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The Perfect Shot

Part Six

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Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: angst, violence, swearing, blood

Summary: remember when I said it gets worse? That still applies.

Part One

I stare through the calculus homework on my desk, like I’ve been doing for two hours now. Betty has called four times, leaving two messages that I don’t have the strength to listen to, and thirteen texts that start out polite and become progressively distraught. I had to turn my phone off to stop myself from calling her.

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Lance and Keith are dating. Keith decides Shiro should join them. Lance loves Shiro really but he doesn’t know how to trust it all. The thought of another person joining him makes him believe that he either wasn’t good enough or Keith wanted more. He decides he should leave but Keith won’t let him go.-- (⃔ *`꒳´ * )⃕↝

Ohhh. Such a good one Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)


“I’m not replacing you Lance!” Keith yelled, grabbing Lance by his wrist. “Then why did you invite Shiro, why? I love Shiro, I do. But there’s no way you’d invite Shiro and not want to get rid of me,” Lance replied.

“Is never replace you. You’re irreplaceable Lance. All three of us belong together. I love you as much as I love Shiro. And it’s the same with Shiro. He loves you and me.”

“Not possible.. I’m just the fifth wheel, seven if you count Coran and Allura. Now I’m the third wheel.”

Lance was crying now, tears running down his cheeks. “There no way two people can love someone just as much as he loves them..” he whispered, still not wanting to believe it.

“I’m not good for you guys. You’re the perfect couple. Red and black. The calm and collected leader and the brash but amazing red paladin. I’m just me. Lance, a boy from Cuba. There’s no way there’s room for me in both of your hearts…” he whispered, knees weak as he sobbed quietly.

“There will always be room in my heart for a compassionate, beautiful, and selfless boy who belongs in our arms,” Keith countered. Lance was weak to his words, whimpering quietly.

“Why, why do you try so hard…” he whispered as he was pulled into a tight warm hug.

“Because we love you Lance. You’re our beautiful sharpshooter, there’s no way we could do anything we do without you. Me and Shiro would never work without you, being there and loving us despite our problems and differences. We need the “useless” blue paladin. Because to us. You are the most amazing person in the world who would do anything for those you love.“

Lance sobbed quietly, tears running down his cheeks and sat inching Keith’s jacket with wet marks. "Fine… I’ll stay with you guys. I love you too much to say no anymore. But never leave me behind please..”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

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Brb trying to sob quietly enough so that my parents don't come into my room asking what's wrong but seriously I'm really really emotional that was so beautiful and real and wonderful

Oh my goodness I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m ridiculously emotional right now!!! I?? Just! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Sometimes, love is not enough

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I ran into my flat and slammed the door shut. I moved blindly to my bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, my hand crossed under the pillow I buried my head into. My chest felt empty, my lungs burnt and I felt a little dizzy. I never should’ve agreed to go to this dinner with him, when I knew the moment I saw his face it’ll all come flashing back. As much as I want to forgive I can’t, let alone forget about it all.  
“Love, it’s not how you think it is, it meant nothing. It was a mistake. Please, believe me!”
    Those word rung into my mind, and it felt like there were inscripted, carved into every single thing around me, somehow thin air reminded me of him… it felt like the image of him with another woman followed me everywhere I went. It was what kept me awake at night, and followed me in my dreams when I would finally manage to drift off, and every time I would see our, almost two-year-old daughter, Miah, it would make my heart shatter into pieces again and again. I thought she was made from love, but now I question every breathing moment we have spent together. I feel like it was all fake, like it was all a game.
As I heard a bang on the door, I kept repeating all the apologies I have heard him say, and the way he acted during dinner.

*flashback* The dinner 

As I was getting ready for the dinner I had no desire to attend, I heard my phone buzz on the night desk by my bed. I groaned as I walked to the night stand to glance at the message. I sighed after I saw yet another e-mail from work. My job’s been stressing me out so much lately, they kept pilling me up with paperwork; just as I had finished one assignment I would get three new ones. I seriously needed a break.

Right after I got ready I heard the doorbell ring. I knew who it was, I knew it very well. Harry. I didn’t want to see him, not after what he has done. I knew that when I saw him I would have the urge to hit him. I hated him, and I loved him, all at the same time, and my emotions were drowning me. I went to the door and opened it blindly. “Hey,” he greeted me. I mumbled a ‘hi’ and walked out of the door and locked it. He came closer to hug me, and his hold was rather tight as I stayed there affectionless, my hands glued to my sides as he buried his head into the crook of my neck. I probably gave impression I couldn’t care less, but I was missing him terribly, for years he was my rock, and I was feeling lost without him, but there are some things I just can’t get over. Things I can’t forget. He had this apologetic face, his eyes were not as vibrant as they would usually be; they missed the glow they had. And it hurt to see his expression like that. He looked like he didn’t have much sleep, but neither did I.

We went to the restaurant that wasn’t far away from our old house. As he drove us there I hadn’t said a word. Soon the waitress brought us our orders and both of us just kind of roamed the plate with our forks, not having any appetite whatsoever.
“Honey,” he spoke, “you know we need to talk.” I stayed silent.  I honestly had nothing to say, I was hurt beyond measure, and it pained me that this is all that’s left from, what I thought was, love. “Please, say something…” his voice was heard again, “this..you ignoring me hurts, and..”
“You’re not the only one hurting, Harry” - I finally spoke.
“I know I’m not, we need to talk, work this through.” I laughed bitterly, I don’t think this can be worked through.
“I don’t think this can be fixed…”
“It can, you know we can. We’ve dealt with so much, we can’t throw away our love like this.”
“Well you seemed to have no problem putting our love aside a month ago.”
“Y/N, you know it was a mistake, you know how sorry I am, I’ve been trying to fix what I’ve done. What more can I do?”
“It was a mistake…. Well that mistake is going to cost you our marriage. I don’t think I can get over that.”
“We need to, we had something special, and I know I screwed up, but we have a daughter, we need to try for her.”
“I can’t live with a cheating husband, Harry.. I, I can’t.”- I stuttered a bit. I was on the verge of a breakdown, I hated talking about what had happened, about his betrayal.
“Love, you know it meant nothing to me, please give me a chance. One more chance. I’ll make it worth it, please don’t give up on us.”
“You’ve had too many chances, I… I just can’t get the image out of my head. Yo-you two… It’s all too much.” I couldn’t stop a few tears that glided down my reddened cheeks. I wiped them off with the back of my hand, and just ran out of the restaurant. As soon as I ran out of it I saw a taxi and hurried down to get it. In no time I was in front of the building I lived in. I quickly paid the taxi driver and rushed up the stairs to my flat.
*end of flashback*

As much as I wanted to be with him, for things to be as they were before, I couldn’t just put aside his infidelity. I just couldn’t. I’ve forgiven him many things but this is something I just can’t go over and step on my pride like that.

As I sobbed quietly in my room I heard another loud bang on my door. “Y/N, honey, please open the door,” he shouted in the hallway. I refused to, I couldn’t stand to watch his face pale of sadness, when I knew I couldn’t change my mind, and it pained me that he was hurt as well; but it’s his fault.

He knocked again, and again, and again. “Y/N, I’ll stay here all night if I need to, but I won’t leave until you open the door. Please..”
Knowing Harry, he would stay where he was. But then I wondered if I did know him. I never thought he was capable of adultery, and yet he had done it. He destroyed everything with that one night.

After half an hour of him pleading me to open the door, and a few knocks every five minutes I tiredly got up to open the door, I couldn’t have neighbours think I am some crazy woman. At least that was how I justified myself for giving in and opening the door, not stay true to my first decision of not opening at any cost. I slowly unlocked it and opened them slightly. “Harry, please go home.”- I said, my voice a bit deeper due to my sore throat from crying.  
“No!”-he said, his voice raspier than usual, his eyes reddish and crystal, “I’m not giving up on us.”
“There’s nothing to fight for anymore.” He came inside, and shut the door. He pulled on my hand, and took it in his before saying anything, “I am not letting you go. You mean so much to me, I love you.”
I stared at him blankly and as much happiness those three words brought to me before, they hurt now. I wasn’t sure if he ever meant it. How can he love me when he slept with another woman? 
“I.. I  don’t believe you.” His eyes grew at my words. His expression made my heart sink, he looked truly hurt. “What? You don’t mean that..”
“How can I believe you when I caught with another woman?  It makes me question everything you’ve ever said!”
The was image engraved in my mind, his hands on her hips, his eyes closed, hair a mess, body sweaty… no, no, no, I can’t keep going back of that scene.  
“I’ve meant it every time I said it! I do love you, don’t doubt it please!!”
“Harry, just go, it’s not gonna work. I told you, I can’t put it behind us.”
“Babe, don’t say that.”
“Do not call me babe!” I raised my voice. ‘Keep going babe,’ was the only association I had on that pet name. It’s what he’d sad to her before I opened the bloody door.
I looked at my hand, wedding ring still on my finger. I fumbled with it a little, before taking it off. As it was sliding down my finger tears flew down. It was done, the past 6 years erased with one night, just like that. I looked up at him with teary eyes and placed my hand in his as I gave him the ring. He held onto my hand strongly. “Don’t do this. Don’t. I love you, you know I do. I couldn’t have faked all these years. And you loved me before, it couldn’t have disappeared so soon.”
“Sometimes, love is not enough.”
“Of course it is y/n, how can it not be?”
“I don’t trust you anymore, and what is a relationship without trust?”
“We can work on that, come on don’t just throw away everything!”
“I’m throwing it away?? You’re the one who threw everything away when you slept with that bimbo. You destroyed it all!”
“How many times do I have to say that I am sorry.. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to lose you.”
“You should’ve though about it before…you already lost me. A month ago.”
“There isn’t a day I don’t wake up with guilt, I can’t begin to explain how disgusting I feel.. I screwed up the best thing I had.”
“You think this is easy for me? I am dying on the inside, my heart hurts and my lungs are on fire. How do you think it is.. loving someone who hurt you so much?!”
He stayed silent. He had a teary face, just like myself.
“We were supposed to start trying for another baby, everything was going good finally, we hadn’t fought in a long time like we used to before… why? Just why? Was I not good enough?”
“No.. no, don’t even think that for a second. You’re more than good enough, you’re more than I deserve. You’re something special, and I didn’t appreciate you the way I should’ve. And I’ll never stop blaming myself for what I have done. I hope you’ll find it in yourself to forgive me.”
He held the ring so tightly in his hand, and then looked at the engravement on the inside, where it said forever. He looked at me, fresh tears on his cheeks.
“I have failed you…”he whispered. “I said forever, I promised I’ll take care of you, that I won’t hurt you and I did the exact same thing I said I would never do. You have every right to hate me. The love we shared is not what is keeping us together anymore, it’s what’s driving us apart, and the only thing we have from it all is Miah. And you two are the best I have in life.”
“I could never hate you, no.. I could never. But I can’t be with you either. I’m sorry, but what we had is over. Our marriage…”I paused, not having the strength to say it. “.. is over.” I whispered.
He let go of my hand and I didn’t want him to, but I had to. I couldn’t give in. He hugged me so tightly I was praying we could stay like that forever. He kissed my forehead and I just stared at me until I told him that he should leave.

At that moment all I wanted to do is crawl in bed and cry my eyes out, I was in pain, physical and emotional. But I couldn’t allow myself that, I had to pull myself together and freshen up to pick Miah up from my friend’s house. I needed to stay strong for her, because if Harry was anything he was an amazing father to her.

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Liam Dunbar Imagine Part 2

“Liam, honey?” My mom knocked on my door and I ignored her. “You have to go to school. You’re going to be late.” Again, I said nothing. I heard her sigh and my door opened. I felt my bed sink in and then her hand rub my shoulder.
“Alright, what’s wrong? You left yesturday morning perfectly fine and showed up in the middle of the day looking like you’ve seen a ghost.”
“I just don’t feel well.” I mumbled and she shook her head.
“If you’re gonna lie, do better than that.” She shook her head and I sighed. “What’s really wrong? You can tell me.”
“Leanna she…” I said tears welling up in my eyes.
“What did Leanna do?” Mom asked me, furrowing her eyebrows.
“She left me.” That’s when I started to cry and mom hugged me.
“Aww, sweetheart. It’s going to be okay.”
“But it hurts so much.” I sobbed out and through my tears I saw my step dad walk in my room.
“What’s wrong?”
“First heartbreak.” Mom told him and he sighed.
“Really? I liked that Leanna girl.”
“You’ll be okay. It might take a while, but you’ll get over it. I promise.”
“No I wont!”
“How about we let you stay home today?” He told me and mom told him no.“Oh come on, Christine, cut the boy some slack.”
“Fine.” She sighed.“ But he’s going tomorrow.”
“Thanks.” I told them and they both kissed my forehead and left me alone to wallow in misery. I can’t believe she left me. After 6 long months, she left me. She always told me we’d be together forever and that she’d never leave. She even switched schools after I got kicked out just so we could go to the same one. So where is she now?! What happened to forever?! I growled and realized claws were out and my heart beat was raised. I closed my eyes and thought about her. How her eyed sparkle when she smiles or laughs, how when she’s frustrated her nose crinkles, how her heartbeat raises when I kiss her. I calmed down, going back to my normal self, but thinking of her made me want to sob in my room and never come out of it again. I heard my parents say they were leaving but I didn’t reply back. After about 30 minutes of staring at my ceiling I heard someone knock on my door. I went downstairs and opened it to see Mason. He sighed in relief and blew out a puff of air.
“Thank God. Where’d you go yesturday and why aren’t you dressed for school and why have you been crying?”
“It’s nothing, I’m not going to school today.” I told him and he gave me a worried look.
“Are you sure, because you don’t look okay to me. Your lying aren’t you? Just tell me-” I don’t know why, but his rambling made me angry, reminding me of when Leanna would ramble when she’s nervous or upset about something.
“You want to know what’s wrong?! Leanna left me! There are you fucking happy?!” I yelled and he looked shocked at my out burst. I guess he saw the tears in my eyes because he gave me a hug and smiled at me sympathetically.
“I’m sorry. ”
“ I just can’t see her today. I wouldn’t make it to second period.”
“It’s cool. Everything we be alright.” He said and gave me a small smile.

I sighed and tried to keep my head held up high like mom said. As I got to my locker there was a group of girls standing there.
“Can I help you?” I asked, grabbing my history book.
“Is it true?”
“Excuse me?”
“Are you and Liam finally over?”
“Yes.” I mumbled and I heard a few of them cheer and squeal.
“Get the hell away from my locker."I growled and slammed it shut, causing them all to scatter. When I got to class right before the bell rung, I sat in my seat in front of Mason and noticed Liam wasn’t here. The teacher began calling role and there were multiple "here” or “present”.
“Do you know where Liam is, Leanna?” He asked and I shook my head.
“Uh, n-no.”
“What about you, Mason?”
“Yeah, I stopped by his house this morning. He’s out sick.” He nodded his head at him and I heard a few people whisper about how he probably wasn’t sick and just was at home sulking. The teacher assigned us some work and then said he had to step out and go to the office.
“You know he’s not actually sick.” Mason said and I turned around.
“I figured that. ”
“What happened? You two were fine yesturday morning.”
“I’m a distraction. He has a lot of stuff he needs to focus on and now he’s failing classes. I don’t want to be held responsible for it.” I told him the partial truth. I couldn’t tell him that he was a werewolf.
“You should really reconsider.”
“I probably won’t.” I sighed and turned around to start on my work.
“Where the hell is Liam?” Stiles asked as we were sitting in Scott’s living room for a pack meeting we planned about a week ago.
“He’s probably at home. He hasn’t been out for almost a week. He goes to school, practice, then straight home.” We all looked at Kira and she was staring at her chipped nails before she looked up.
“Have you been following him?”
“I’ve only done it once.”
“Wanted to check on him?” Malia smirked and and I glared at Kira and her eyes widened.
“No, no, no, no. Nothing like that, I swear.” She said and I growled at her.
“Did she just growl?” Lydia asked and Malia nodded.
“Yep, I’m pretty sure she did.”
“So, do we go get him or bring the meeting to his place.”
“We could go to his, his parents aren’t home.”
“How do you know that? Have you been stalking him too?”
“No, I was his girlfriend. His parents have a date night every two weeks. ”
“Okay, so let’s go then.”

We all piled up in Stiles’ jeep while Kira got on the dirt bike with Scott. It took us about 10 minutes to get there and once we did, Stiles knocked on the door.
“I don’t think he’s going to answer.” Lydia told him and Malia looked over at the tree that led to his bedroom, which was also the only light in the house.
“We could climb the tree.”
“Good luck with that.” I chuckled, shaking my head.“ He can barley climb that tree, mine on the other hand…” I trailed and they looked at me weirdly.
“Oh…kay.” Stiles said and Scott beat on the door.
“The things you two probably do at night.” Lydia teased and I blushed scarlett.
“Okay, move.” I pushed the two idiots out of the way and looked inside the flower lot for the spare key.
“You could’ve told us you knew where the key was.” Stiles told me and I shrugged.
“I could’ve but I didn’t.” We walked inside and I took my shoes off.
“Take the shoes off.” I told them panicking , because Christine would freak if she found her floors dirty. I learned that when Liam and I decided to have a food fight and she practically murdered us. I led them upstairs to his room and we heard the shower running. So they sat on the floor, Lydia sat in his desk chair, and I sat on his bed. We had to wait about 10 minutes before he walked out in only his sweats and was towel drying his hair. When he saw us he stopped all movement.
“What are you doing here? How’d you even get in?” He asked and Stiles pointed to me.
“You’re girlfr-” He was cut off by Malia smacking the back of his head.“ Uh, I mean Leanna knew where the key was.” Liam looked down and I sighed. Way to make it awkward Stiles.
“Get out.”
“No, we have an important meeting and you’re included. ”
“I don’t care. Get the hell out of my house.” He was trying to stay calm, but the more they tried to explain the more angry he became
“Liam look-”
“ I said get out!” He yelled, chucking his lamp at the wall and almost hitting Kira. His eyes were glowing yellow and his claws and fangs were now out.
“Liam, stop it!” I yelled and he looked at me. “You’re apart of this pack and were going to stay here and talk about this deadpool and Kate and the beserkers whether you like it or not.” I told him and Scott’s eyes flickered between the two of us.
“So calm down, because I know you don’t want to hurt anyone.” I told him calmly and we all watched as he transformed to his normal self. It was only silence as we all just stared at each other and I think
“Now, let’s talk.” Scott broke the silence.
The meeting was over and we waited for Scott to finish the talk he was having with Liam. We were all standing on his porch and Scott came out looking at me.
“You should go talk to him.”
“He needs you. You’re his anchor and right now you’re all he’s got. He really misses you.”
“Go talk to him.” I groaned and walked inside his house again. As I made it to his room, I heard him quietly sobbing and it broke my heart.

“Liam.” I said quietly and his head shot up. His eyes red and puffy.
“Um, yeah?” He asked, drying his eyes with his hand.
“Scott said you wanted to talk?”
“Yeah.” He nodded and I walked over go sit in front of him.
“I miss you.” He started and I sighed.
“No! I need to say this.” I nodded my head and he continued.“ I know that you can’t handle the pressure and feel like you’re a distraction, but you’re not. If anything I’m more distracted now. I can’t foucs, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I can’t even let one second pass by without thinking about you. Every time I see you, I break a little more because I know I can’t hold you and kiss you anymore. I can’t call you mine. I need you, Leanna and I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything in my life. Just please, take me back.” He finished his rant and I was near tears.
“Okay.” I nodded.
“Okay? We can get back together?” He asked.
“Mmhm.” I said and a smile made its way across his face. The first smile he’s had in a week. He hugged me tightly like if he didn’t I’d disappear. I felt his soft plump lips on mine and it go pretty heated pretty fast. I laid back on the bed as his lips traveled from mine to my neck to my collar bones. His door opened and his mom’s eyes widened while his step dad just smiled.
“So are you two are back together?”
“Yeah.” He smiled big and so did his mom.
“He’s smiling. I haven’t seen that in a week. But even though you’re back together the same rules apply.”
“Leave them alone.” His stepdad laughed and walked away.
“Stop kissing her neck, Liam. You’re 15.”
“ Mom.” He groaned and I giggled.
“Alright, don’t have sex. Especially not while we’re up.” She continued and he blushed.
“If you do use protection.” His stepdad showed back up and threw a condom packet onto his bed.
“Oh my God.” His face flushed completely from embarrassment and he buried his face into my neck.
“We’re going to sleep, so keep it down in here.” His mom winked and he stood up.
“Okay that’s it, out.” He told them and they laughed and went down the hall to their room. He closed the door and locked it behind them, then turned back to me.
“I love your parents.” I laughed and he shook his head.
“Now where were we?” He asked and climbed on top of me.
“Maybe we should put that condom to use.” I smiled and he kissed my sweet spot causing me to let out a small moan.
“Maybe we should.” He smirked and I knew we were going to have a long night.
I really like how this one turned out. I hole you enjoyed them Leanna. If you’d like an imagine, request them in my ask :)

i dont know what she did to me but im speechless im not moving and ive been sitting here sobbing quietly in my room ever since the performance ended like im not even in ecstasy im lowkey dead