Day 4- A Picture of your Favorite Tank

Was derping around and forgot to do one yesterday, soooooo yeah.  Cho'Gath’s exquisitely spectacular.  Like, have you seen his monacle? Or his dance animation?  OR the fact that he NOMS everyone and doesn’t even give a shit about it.  That in itself makes him the biggest badass on the block, literally.  He is hands down my favorite tank because he can do whatever and still be a gigantic threat in the game, you can send him top lane and he just ignores whoever he’s laning against and farms all day (if you’re smart and max vorpal spikes first).  If you build him AP instead of on-hit he can melt people mid (little known fact: he’s got one of the highest bursts in the game) He’s one of the fastest junglers and he hardly gets low the entire route, hell you can even scare the shit out of their bot lane by making him go support and terror carries all day, try to cleanse/flash out of that shit.  But seriously, his dance, soooo good.