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plantbunnie’s questions:

1.whats your favorite animal? 
hmmm i luv bunnies, puppies and anything small and adorable ooooh tortoises and cats too!!!!!

2.where do you wish to live?
london, or paris or somewhere in the countryside i am so undecided and oooooh somewhere in the south of france :))

3.whats your opinion on same-sex relationships? 
love is love 
whoever u like romantically u should be able to be with
i’m all for same-sex relationships, and people who aren’t need to open their eyes and get out of the dark ages

4.what/who inspired you to join tumblr?
one of my best friends psychadehlic (gregor) bc he showed me his and said i’d enjoy it. he was right :))

5.favorite bands and why?
arctic monkeys - bc alex turner is a lyrical genius and i just love them so much
mumford and sons - bc they have such beautiful songs and i love them and their image and their music
fleetwood mac - bc i love their music and their meanings in the songs they write

6.favorite book/s? (im in need of new books ahHHHH)
alexa chung - it is my fave 
i am in need too aaaaaaaah

7.what are the things you wish you could change in our (so fucked up) society? 
eugh so much… stigmas on:
mental health, body image, lbgt rights etc. it just all makes me fuming that people cannot accept everyone and move on

8.are you contented with your life?
i’d like to think so - yes, at the moment anyway

9.if you could turn back time and be given a chance to redo all the mistakes you’ve done, would you? why or why not?
nope, bc none of them have been too drastic and everything happens for a reason i guess

10.what if your whole life was a dream…..would you wake up? (saw this on my dashboard the other day and im v curious to what ur answer would be if someone asked u this)
no!!! i wanna carry on w this life thank u v much hehehe :))

planqts’ questions:

1) What is the weather like where you live?
i’ve just woken up but it seems lovely - v sunny and warm

2) Do you miss anyone right now?
yeah my best friend abi bc she lives too far away :(

3) Favourite ice-cream flavour, flower and fruit?
fave ice-cream flavour: 
white chocolate, cookies n cream or mint-choc-chip, or peanut butter hmmmmmmm
fave flower: 
sweet peas
fave fruit: 

4) Would you rather get a “good morning” or “good night” text?
either i’d be happy w omg :)) but a good night one probably

5) What is your favourite word?
omg… idk

6) Do you believe in love at first sight?
hmmmm not at first sight bc that’s superficial i guess but at first meeting yes!!

7) Do you think there’s life on other planets?
there’s bound to be, but i don’t think in the weird alien way we think haha

8) Favourite movies?
hmmm juno, moonrise kingdom, and any richard curtis film rlly haha

9) Have you ever been in love?

10) Is there anyone you will never forget?
yep :))))))))

11) Was today a good day?
it was v good indeed (yesterday bc it’s 10:53am)

My questions: 

1. when/why did u get tumblr?

2. what would be ur dream job?

3. can u play an instrument? if not, which instruments would u like to play?

4. what is ur favourite song for spring, what is ur favourite song for summer, what is ur favourite song for autumn and what is ur favourite song for winter?

5. is their anything u miss from ur childhood?

6. if u could sit and talk under the stars all night w anyone, (living or dead), who would it be?

7. do u wish on 11:11 or when u see a shooting star?

8. how often do u take time for urself? e.g, read a book, take a walk, do something u enjoy etc.

9. if u could change our fashion today to any era from the past, which would it be?

10. who do u idolize, if anyone, and why?

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