into my mouth. he moved his head back to its normal position and smiled down at me. lifting me to my feet, he pushed me on the bed and started to aggressively kiss me. he sat up and took off his shirt. I moaned at the sight of his built body. his abs dabbed with sweat. I followed his torso down to his happy trail. “take a picture, it’ll last longer.” he winked. “will it now?” I cocked an eyebrow, question him. “I hope not.” he admitted. “what do you mean?” I said, ready to sit up and interrogate him. “I mean, it’s stupid. I sorta like you y/n. and I don’t know you just make me feel weird inside.” I giggled at him. “see I told you it’s stupid.” he said, his turn for red cheeks. “no, it’s a cute kind of stupid.” I smiled, putting my hand on his face and kissing him. he looked down my body, seeing the “daddy” tattoo and moaning a bit. “uhm, do you wanna do this?” he asked, his eyes going back to mine. “God yes I want to, really fucking bad.” I said with a slight groan of impatience. he smiled before thrusting into me. we both moaned in unison. he set the pace slow to start, whispering sweet nothings to me. when he sped up is when the whole mood changed to a rather kinky one. he grabbed my hips harshly and began pounding relentlessly. I was screaming as he whispered dirty things I dared to repeat. “choke me daddy. please?” he smirked up at me before sitting up and moving my hair before wrapping his giant hands around my throat, slowly adding pressure. he began thrusting hard again and my screams were muffled by the lack of breath I had. “harder” I moaned out, scratching down his back. soon I felt a pressure being built up in my the pit of my stomach. “god your such a slut for my cock. you like daddys cock buried deep inside you?” I moaned, scratching harder as he went faster. the pressure began to release and I was screaming his name as he released his grip on my throat and moved one of his hands to rub at my clit, the other going to my hip as he hovered over me. he watched as euphoria washed over from my head to my toes, which began to curl as he fucked me through my orgasm. he went faster and got sloppier as he twitched in me. I moaned out with him watching his face the whole time. his eyes rolled back as I felt him pull out and release on my chest and stomach. we sat like this for a second, our breathing faster than normal. - "so. this leaves us where?” I asked as we intertwined hands and pulled the covers over us. “well I’m pretty sure in my bed..” I playfully hit his arm with my unoccupied hand. he laughed before looking into my eyes. “wait shit.” his eyes turned to those of a worried parent. “what’s wrong? did I do something?” he looked at me before asking, “you are at least 18, correct?” I sat up giggling. “yes, Shawn.” he grabbed his chest, letting out a deep breath. “ok good, and how would you like to go on a date with me. an actual one, no studying involved?” I smiled and hugged him before kissing him. “yes, I would love to.” we both got up and went back downstairs and continued studying like nothing ever happened.

depechify  asked:

What are your favourite respective eras of the depeche members?

ooooh good one, thanks!!!

I’d say for Dave I love Ultra Dave obviously because I respect him so much and he’s beautiful, and I also love Exciter/Paper Monsters Dave because I feel like that’s when he really began to feel at home in his own body?? (deep hahaha). For Mart probably in the mid 80s like It’s Called A Heart-esque looks, but I also really love his style at the moment too! Fletch probably late 80s/Violator cos let’s not forget he’s a handsome boy too (like in your icon!). Alan would be the tall quiffed back hair look like in 101. Talk about hair goals…

What a good question, what are yours Rumia?? :D

#151: He Realizes His Feelings For You


Your heels clicked loudly along with yours and Luke’s giggles filling the whole street, the two of you fooling around with your arms hooked around each other. Your makeup was on point, he was wearing a nice new black dress shirt, you even wore heels for this event! But for nothing. “I can’t fucking believe that both our blind dates cancelled on us.” You giggled and held onto the brown plastic bag tightly in your arm, the whole bag filled to the top with candy from the small candy store down the street. Luke nodded his head agreeing and ran a hand through his well quiffed hair – for once in weeks he had decided to actually do something decent about his hair. “It’s because we don’t do dates. It’s because the world has decided that we don’t have any soulmates and will end on a farm with 20 cats and Michael sleeping on the couch in the garage.” Luke clapped his hands together in amusement by your words, totally imagining the image you created. It was because of Michael and Calum the two of you when on blind dates, something that was supposed to be a double date to save you from being with some creep and saving Luke from the awkwardness of being alone with a stranger. But the second the both of you arrived after using a huge amount of time making yourself ready, you sat by the table alone. You gave it at least 15 minutes until you guys had drank your free served water and ate the garlic bread from the basket. You looked at each other awkwardly but ended up in fists of giggles and it only continued from that, all the way to the candy store to buy at least 1 kilogram candy for a movie night instead. Luke was the one deciding to drink one red bull, and with you taking sips from it the two of you were buzzed on energy, hype on sugar and on your way home to his apartment. “What did you imagine your blind date look like?” You asked casually and looked up at the dark sky, the stars beautifully creating small patterns that you couldn’t point out what was what besides the little dipper. “I don’t know. About your height, same length as you and the memorizing eye color of yours.” He looked down at you with a teasing smile playing on his lips. You rolled your eyes in response and smacked the bag of candy against his arm harshly. “No you didn’t imagine that.” You argued in a mumble and looked up at him with a smile. Luke had always been the flirting person, always making you crack up laughing by his lame offensive way of trying to hit on you. When you came to his apartment you walked up the few stairs to his porch and he searched around for his keys. “Imagine if we hadn’t been bailed on and we would eventually split up, I would go to his house and you would go to your own. How would you finish this date?” Luke smirked down at you by your question and waited with opening the door. “I wouldn’t invite her in because I’m not that sort of guy. But I would walk closer to her, place my hand on her cheek and look deeply into his eyes. “ He did as he explained, moved forward until you guys were centimeters away from each other. “And then I would gently kiss her on the cheek, telling her that I was having a really great time and we should meet up again.” He smiled gently by the reaction you got from his words, “And then the second I would walk into my apartment I would smile all over my face and hurry to text her the second I would close my door.” You grinned up at him by his words and winked your eyes rather impressed by his imagination. “I don’t think any girl could reject that.” You giggled and fished his keys out of his hands, opening the door and wanting to get out of these killer heels. “You coming?” You asked confused and looked over your shoulder to see him standing frozen in his spot. He nodded his head but didn’t move, only made a shyly smile appear on his lips while he looked at you. This wasn’t anything he had planned doing with anyone before. It was spontaneously coming out of his mouth as he stood in front of you, and his stomach erupted with butterflies, something he hadn’t experienced before. He looked down at his feet and up at you again, and he couldn’t prevent the huge smile appearing on his lips by the sight of you. He was both happy but also scared of the fact that he had fallen in love with his best friend.


Calum pulled the hoodie of his black sweatshirt over his hair, taking a last look in the mirror before he rushed to the front door and opened it the second his hand touched the handle. Even in the darkest nights of the burning Sydney lights from the views behind, it couldn’t compare to the bright smile you served the second your eyes locked with his. “Are the other boys sleeping?” You whispered and looked behind him to see all lights being off, and in reply he lifted his finger in front of his lips and silenced you. You nodded your head understanding and grinned, your eyes showing clear overtiredness but you were buzzing on energy. Recently the last couple of days you and Calum had started this new trend. With him having to suffer with jetlag all the time and you suffering with insomnia it was difficult for the both of you to sleep at night. You remembered clearly the first night you called him, the clock striking three am and he was online on twitter. You didn’t hesitate to ask him out for a comfy night walk and since that day the two of you would do it, occasionally when you were so tired of staring up at your dark black ceiling. “Are you wearing our old merch?” Calum asked almost confused as he took in your attire, the small hint of an old tally printed on your chest and you looked down at it almost like you had forgotten. “Yeah it’s an old one I found.” You giggled quietly and watched as he walked out and remembered to lock the door. “It’s from one of your old Koko shows in London. I was cleaning out my closet today out of boredom and found it deep inside.” You placed your hands in your pockets and backed towards the stairs, grinning when Calum widened his eyes by the memory. “I barely remember that. So many years ago.” He mumbled the last part and placed his keys in his own hoodie before following you down the porch and into the darkness. There wasn’t any direction to where you guys were going. It was all about enjoying each other’s company while talking nonsense. You guys could talk about everything and anything without a limit. You never knew where you guys would end because of the intense talkings. They could be serious, but also something so fucked up the two of you would crack up laughing by your ridiculousness. You hadn’t even noticed when you guys came to the beach, the waves crashing ashore by the strong wind by the ocean. At least the wind wasn’t cold but you still wore your hoodies over your heads to prevent your ears from getting cold from the nightly weather. The moon was reflecting in the water and the second you took off your shoes a sigh of bliss escaped your lips. “We don’t visit the beach enough.” You commented when you came down to the water and took in the horizon and silence. It was lovely. “Yeah I totally agree. It’s hard finding time with my schedule though.” Calum mumbled from beside you and checked his phone to see the time striking past 3am. “At least you always somehow find time for me in the early mornings of weekly days.” You looked up at him with a smirk and he cracked a smile by your words and nodded his head agreeing. “A bit depressing though, right?” He grinned and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. “I can only find time to hang out with my best friend when I don’t have anything important to do with lack of sleep.” “I like it.” You replied back and stopped to look out at the ocean, enjoying the sounds of the waves. He carefully removed his arm from your shoulder to look as well but as he did, he accidently glided it down to your hand, and a small boots ran through his veins and his stomach filled with butterflies. He quickly removed his hand and looked at you with wide eyes, but you didn’t seem to mind, you barely looked like someone who noticed. He hurried to place his hand in his pocket and he felt an odd feeling going through his veins. He hadn’t been feeling like this before but the touch of your hand was enough for him to sudden realize the satiation he was in. You looked up at him with a smile after some silence and he weakly smiled back before biting his lip and took your whole form in. No, that couldn’t be it. He had always feared this thing would happen but that wasn’t just a simple touch to him. Did he finally realize that he did have feelings for you and now had to deal with this whole other perspective every time he was looking at you.


It was a girly scream that made Michael’s eyes open wide, the blackness of the room overwhelming him and he sat up confused. A blanket was draped over his body and he took a second to realize what was going on, where he was and how the hell the day had turned from daytime to night. His mouth formed the letter ‘o’ when he realized the fact that he had been taking a nap earlier, feeling ill and wanted to block it out by sleeping. You must have been the one to wrap him in a blanket while sleeping and on purpose decided not to wake up him up to make sure he would get enough sleep to feel better. And it worked, Michael was feeling amazingly fine now, just a bit off from the nap, his voice a bit raspy and he took a look at the time on his phone. It was past midnight now, and he expected everyone to be asleep now but his mind changed when the he heard the cause of his sudden awaken. Another high pitched came from behind the door, and he removed himself from the bed and walked out of the hallway confused. The faint sound of a bass drum was clear from the living room along with giggles and whines, and he furrowed his eyebrows confused and headed towards the noises. When he walked into the living room he was met by the large TV being replaced with a huge wide screen and a projector, meanwhile you sat with the boys at the couches. It took Michael a second to recognize the game on the screen, and his eyes widened as he saw you sit with the mouse, almost crying out in your pillow and not even looking at the screen while Luke was controlling the keyboard. “No, no, no no no, why the hell are you guys forcing her to play this?!” Michael screeched and hurried towards the couch to take a seat, moving you away from the mouse and pressed you into his chest. “Last time I played this with her she was having nightmares for a whole week!” The boys laughed in reaction to Michael’s sudden exclaim arrival, and Calum grabbed the mouse from the coffee table to control the vision on the screen. “She said she wanted too!” Ashton laughed from the couch and clapped his hands together in amusement. “No I didn’t you guys said we were gonna play a fun game!” You mumbled from Michael’s chest, occasionally looking at the screen but regretting by the fear of getting jump scared. You had no idea how they had convinced you, you had been totally naïve until slender was plastered on the screen and there was no backing down. So far you had been playing for five minutes and the at least ten jump scares had made you jump up from the chair, the boys laughing their asses off in amusement. They knew you hated this but took it for granted. “How many pages do you have?” Michael asked interested and furrowed his eyebrows while looking at the screen. “Only two, we could have collected much more if Y/N wasn’t such a chicken and didn’t want to go through the tunnel.” Luke responded and bit his lip while concentrating on the screen. You scoffed into Michael’s chest by Luke’s words, even though he was totally right about his sayings. Hell no you didn’t dare to go into that tunnel, you didn’t want to go anywhere in that game. You moved your face away to look at the screen but regretted it the second Calum moved the mouse around, slender man literally standing meters away from the narrator. A jolt ran through your body by the dramatic jump scare and music, and you wrapped your arms tighter around Michael and buried your face into his chest. “How can you not be scared of this?” You murmured and looked up at him shortly, watching as he remained his focus on the TV screen, his jaw hanging. “I Am Y/N. So scared.” He whispered back and leaned his face against yours. But not scared of the slender game in front of the two of you. He was scared, scared of the fact that having you this close to him made him feel so amazingly happy. Scared that you were so attached to him, but not in the way he saw you. It was like a small moment of reality hit him, by the fact that he wanted this to be more. He wanted to be your boyfriend, holding you close when you were scared and promise to do everything in his power to always keep you safe. But it wasn’t until this exact moment that all these scenarios flashed before his eyes while he held onto you for dear life, waiting for the game to be over.


”Okay Y/N, where are they?” Ashton asked into his microphone, his eyes scanning the area. He grabbed the microphone from its stand and stood up from his drum kit, took a look around the arena and furrowed his eyebrows. This was gonna be a hard task for him. ”I know that you’re hiding somewhere in here Y/N, and I’ve already outsmarted you. I can see the top of your hair from the chair over there.” Even though Ashton had no certain idea of where the hell you were at the arena, he wanted to trick you, see if you jumped onto his words and would peek your head up from one of the chairs – but you didn’t. A silent chuckle came from your lips and you leaned your body further against one of the many many chairs that were in the arena, a teasing smirk playing on your lips. You were holding his drum sticks close to your chest, your heart pounding in nervousness of being caught. You wanted to tease Ash, and the first thought was to steal his drums. Earlier you had begged him to entertain you, do something funny while waiting for him to do soundcheck. But now, after at least thirty rejections from him there was only one solution to make, and that was to steal the most important thing he would have to use during soundcheck. Ashton jumped down from the stage and started to walk against the steps, looked up towards the balconies and terraces with furrowed eyebrows. This was gonna be a hard to investigate. “At least make a sound or something?” He giggled and silenced himself to observe every sign of noise in the arena. If you wanted to play hide and seek in an empty arena, he was up for it. You pressed tour hands together around your mouth and did your best to make the most silent noise of an owl as possible, your voice echoing in the arena and you sneaked your eyes over the chair to watch his reaction. His back was facing you, but by the sudden sound he turned around 180 degrees with a smirk playing on his face. Your eyes widened of the realization of Ashton noticing you, and you rushed up from hiding in behind seats and ran down past the rows. Ashton sprinted towards tour direction, jumped between seats and your giggles filling up in the while arena. You wouldn’t dare to look back, knowing that if you did it would slow you down and Ashton would catch you easily. ”This is what you get for ignoring me all day.” You yelled between giggles, trying to catch your breath and not slow down on the running. But you needed to just get a glimpse of how close he was, and it was enough for you to let out a squeal as Ashton reached his arms forward and stopped you from running. He was laughing just as heavily as you, spun you around in the air and you both calmed down your heavy breaths. “That hide and seek didn’t last for that long, huh?” He grinned and let go of you when you elbowed him lightly in the stomach and took a few steps away from him. You hid the drumsticks behind your back and giggled even louder when Ashton reached his hand forward, moved his fingers inviting for you to give back the sticks but you shook your head. “Come on, Y/N. I promise we will spend time after the soundcheck. You’ll decide what we do.” Hea promised and you bit your lip and your eyes finally giving in. After placing the drumsticks in his hand you swung your hair over your shoulder and sprinted down between the rows. Ashton cracked a smile by your immature but yet amusing personality, watching as you disappeared into the backstage area. Butterflies erupted in his stomach when he took a look down at the drumsticks. His eyebrows furrowed and he bit his lip and looked back at the dressing rooms. This was something he had been feeling for a while, smiling much more when he was near you and being happy. But it wasn’t until now that he realized that there was much more to it than he expected and he was somehow scared of what was going to happen. Having you with him on tour seemed to increase what he never predicted to feel in his life, and even if he tried to avoid it, he now realized what he was feeling from you just by your small teasing act. Seeing you were like coming home to a place he didn’t realize he had been missing.

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1. Which Beatle do you think would be your best friend? … why?

I think Ringo would be my best friend, he just gets along with everybody and is always up for having a laugh, I love that, I think we’d get along great.

4. What year of The Beatles did Ringo look most attractive?

His early Teddy Boy days so late 50s(?) I think he really suited that quiffed up hair!

6. What year of The Beatles did Paul look most attractive?

Hoo boy, when does Paul not look attractive? hmm I really like Paul in 64′, 66′,67′, 69′ & 70′

9. Is there any Beatles meme that you like?

The stereotypes about the boys are always funny, like sassy Paul and hungry George and ha I just remembered that picture of John walking funny and I edited it so it would look like he was chasing Paul man that was wild.

12. How would you wish to meet John? (I’m letting you use time-travel on these ones)

I would like to meet John in his art school days, I love art and I think we could bond over that!

17. starrison, lennison, mmcharrison, or mclennon? (+ any other ships I couldn’t figure what the names would be)

Y’all know where i stand on ships but like I guess on a certain plane McL*ennon and McHa*rrison are sweet.

Thank you for asking, Love! x

Sun, Sea and Friends in Santorini - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part Two)

_________ http://mrsniamhymurs45.tumblr.com/post/122619753120/sun-sea-and-friends-in-santorini-joe-sugg Here’s part one! Xx _________

Joe had a beautiful pair of blue eyes that matched the features on his face. He was an average height and his hair was quiffed back, he was smiling right at you and you felt yourself lost for words. “Hi..” You breathed and smiled back at him and gently took his hand to shake. As soon as your hands touched you felt a spark ignite which made your heart thump. “Joe! I didn’t know you’d be joining us!” Tanya grinned looking at him making him shrug his shoulders and chuckle. “Life’s full of surprise Tanya..and I thought I’d give you one..Aren’t you happy to see me?” He asked, looking offended making the other couples laugh and Tanya panic. “No, no! Joe! You know how much I love you and surprises! I’m just shocked!” She said quickly, wrapping herself around his torso and giving him a hug which made him laugh loudly and rub her back. “I’m only playing Tan, I love you too..” He smiled hugging her back tightly before they both unwrapped themselves from each other whilst you just shoved your hands into your pockets and played with the soft fabric inside.

“We haven’t picked rooms yet, we wanted to wait until everyone was here..and then we were thinking that after we unpack and freshen up we could all head out for some lunch?” Zoe announced leaning against Alfie’s side, which broke you from your stare at the floor. “That sounds like a great idea! Okay everyone, let’s go pick a room!” Marcus agreed, everybody nodding in confirmation as everyone darted off to find a room. Everybody raced upstairs and you weren’t too far behind, you ran down the hall and managed to slide into a large room. Your eyes widened at the sight of the room before you. In the middle of the room, back against the wall there was a large king sized bed with fluffy pillows begging for someone to sleep on, and to your right, there was another door that opened up into an ensuite bathroom that had not just a shower but a bath too. There were marble sinks and white towels inside and relaxing candles set everywhere. On the wall in front of the bed, there was a wide screen TV set above a mantle piece. To your left there was a large wide open glass window that gave you the most beautiful outlook of the pool below you and the houses in the small city, you walked over to it after dropping your carry on bag to the floor and opened the sliding door to stand on the balcony. You breathed in the fresh sea air and sighed in content, you really couldn’t wait to relax here for two weeks, in actual fact you could feel yourself relaxing already.

You took out a pair of peach shorts and a white t-shirt, you laid them out on your bed along with a pair of flip flops before you entered the shower and laughed over hearing two couples arguing over their rooms. You washed your body down, not wanting to wash your hair until tonight knowing you’d be going for a good dip in the pool after lunch. You rinsed yourself well and made sure you smelled of your strawberries and cream shower gel before you returned to the main part of your room and changed into your clothes. This time you wanted to be prepared so you put on a tinted moisturiser instead of your usual foundation, you then blended in some concealer under your eyes and coated your long lashes with mascara before filling in your brows. You ran your favourite light but peachy lipstick across your lips very lightly before popping them and beginning to unpack your clothes and toiletries as quick as you could, you just wanted to get out in that sun already!


After an hour of unpacking, you were now sat down at an outdoor pizzeria. The sun was beaming down on all of you and thankfully there was a shady umbrella just above your table so you could at least look at everyone instead of looking behind your sunglasses. “So Y/N! Tell us a nit about yourself, I mean Tanya is always chatting about you! And you’ve barley said a word!” Niomi smiled softly turning to face you which then made everybody’s eyes focus on you which only made your cheeks heat up with a pink colour. “Well..I’m Y/N..My job is quite boring, I work in a retail shop and I’m often at the counter serving people..I tell really bad jokes that everybody makes fun of me for since they’re pretty bad..I’m a big reader..I’m an aspiring photographer and if you don’t watch the pizza that’s coming out to us right now then I’m pretty sure I could swallow it one go..” You laughed making a joke which made everyone bubble up with laughter which made you smile. Once the large pizza was set in front of you all, you all began to bite into it, everyone dwelling back into a conversation. “What kind of photos do you take?” Joe asked looking across the table at you with curiosity as he took up his drink and began sipping on it. “I’m quite interested in photography..” He smiled nodding looking over to you, washing the cool liquid down. “No way? Really?” You asked smiling across to Joe not believing that he also had an interest in photography. “Yeah, yeah, I took it as one of my A levels but if I’m being honest, I’m not exactly the best but I like to think I’m rather average at it..” Joe chuckled which made a giggle escape your lips whilst you took up a slice of pizza from the plate in front of you and begin to chew on your slice of cheesy pizza. “Have you studied photography or any of that jazz?” Joe asked, genuinely curious in your little hobby that you have which made your heart swell. No Y/N. You’re here to relax and enjoy yourself and make no friends..not look for boys..You swallowed the tiny little nervous and shy lump in your throat before building up the. Outage in you to let Joe know more about yourself. “Well like yourself I also did photography as my A level but I never quite managed to get to college because it was really expensive..I just didn’t have the money but I’ve been sending in portfolios of my work to lots of universities and I managed to get a scholarship in New York university for photography..” You beamed knowing you were rather proud of your scholarship since you worked hard for it for so long and now you earned your scholarship and you were heading off to New York in August to study photography and hopefully become a photographer that you always wanted to be.

“No way, really? That’s amazing! Congratulations!” Joe beamed, giving you a wide smile and flashing his perfect white teeth at you and took his glass up to clink it against yours. “Thank you..It really means a lot to me..” You smiled shyly looking down to your slice of pizza before taking a sip from your drink and try calm down the building pink colour on your cheeks. “Y/N!? You what!?” Tanya shrieked grabbing everybody’s attention at the table making your eyes widen like a baby deer and your cheeks to go even more red at all of the attention you were getting. “Why didn’t you tell me you got a scholarship!? Oh my gosh Y/N!” She squealed jumping from her chair as tears brimmed at her eyes and she managed to run across to your side of the table and tangle you up in a large hug. “I wanted to surprise you..Surprise..” You laughed softly and brushed away some of your own happy tears and rubbing away some of hers. The table sang with Tanyas friends congratulating you and what Tanya said next nearly made you fall off of your chair. “Let’s celebrate and go clubbing tonight!”


Sorry for the long wait! I’ve had a really busy week but I hope this is okay! Please let me know if you’d like more! All the love.

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Then & Now | Matthew Espinosa Fanfic | Ch. 1

“I don’t want to go.” I whined with a pouty face.

“Then don’t.” He whined back, holding my waist as he made a trail of kisses up my neck to my jawline.

I smiled at him as I pulled his arms off my waist. “You know I have to.”

Connor put a hand through his chocolaty brown, quiffed hair. “I know.” He pouted, looking down at his feet.

I grabbed his chin and made him look at me with those bright blue eyes. “Don’t you dare eat my ice cream while I’m gone. There will be consequences.”

“What kind of consequences?” Connor curled his lips into a sexy smirk.

“Ugh, shut up you perv.”

He chuckled. “Go, you’re going to be late.”

Smiling, I started to walk out of his house.

“Syd, wait!”

I turned right into the pair of lips that I adored.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


I grabbed my green apron and my name tag that read ‘Hi my name is Sydney Davison.’ My mouth wore a small smirk remembering that I had woken up in my boyfriends arms.

“What are you grinning about?” My best friend Katie snickered. She placed her hand sassily on her hip while her brown eyes asked me for details.

“Oh, nothing. Just stayed over at Connors place tonight.” I casually said as if it meant nothing.

“No way! Did you do the thing? How was it? Did you do it multiple times?” She quickly asked with overwhelming excitement.

“Maybe.” My smile grew wider.

Katie burst with excitement. “No fucking way!”

Katie had been “shipping” Connor and I ever since I first told her I had a crush on him. She could just instantly see us falling in love with each other. Sometimes I think she’s some kind of psychic. Last week she predicted that I wouldn’t be able to get my Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch (which is pretty much my spirit animal) because it would be too busy. Guess what? She was right. I almost cried. It might have also been that I was about 10 minutes late for work and I had no time to wait in line, but I still almost cried.

She grabbed me by the shoulders and sat me down on the couch that was near the front of the store. “Spill.”

“Well… it was really good. I don’t know, what do you want me to say?“

“I can just see you both getting married. It’s like a fairy tale.” If there was a way that humans could have hearts in their eyes, Katie would have them.

The redness on my cheeks grew even more deep. “I’ve never really thought about that stuff. Usually I just live in the moment.”

“You mean you’ve never planned your future ever?!”

“Well, I’ve planned what I want to do as a job and what type of college I would like to attend, but never about things like who I’m going to marry, when we’re going to marry, how many kids we’ll have, and stuff like that.” My shoulders shrugged as I waited at the cash register for our first costumer.

“What?! You’re crazy! Why?!”

“I don’t know I just figure when the time comes, I can decide then, but not right now when I haven’t even become a senior in high school yet.”

“What if something unexpected happens though? You’d have no way to get back in track cause you have no goals after you’re finished with school!”

I turned to Katie and asked, “What event could be so unexpected in high school that it would change my whole future plan?”

The bell rings above the door as our first customer came in to the shop.

Katie’s face dropped when she looked behind me. “I think you’ve found you’re event.”

My eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. She spun me around to the customer in front of the counter.

“Um, hi can I get a latte please?” His voice brought back many memories that I had buried away for the new ones.

In front of me was my childhood friend, crush, and bully, Matthew Espinosa.

“Sydney? Is that you?”

I froze. There was nothing that came to my mind. No sarcastic comment, no wave, not even a simple yes to answer his question. It was like I had time traveled back into my childhood. Except, he had obviously grown up. His jawline was sharp, he didn’t have a round baby face anymore, he was actually a couple inches taller than me, and it looked like he was in great shape.

“Hello? Sydney?” Matt waved a hand in my face.

Katie spoke up from behind me. “Umm… I think I heard someone call for me in the back.”

I tried to pull her arm and bring her back. “You cannot be leaving me right now!” I whisper screamed.

She called back to the imaginary person in the kitchen. “Be right there!”

I tried yanking on her arm harder. “Please, I beg of you!”

Matt spoke up from behind us. “Is everything alright?”

I was speechless. This was a ghost from my past. A past that I didn’t care to think about. Yet here it is, bringing back the memories between him and I.

My mouth slowly opened, trying to process the words my brain wanted to say. “Yeah, everything’s fine. Did you say you wanted a latte? What size would you like?”

“Sydney, I’m sure you remember me. It’s me, Matt. We were like best friends in elementary school.” He tried to look me in the eye, but I made myself busy by trying to find a sharpie that I knew was right in front of my eyes.

“No, I do remember you, I just didn’t think you would be the one to consider us best friends before.” Forcing myself to look in his eyes, I remembered the flowers he had given me in the first grade one of the days we walked home together.

Matt’s eyebrows scrunched up. “What do you mean? You were a big part of my life and I’m really grateful for that.”

“It’s nothing, just tell me what size you want for your latte.” Tearing my eyes away from his, I held the sharpie, ready to label whatever cup he desired.

His voice sounded taken back and saddened. “Uh… I guess I’ll get the medium.”

Wait, did I just hurt his feelings? Why would he even care? He obviously didn’t care for me in middle school, my thoughts wandered.

“Do you want to go grab some lunch when you’re on break? We should catch up.” He tried to break the awkward silence apart from me making his coffee.

Connor would not like that at all.

“I don’t know, I have a boyfriend that gets jealous sort of easily.” I tried to laugh it off.

“Well he doesn’t have to know, right? It’s only one time, until your lunch break is over.” Matt mentioned.

He is going to get very jealous, he always does, no matter what the excuse is. Matt seems like he really wants to talk though. Maybe I should just put aside what happened in the past and just go to lunch with him. As friends. Nobody has to know.

I contemplated on this before I said, “You know what, sure. Let’s do it. My break is at 11:30. Don’t you be late.” I pointed at him with a smile on my face.

Matt laughed. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t want to miss this for the world.”

He grabbed his coffee I held out and walked out while a group of girls walked in, checking him out as he walked by. Matt just walked by them with a grin planted on his face, not even a glance toward them as I stood there wondering what the hell just happened in the last five minutes.



So this is the first fanfic I have posted on my tumblr account and I’m kind of excited about it. I really hope this first chapter wasn’t terrible cause this is probably the third time I’ve written this chapter cause it never felt right, of course now I felt it was good enough to post. I’ll most likely make a wattpad account and post it there too.

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Nerd Luke Part 5

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WARNING: This could be triggering

The hallways were overflowing with loud students, pushing each other, talking to each other and yelling at each other. Luke gulped as his eyes quickly scanned from left to right watching the crowd, as the butterflies woke up and fluttered against his stomach. His sight became worse as he started seeing spots and was unconsciously breathing quickly and deeply.

“Luke?” her quiet voice echoed beside him. Was it quiet? Or was it loud? He wasn’t quite sure. He began sweating rapidly. He shook his head and leaned his back against the wall, his hand placed in his perfectly quiffed hair and slowly slid down.  Luke looked at the floor and focused on his breathing. Breathe in, hold, 2,  no no, don’t let it out. Come on please, Luke thought to himself, completely oblivious to his surroundings as the surroundings were avoiding him. Tears that were flooding in his eyes were running down his cheek. He felt his hand being removed from his hair. 

He looked up to see Y/N sitting in front of him, looking worried. She held each hand with one of hers. “Luke, you’re doing well, you really are. I’m just going to help you just to improve your breathing okay?” Luke didn’t reply but felt dizzy. She held one of his hand over her chest where her heart was. Luke could feel it beating steadily. Next thing he knew, his hand on her chest moved up and down steadily, with Y/N breathing in slowly and holding it before releasing. “Just copy me, no don’t look at your hand, look at me and the way I breathe,” she calmly told him. He looked in her eyes and she returned the eye contact. Luke watched her nostrils flaring and her body rising up and down gradually. 

After a few minutes, Luke’s breath turned to normal. Y/N sighed in relief and let go of Luke’s hand of her chest, to raise her open hand to his cheek caressing it. “Do you feel better?” she asked. Luke who was now embarrassed, looked down at his outstretched legs which were spreaded, allowing Y/N to sit between them. He nodded. She removed her hand from his face and opened her bag pulling out a bottle of water, with one hand. She opened the cap and placed it on his lips. “Drink it,” she whispered. Luke grabbed the bottle and took little sips and handed it back. “No. Luke, drink more, don’t worry about me I’ll buy another one.” He continued drinking. 

After he finished, he looked around and saw that it was empty. He began panicking. Y/N squeezed his hand, “Lunch isn’t over, we’ve still got 40 minutes left, it’s all good,” she gave a light smile. Luke looked down at their intertwined hand. He let go and stood up, holding himself against the wall for help. 

“I’m erm- sorry about…you know,” Luke murmured, looking at his shoes. 

“There’s nothing to apologise for. It’s fine okay, it happens.” Luke nodded and started leaning back and forth.

“Are you going canteen?” she asked. He nodded again and blushed. “Same, we’ll walk together and then separate,” she stood up and grabbed her bag. As she bent down, Luke was staring causing him to turn around instantly and rubbed the back of his neck. 

Y/N walked in front of him to get his attention, “Let’s go.” Luke began walking with her by his side, taking note of the fact that she was watching his feet and keeping her feet in time with his. This made him smile. He slowed down his movements while looking at her, watching how she bit her bottom lip and did the same action as him, with her hair falling in front of her, causing her to tuck it behind her ear. Once she saw that she was in sync with him, she released her lip and smiled. Luke then began walking quickly, causing her to widen her eyes and repeat her action. Luke gave out a laugh and stopped while his whole face heated up. 

“Stop that!” she laughed and nudged her shoulders with his arm as Y/N was smaller than he was. 

“I’m sorry, it’s just- erm,” Luke stopped. Cute, say it come on you have the chance, he thought. He opened his mouth to be yet again interrupted by Joe for the second time.

“Y/N? Where were you? Grace said you were in the library,” Joe paused and looked at Luke glaring at him for a bit, causing Luke to look away, “but you weren’t?”

Y/N opened her mouth but Luke stopped her, “I’m erm going to go. Thanks for the erm,” Luke shook the bottle, “and erm you know. Oh here’s money for erm a bottle and-” 

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just a bottle, it won’t cost lots. Do you want me to come with? I mean I don’t mind?” 

Yes, Luke’s inner voice whispered, but Joe’s menacing glare argued with the voice. 

“Honestly Luke it’s fine, I mean Grace won’t mind if Calum’s there,” Y/N said cheekily. This caused Luke to laugh, he then cleared his throat. 

“Yeah mate, it’s just me, Y/N, you, Grace, our friends, Calum and the hair dye dude. What’s his name, Mickey?” Every word Joe would say, spite and venom would drip out of his mouth, giving a Luke a reminder that he doesn’t belong with them. 

“It’s Michael,” Y/N stated, as if it was the most obvious thing. Joe clenched his jaw. 

“Right. Sorry. Michael,” Joe dragged out Michael’s name.

Luke saw danger. “No it’s fine honestly I’m going to go now I’ll see you guys in science,” Luke rapidly said and turned around to walk inside of the canteen. He turned his neck around and saw his bully and his crush hugging and laughing. His stomach churned in disgust whilst his heart beated in sadness.

As soon as he walked in, Calum walked up to him, “Where the heck have you been?! Jesus Christ Luke! What’s up with your hair? Are you okay?” Calum kept firing Luke with questions until Michael stopped him. 

“Dude, chill. Did you just say heck?” Michael asked furrowing his eyebrows at Calum. 

“I am trying not to swear too much,” Calum cockily replied. There was silence as the two boys stared at Calum.

Right, anyway, we got you food, Luke. Is everything okay?” Michael asked cooly.

Luke shook his head and sat down at the table, “I had a panic attack,” he murmured. 

“WHAT? HOLY SHIT!” Calum shouted causing a few nosey people to stare, “I mean. Are you okay?”

“Nice save,” Michael muttered. Luke gave a small smile.

“Yeah, I’m fine, it was crowded by the time I got out and yeah.”

“And you were alone?” Michael asked shocked.

Luke shook his head, “ No. Errm someone was there to help.”

“Who?” Calum asked suspiciously.


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Highschool AU thats been overdone

But just.

Imagine Bill and Will meeting Dipper and Mabes in highschool.

Mabes is rocking that out of the closet life style and bringing home girls e'ryday. To cuddle and make crafts with of course. And to fuck. Dipper has invested in high quality ear buds to cancel out the sounds of “Mabel, oh god Mabel~~!”

Dipper being the closeted trans gay boy that he is takes a liking to the beautiful twins. He doesnt think hes much, dysphoria and anxiety completing his cute package. Hes got some reading glasses that he thinks are dorky (but are def not). His drawing and writing skills are off the chains and he’s just a smoll precious cinnamon roll (who evolves into a sinnamon roll when Will and Bill get into the picture).

Will is calm collected and a cutie. He’s got some cool as fuck hair, dyed all blue and he usually has his hair in a quif, but sometimes he’s just too lazy for the gel and shit lol. He’s emotional and in touch with his feelings (meaning he can cry and not feel bad about it). He also has a cipher wheel on his left bicep. Sexyafamirite

Bill on the other hand. Is a fucking Bitch. Like omfg. Hes like an inch or two shorter than Will and he’s got this natural blond as fuck hair that litterally glows like a damn halo. He’s got this smirk that makes you wanna fuck and a smile that melts your heart. When he blushes omfg you’ll think he’s the purest cinnamon roll when in reality he’s fucking evil man. He can be cool and collected like his brobro but he’s mostly just a spazz who likes jazz and movies. (netflix and bill honhon)

These four meet and just. Friendship.
Then Pacifica enters the pic and Mabes starts liking her. Dipper goes to the boys and tells em the truth about himself and yeah..

Also they have lots of crazy wild sex.

The end.