Breaking and Entering (cutely)

“Man, this ‘prince’ sure knows how to pick a home.”

Your small little friend shifts on the back seat of your bike, grunting in discomfort. It’s been about three hours since you left the monorail station in route for The Prince’s temple, and now here you were standing outside the front gates. The temple was absolutely ginormous. It’d be easy to find something valuable, you’re sure. The outside just scream 'gold plated floors’ after all.

Reaching back, your ring your arm around your pets neck, the baby Minotaur patting your chest trying to get you to let go. “You see that, Regi?” The bull grunts in response, to say that of course he sees the giant castle. How could he not see the giant castle? You wrestle him off the bike, getting shoved off his person in the process. You excitedly chirp at him, slinging your arm back over the beast’s shoulders anyways. 

“This place is mostly unseen to the outside world. By getting inside we’ll be showing up all those scaredy-beak fledglings who said I couldn’t get in. Plus, Cass said she’d get me a whole bunch of buffet tickets if I actually managed to bring her something back.”

The minotaur shows a lot more interest in the food then the petty robbery. now that was surely worth the long ride here. He stomps at the soft sand, ready to advance towards the laid out goal.

“Tut-tut-tut, Regi. Not so fast. We must do this right. We need to be stealthy, and most importantly…”

The minotaur grumbles, getting a jab in the ribs. Finally he murmurs: