Fourth of July Weekend

I for one could happily sit and watch the twinkling stars, and the fireflies playing hide and seek in the woods and down the driveway, more beautiful than any fireworks in the sky. The sounds of peepers and crickets, the warm air and slight cool breeze, just right for a summer evening. But still, I’ll look forward to taking the kids to the annual fireworks display on the beach again this year. It’s always a treat, and they love it so. Why they have their fireworks show on Tuesday this year, I’m not sure. But we’ll be there with blankets and snacks, toes int the water before and after.

Not feeling much like writing tonight. Withdrawing into myself for a bit to contemplate the quiet now, the peaceful sleeping kids in their tent, the blueberries I’m not quite done with yet, the thought of warm covers, and sleep, and dreams.