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Can I please get a reaction to BTS finding out that you're actually really good at singing when they go to nrb (norebang/kareoke) w/ you for the first time. Lawls!:) please and thanks!


He’d be so shocked like o.o meme asf reaction tho



At first he would be bored, being used to listening to the guys’ voices. It peeked his interest when it was your turn to sing and boy he almost fell off the chair when you started singing.


“Marry me?” Wiping off the fake tears on his face and claps his hands.


Quite impressed and after a few linez, he decided to join you.


“This beautiful man approves.” Earning a light slap from you on the head, again.


He’d be so excited, he started dancing with his unique choreography.


He’d be gushing over you and quietly listening to you.

Thanks for requesting this! I love this idea. 😁

I do not own these gifs. x

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>> Apocalypse!Au Nessian. (but only if you aren't being overwhelmed with a sea of requests...You're awesome!)

I do indeed have a sea of requests but you may have any flavour of Nessian you want, Nicole, yes you may. Okay. Let me see what I can do… 

Apocalypse!AU Nessian: So I’m unoriginal and fall easily into tropes so this is indeed going down the zombie path but…I’m twisting the origins a bit to make it fit canon more. (This got kind of…half headcanony/half drabbley? I would like everyone to know that I have no idea what I’m doing or wtf this is. You are so patient. ) 

Nesta was right. 

When the walls tumbled down and the drums of war beat once more the mortal queens abandoned them. Further twisted by the Cauldron’s influence they took their ships, their wealth, their estates and abandoned their people in Prythian. They argued that it was for the greater good. Better to lose these few than all of their realms. Nesta still cursed their names and swore damnation upon them.  

She and Cassian were in the mortal realm together when the world ended. 

Nesta had volunteered to liaise with the human realm on behalf of the Night Court and its allies. No. Nesta had demanded to liaise with the human realm. She wouldn’t forget where she had come from, what she had once been, what she had left behind. She would remember them. And she would fight for them. 

Cassian went with her. He needed something to do, something to stop him from going out of his mind at the loss of his wings and commanding an aerial force was out of the question. He laid the groundwork of their strategy, discussed tactics with Rhys, helped him appoint the best replacements then went elsewhere to make himself useful. Because he was not going to sit back and let other people fight this war while he did nothing but ‘recover’ from the amputation. He needed purpose. And he had a promise to keep. 

Neither of them could know what was happening a world away. The Wall had fallen long ago when Hybern’s troops had invaded and most of Prythian was an active war-zone. Communication was different and the plan that ruined everything was hasty, barely thought out. In an act of desperation words that should have been forgotten centuries ago were whispered in the heartbeats before devastation; two halves were once again made whole; and what she had hoped would be salvation had resulted in the destruction of all things instead. 

The world ended and it made the war seem trivial. Boundaries were shattered. Uniforms and standards meant nothing. Hybern, or Prythian, Night Court or Spring Court, or Winter made no difference. In the face of what Feyre Cursemaker, Herald of Death, Princess of Carrion, unleashed upon them all. 

All that mattered was whether you were alive or whether you were dead. 

Feyre called for help. The dead answered. The dead rose. The dead sought to bring the peace of their own oblivion to the shattered, war-torn living world. She had summoned them but she couldn’t control them, couldn’t return them and the recently lost victims of this war were dragged back to fight again in an army of their own this time. 

Cassian and Nesta had gone to the human world to help, to protect, to fulfil promises they had made to themselves and each other - to protect those who could not protect themselves. When the world ended that meant everyone. They tried, tried to organise, tried to help, tried to protect, but it soon became clear that this was beyond their ability to change - not even with Cassian’s burning gold heart or Nesta’s fiery steel will. All they could do was survive. 

They began the long fight to return home. To find their families, their homes, their places in this broken world and see what remained of them. They’re stranded, isolated, alone, in a confused part of the world whose people never asked for any of this but are dying in droves for it with no way of contacting those they love and nothing to help them survive what should have been a simple, two day trip which has turned into a nightmare. 

All they have is each other. That’s enough. 

Humans, Cassian learns as he experiences this among them, are good at surviving. Surviving against all odds. Surviving in the face of things he would expect to destroy them, frail and mortal as they are. Surviving at any cost. He had thought the High Fae brutal and cut-throat. He had thought that, in all his years, in Illyrian war camps, on battlefields where thousands were slaughtered with a whisper of thought and a flicker of magic, through the bloody, tangled years of politics - assassinations, alliances and betrayals that he understood the will to survive, to thrive, to conquer. When the world ends in the mortal realms Cassian realises he knew nothing of it at all and that he and Nesta may well be in the most dangerous place in all of Prythian. 

Trust becomes a far rarer and more valuable commodity than gold or jewels ever were and it’s in short supply in this raw, broken new world of theirs. Cassian and Nesta both soon realise that the only people they truly trust are each other, no-one else. Especially themselves.

Cassian teaches Nesta how to survive the way he learned how. (though he does admit she was doing a very good job herself) But wit and cunning and logic only get them so far now - they both sleep a lot better knowing she can correctly hold a knife and duck a punch. He shows her the things that were a mystery to her in the cabin - things that Feyre seemed to find so easy. He shows her how to start fire, how to track game- and other, more sinister things- how to hunt, how to fight, how to kill. The lessons that kept him alive all those years ago in those camps where they abandoned him - a bastard child without a home or a name or a family who gave a damn if he lived or died. he teaches her how to accept the parts of herself that seem so monstrous - because he was told he was filled with killing power but learned how to shape it into shields. She can too. 

Nesta teaches Cassian how to survive the way she learned how. She teaches him how to live with himself when he feels like he’s failed everyone he loved - that he’s only destined to do nothing but fail them - as she felt. She teaches him how to survive when everything he had, everything he was, everything that felt real and right and made him him is taken from him - as it was taken from her. She teaches him that there is more to life than a pair of wings - the expectations others place upon you because of what you are. She was only a child when she lost everything, her mother, her life, her future, even herself, but she clawed her way out of that pit and found her purpose, found herself. He can too. 

They drag each other kicking and screaming and stumbling through this mess because I am not losing you now, not after everything, don’t you dare die on me. Along the way they teach each other to live again as well - something they’d stopped doing that day in Hybern when he lost his wings and she lost her humanity and they both lost themselves. Ironic, they consider later, that neither of them were reborn until the world ended - that they too were dead and climbed out of their graves along with the others. 

They learn how to laugh again, how to find meaning in the small moments, how to cherish the memories that are glazed with the sheen of tears of hysteria that line Nesta eyes, echoing with the boom of Cassian’s laughter. They learn how to feel again, how to open themselves up and hand another their broken hearts. They learn that when despair closes in the kiss of a lover can banish it. They learn that when death threatens the sound of their name upon another’s lips is sometimes all that’s needed to save lives and heal scars. 

They learn the other’s taste and feel and scent and what it’s truly like to be joined as one a night when rain batters against the cave they’ve settled in on the border between courts and can no longer resist the song that hums in their blood and whispers mates to their hearts. They had been afraid, so afraid, of what it might be like to forge such an unbreakable bond only to feel it shatter in this fragile, perilous world that they’re slowly starting to call theirs. They learn that night that some things are worth the risk.

 They already knew that some things were worth dying for - to protect, to save, to preserve. They learn that some things are worth living for too. That this is worth living for. That they would rather have one moment of this even if it’s snuffed out like a candle before a hurricane the next day than to never know what it is to be mated, to be joined, to belong. That the moment of life they snatch in one another’s arms is worth it all. If death thinks to take them now they’re joined it would be wiser to run. 

As mates, as one, they learn how to hope, how to love, how to dream again. They live through death. 

 In the aftermath, when they look at one another, both knows that if they had been alone they would not have survived. If they had been with any other they would not have survived. But together….Together they made it. Together they survived. Together they lived

Years ago, when I was the Ninja Office Boy, I knew pretty much everyone in our organization, because they all had to come to me for stuff like door access and how to find the Secret McDonalds. But then I joined a specific, select department and people came and went, so now a lot of people in org don’t know me, or at any rate don’t recognize my face.

I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the way the org operates, so I’ve been going to more meetings than usual lately. And because I’m learning, I sit quietly and don’t say much. And nobody knows who I am.

It’s kind of hilarious to me because around twenty minutes into any given meeting, people start noticing that I’m sitting quietly and listening intently and not talking, and they don’t know who I am or where I’m from, so they get suspicious. WHO DO I REPORT TO? WHY AM I THERE?

And they start talking to me, or looking at me for confirmation, and meanwhile I’m sitting there going “I don’t know what that acronym stands for or who you are either. I am so lost at the moment that my mind is split between listening to you talk and thinking about how I need to buy new snow boots.”

It turns out, you guys, I have Resting Boss Face.

It’s a heady feeling of power combined with a certain sense of ignorant despair. I should maybe be less emotionally invested in my professional life, because right now just existing in a meeting is a little exhausting.

  • me: there is no significant theoretical or experimental evidence for the validity of astrology, and it is in it's nature hugely susceptible to confirmation bias, thus these tumblr "signs" posts should not be taken seriously
  • also me (but more quietly): yeah ok but listen, real talk -why are they always right tho

-Anon request

“She’s alright though, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s not like I’ve actually seen a girl since I’ve been here, but she is pretty fit.”

“I know right, I mean what I wouldn’t do to hit that.”

“Oh my God, yeah.”

“I would have her.”

“Shut up! If anyone were to get her, it’d be me.”

“No way!”

“Uh, yeah.”

The lost boys continued to argue while you sat up in the tree above them and chuckled quietly as you listened to them. And they were all fighting over you. In truth, though, none of them particularly struck you.

Felix was alright: he was tall and muscular, and you would just love to kiss your way up that scar, but you secretly thought he was pretty into Pan. And plus, he could randomly turn weird, like when Curly asked about his family once and Felix flipped out, beating the kid to within an inch of his life.

Then there was Devin. Devin was okay, if you didn’t actually talk to him and if you ignored the annoying thing he did with his hands when he talked. He was fairly muscular and he was a good fighter if you gave him a knife and something to charge at, but he got arrogant and that got infuriating.

So what about Rufio? Yeah, no, he wasn’t even going to make the list at all. The guy was insane. Sure he had big arms and could run faster than any of the others but he was always the one to get himself hurt doing nothing and he was always the one who refused to shut up even when everyone else was trying to sleep.

Curly? Curly was sweet and cute; he made you laugh when you needed it and he didn’t constantly want to fight, like the other boys. But that said, he couldn’t actually fight and the kid was about as weak as a limp daisy.

None of the lost boys particularly appealed to you.

Well, all but one.

“What are you guys talking about?”

You heard a new -but instantly recognisable- voice come into the conversation. You shifted until you could watch them as well as listen.

“Oh, hey there, Peter,” Devin greeted their leader, the boy king of the island. “We was just talking ‘bout Y/N. She is fit, i'n’t she?”

There was heavy pause. You frowned. Not being able to see Peter Pan’s face, you didn’t notice the scowl that was twisting itself into his features.

“That’s who you’re talking about?” he asked, his voice oddly quiet.

Devin faltered but, being the idiot he was, didn’t realise that that was the perfect moment to shut up. “Yeah, I mean, you see that she’s hot, right? I would seriously hit that, do you reckon she’d be up for it? Well, if I snuck her a sleeping poppy, it wouldn’t matter would it?” he joked, laughing loudly.

Dick, you thought bitterly to yourself, making a mental note to be wary around the sleeping poppies.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Pan suddenly bellowed, making the boys as well as you jump in shock. Twisting around in the branches, you could see his face now and it shot a shiver of fear down your spine. With his eyes darkening and his teeth baring like that, you could see why they called him the Demon boy of Neverland.

Devin was struggling to comprehend the change in the situation and stuttered, “Umm, well, I- err.”

Swiping forward, Pan had the boy’s neck in his hand in one movement. Gasping for breath, Devin clutched the hand that held his writhing figure just above the forest floor and begged him to release him in a strangled and fairly incomprehensible voice.

You gasped, loud enough for Pan to hear. He looked up and, at the surprising sight of you overhead, dropped the forgotten lost boy onto the floor and searched your face through the branches. Now, you couldn’t read the curious expression on his face. His eyes whispered one thing, while his whole being shouted another.

Losing your footing, without warning you felt yourself tumbling out of the tree with a muffled scream and fell down down down-

Straight into Peter’s arms.

“Oh, umm,” you mumbled awkwardly. “Sorry, I-err- I, umm lost my footing…”

He nodded, wordlessly and set you down with an almost shy look of embarrassment on his face, making you frown curiously.

As he strode away, you thought to yourself, that boy never fails to surprise me.

I am still writing ageswap au, hopefully now with more bonding with Anakin and Obi-Wan, but

this morning I was thinking of the similar-age au, where Dooku trains Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon trains Anakin, and slowly coming to realize that given Dooku’s motivations in training Obi-Wan and how that would effect Qui-Gon’s training of Anakin -

this Obi-Wan is going to an anxious, high-strung mess. It’s kind of like Obi!whump, especially given the current direction for it, which is Anakin recklessly moving to rescue their parallel selves and necessitating Anakin and Obi-Wan fucking off from the Order. Because Anakin is basically the only positive attachment Obi-Wan has in this fic, so naturally if Anakin fucks off then Obi-Wan is fucking off with him. Cue fights between the padawans and Obi-Wan having various panic and anxiety attacks.

(Ever since JA #7, The Captive Temple, I can’t unsee Obi-Wan having panic attacks. It’s one of the few things I approved of tbh, given that Obi-Wan by all rights should be a wreck after Melida/Daan.)

I had thoughts that it would escalate to the point that Dooku comes to hunt them down, unforgiving as always, and Obi-Wan would try to tell the others to escape and that he would face/stop his Master (chanting the Code to stave off yet another panic attack) only for the alternate universe selves to be like “wow no, we’re adults/a master and a knight??? Give us your lightsabers and we’ll fight Dooku” which is … literally almost the first time that anyone has ever stepped forward to protect Obi-Wan. 

(could hilariously be a situation where knight!Anakin becomes Super Over Protective over P!Obi [much to his former master’s amusement but overall approval given what a fucking wreck this kid is] and starts coaching P!Anakin on the Care and Feeding of Obi-Wans [P!Ani gives him a look like “u think im a fukken amateur or wot m8″])

At this point, basically Obi-Wan and Anakin would have to Leave The Order Forever, even after getting their alternate selves back home. Qui-Gon might (successfully) hunt them down and grudgingly in his own way make sure they’re taken care of, given that this is his Chosen One who is loudly refusing to go anywhere without Obi-Wan. Possibly he directs them toward someone he knows that will help get them on their feet.

Anakin is a bit taken aback because his master is being weirdly supportive??? but Qui-Gon fucking remembers what it’s like training under Dooku. He can’t approve of what Obi-Wan and Anakin have done, but he understands it.

Besides, the two of them might some day turn out to be gr8 contacts or something, no point in completely burning bridges.

this au was actually supposed to have a well-adjusted Obi-Wan, who was perhaps even less emotionally available than canon Obi, but was pretty good at lawyering himself into doing the Right Thing and Loopholing it so that the Right Thing was the Rational/Jedi Thing to do. Then I gave Dooku’s motivations for taking him on too much thought and made myself sad :(

what i need: a ten episode mini-series of cassie reacting to all these weirdos her brother and his friends keep sending her way and her slowly bonding with them as they coax her out of her isolation

allura immediately narrows in on her and her loneliness and whenever she can she’ll have brunch and tea with her. sometimes kima is there and when allie turns her back kima is usually trying to teach cass how to wield a mace. it’s lead to a lot of broken furniture that gets hidden so percy won’t notice.

she hangs around gilmore a lot because she can tell he’s torn up over losing his life’s work and likes being around others, something he doesn’t get when he’s initially recovering. even after he’s mostly healed, she still seems to find her way to him. he supplies most of the conversation, talking about his Strange adventures as a shopkeep, and she’s perfectly happy to listen quietly and give him company.

she’s not sure what to make of the tiefling at first. zahra basically takes up residence in the library as soon as she gets to whitestone. cass recommends her some books when asked and after that zahra always comes to her for more. sometimes when she needs a break from being the lady of whitestone, cass finds herself quietly reading with zahra.

the cleric is… well, he’s an asshole. but there’s this peculiar feeling to him that she just seems to understand. it’s not like he dumps his life story on her, but after years of living in the darkness she can recognize someone who has spent most of their life there too. kash won’t admit it, but he actually is rather fond of cass. she’s clever and has just the right amount of snark to be a decent conversation partner.

BTS reaction to you being moody


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He’d notice almost immediately when you were moody and Jungkook being the person that hates conflict would most likely avoid riling you up any more, he’d give you some space and alone time to cool down but come to aid if you were in need of cuddles. 

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“Le Revenant”

The beast rises, on a cold, stormy night, its breath a puff of crystallized air. Massive paws break twigs and frost-covered grasses as it patrols its territory, its blank, white eyes shining in an almost ethereal manner. What used to be a modest herder, now roams the mountain paths, protecting the wild areas from those encroaching and destroying the land.

On dark nights, if one listens quietly, they might hear the loud, baleful howl of the spectre. Should they be simple travelers, they have nothing to fear, and they might even find themselves helped by the ghostly canine.

Remake of an old picture I did last year of a tibetan mastiff revenant! :)