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pidge: *runs into lance and keith’s bedroom, starts screaming and jumping on their bed*

lance: *wakes up* i know it’s my birthday but this is a bit of an overreaction…

keith, who doesn’t sleep: *pulls of his half jacket, revealing a bright emoji movie tee shirt* TODAY 😃😁😄😀😃

pidge: TODAY 😃😁😄😁😃

Words to remember:

-No one’s going to see your first draft.
-Your first draft is just a really detailed outline. 
-You can edit later.
-Your first draft is just you telling your story to yourself. Editing is making it presentable to other people. 
-Your writing isn’t going to improve if you sit there and stare at the paper.
-Your writing WILL improve if you continue to write.
-You have enough time.
-Inspiration and motivation are not necessary to write. Just nice. 
-Yes. It’s garbage. Keep writing anyway. 
-No one cares how bad your first draft is.
-Edit later. 
-You’re doing fine.
-Don’t stop writing.
-Writer’s Block is a concept and not real. 
-Write anything you want for five minutes. That’ll help the brain juice flow.
-There’s always someone better and there’s always someone worse.
-You are not as bad as you think you are.
-Write whatever you want to.
-If it makes you happy, that’s what matters.
-You don’t have to show your work to people if you don’t want to. 
-You got this.
-Go write.

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hold my hand (consign me not to darkness)

When Oliver Queen returns for his final year at Hogwarts with the mysterious death of his father hanging over his head, he doesn’t expect much to change. But when he meets Felicity Smoak, a brilliant force of nature with her own mysteries, everything shifts. As they fall in love and delve deep into the secrets of Hogwarts, they uncover many truths about themselves and the darkness within the magical world.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Yes, a Harry Potter!AU.

Stunning artwork by @gothsmoak (who made three more posters I will reveal as we go along!) 

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Before he knew it, his false smile had become the real thing.


And as for what it’s like watching Riki Lindhome swoop in on Sheldon. I can’t lie: I felt a twinge of envy! As the actor who plays Amy, I feel like part of me is anchored to Sheldon because he has been my character’s beloved for so many years. Seeing Sheldon getting attention from a woman felt like it must have been empowering for him (if he were able to be conscious of it!), but when she kissed him – every time in rehearsal – I felt a twinge of discomfort! I know that might sound silly and I respect Riki as an actor tremendously, but I can’t help but feel like something that was ‘mine’ was being imposed upon. - Mayim Bialik.

Rose x Ten, post GitF-au/fixit; angst, fluff, romance, more angst, and possibly some smut later, but this part (and all parts on ff.net) is sfw (minor exception for brief language).

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Minuet, Part III

Part I | Part II

Stunned, Rose can’t summon the words to argue with him—Please don’t take me home, at least let me say goodbye to my friends first, please just talk to me, please—they all just drift around uselessly, unable to climb their way out of her throat.

Silently, she follows after him.


The first thing Rose hears upon setting foot in the TARDIS is the sound of her own name, nearly lost amidst the full solid weight of Mickey barreling into her like a freight train.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it, I thought you’d never make it back!” Mickey half-laughs, half-shouts into her ear. His arms wind snugly around her, a pair of friendly boa constrictors squeezing her in happiness. Rose hugs him back just as tightly, barely managing to blink back tears; she didn’t expect to cry right now, but god, it just feels so comfortable and warm, and it’s been so long since anyone hugged her.

“The Doctor said all the links were severed when you when through the mirror,” Mickey continues. “He said it was impossible, he said—”

Suddenly Mickey steps back, his nose scrunched in confusion. “Hang on,” he says, holding Rose at arms’ length while he looks her up and down, eyes traveling over her coiffed hair, her heavy silken gown. “Wow. You look different.”

“Wow,” Rose teases. “You don’t.”

“Well, it’s only been a few hours for me—what about you?”

“About six months.”

Mickey’s face darkens, his eyes flickering over to the Doctor. “Six months?”

“Yep, looks like my calculations were a bit off,” the Doctor says, his voice tight as he breezes past them up the ramp. He rounds the console, tossing a switch here, a lever there. “Well, to be fair, it’s less to do with my calculations, more to do with an unstable time window—difficult to predict, those, especially when they’re in such a sad state of disrepair. But luckily for us,” he says, and his gaze very carefully avoids Rose at that last word, “there was a loose connection.”

The TARDIS shudders around them as it dematerializes, and Rose closes her eyes at the sound of the time rotor grinding, the still-familiar vworp-vworp noise and the soft and gentle buzz-hum underneath. She places a hand against a coral strut, relishing the sandpaper-roughness beneath her fingers, and this time she doesn’t fight the tear that trickles down her cheek. It’s as if a hole was gnawing away in her chest over the last half-year, no matter how she tried to ignore it, but now it’s filling in again. Good grief, but she’s missed these sounds, this place.

“So that’s that,” the Doctor says, as if it’s final, somehow. Rose opens her eyes to find him galloping down the ramp, striding out of the console room. “End of one chapter, beginning of another. Welcome back to the TARDIS!” the Doctor shouts over his shoulder.

And just like that, he’s gone.

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Robb Stark and Jon Snow fighting over you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Wooo Robb and Jon 😏😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Robb and Jon falling for you the instant they meet you at a feast in Winterfell, only to catch onto each other’s feelings for you once they have both tried to flirt with you

-Jon realizing how much more talkative Robb is with you and having to go out of his way to show you that he can be interesting as well

-Robb going out of his way to show you what Winterfell has to offer to spend some time alone with you, only for Jon to quietly tag along and helping you throughout the road when you need it

-Jon practicing in the yard to try and impress you, only for Robb to join and do his best to defeat him, making them literally fight over you in their own way

-Robb complimenting you on your beauty when he finds the perfect opportunity, only for Jon to try and add on but getting quiet as he doesn’t know what else to say, making you laugh

-Jon having Ghost following you around and be friendly to get your attention back to him, only for Robb to have Grey Wind do the same but offer you some gifts while at it

-Robb sneaking into your chambers at night to make you laugh and spend some time with you, only for Jon to get jealous the next morning when he learns as to why you seem so tired

-Jon making you a sword as a gift for your stay at Winterfell, only for Robb to get jealous when he sees how happy you are and try to convince you that he has a better gift

-Robb pulling you into a hug as you are about to leave, only for Jon to sulk in his corner until you’d hug him yourself

-Robb expressing his feelings for you, only for Jon to give up first and noticing him, making you have to realize who is it that you love more

  • Me, seeing a chunk of the general fandom fight over whether Jon Snow picks his sister or his aunt to marry:
  • Me, quietly speaking because I have nothing against anyone but uttering lowly and respectively my observation: why does Jon Snow have to be with anyone? Why can't he just be focused on trying to protect the only one that he knows is alive that is left of a once very large family. And be trying to focus on using the entirety of the North against the white walkers, and therefore focused on getting the dragon glass to fight said white walkers? Why does Jon have to be aiming toward the Iron Throne when all his focus is on right now is surviving the long winter to make sure that Winterfell is even left to come home too in the first place when that long night passes?