quietly brilliant

“So…I think our babies need names.” Liam says softly a smile appearing as he says it. The way he’s looking at Zayn, and the way he’s gazing at him makes something warm stir inside him. He can’t believe he’s never noticed how kind and warm Liam’s eyes are or how they crinkle around the edges when he’s happy. Zayn can feel the stress beginning to drain from his body finding it incredibly sweet how Liam keeps referring to the ‘twins’ as ‘our babies’.

“Our babies?” Zayn teases, though he actually loves that Liam is including him. He’s been afraid Liam was going to tell him to go to bed, tell him that he doesn’t need his help. He had the protests ready on his tongue.

He’s pleased to see Liam looking a bit flustered as he scoops up one of the goats cuddling it close to his chest. Zayn follows suit with the other goat in his arms, playfully taunting Liam with a, “Well, c’mon then daddy, time to feed the kids.” Zayn laughs quietly, loving the brilliant blush that colors Liam’s cheeks. Zayn makes a mental note to tell Harry about the stupid pun he made, he’ll be proud.

Underneath by secretswekeepxx 

For @1dreversebang

Love Bait | Chapter One: ENLISTMENT

Fandom: Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan (Anime)
Type: Series
Pairing: Levi x OC
Word Count: 5784
Category: Fanfiction (Angst and Eventual Smut)

**Note: Some scenes/dialogues were originally from the manga/anime**
**A/N: Sorry for the delay and sorry for any wrong spelling or grammar in advance.Please enjoy reading :) If you haven’t read the PROLOGUE it’s  
>>here<< **

“I never said that.They want me dead.But i never said i wanted to die,“

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What do you think are the most underrated traits for each girl? Not trying to downplay any of the girls' strong traits, like L's outspokenness, N's strength, A's positivity, D's loyalty, etc. but it would be interesting for a new approach/perspective.

this is a fantastic question anon. my quick thoughts:

normani: her grace and wisdom beyond her years. grounded in who she is, she knows not just what to say, but when to say it. such a quietly brilliant mind.
lauren: her sensitivity to her own humanity. she often overcompensates but she’s so vulnerable. it’s like a live wire of human emotion. raw and beautiful.
dinah: her lightness. it’s not airy or lacking depth, it’s a definitive choice to seek light and goodness in all things. giving her a tremendous capacity to forgive.
ally: her perception. small in stature but limitless in insight. she sees far more than she ever lets on and knows exactly what’s possible, past, present and future.

- taylor

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Prompt 2: “your country’s trying to take over/annex my country and you’re making it difficult to hate you because you’re so nice and attractive stop it” au

(I really liked writing this one. I hope you like it too!)

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Îmwe.” Baze Malbus’ voice was deep and reverberated through the room. It was the kind of voice that Chirrut would have been attracted to in another life. Not with Baze though, not now. Chirrut found the chair and he pulled it out slowly, sitting down in the chair.

“I did not have much of a chance, did I?” Chirrut said, not trying to hide the coldness in his voice. He heard the chair across from him creak, but he tried to pay it no mind. He did not care if he made Baze Malbus uncomfortable.

“Mr. Îmwe,” Baze said, and then he paused, letting out a breath. “Chirrut,” he amended, “I’m not happy with this either, you have to understand that.”

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As always, Zach Woods is quietly brilliant as Jared, somehow transforming his troubled past into fuel for the wellspring of optimism and loyalty that bubbles deep within him and informs his every action. In another actor’s hands, Jared would be a creep. Woods makes him a sweetheart. And in a world dominated by Gavin Belsons, he’s a unicorn.

Femlock AU where they meet for the first time in a hospital. Like Sherlock is there on a case and John works there as a doctor. And some guy who doesn’t know John calls her “nurse” condescendingly, and John has her mouth open to Correct him but Sherlock has already blurted out “Doctor” even though they haven’t been introduced yet. And now everyone is staring at Sherlock, including John, so she has to go into this whole deduction about John (the doctor part is probably pretty obvious but Sherlock gets distracted by her whole military history and just kind of keeps going). When she stops Sherlock is afraid maybe she’s said too much but John is just staring at her thinking, “who is this beautiful woman and how does she know so much about me?” Sherlock is nervous but finally she meets her eyes and John just says quietly, “Brilliant.”

In the dip beneath your collarbone,
Behind your ears,
In the small valleys between each finger.

In the smooth place behind your knee,
Between the gap in your two front teeth,
Covering the purple crescents below your eyes.

I want to tuck my love for you there.

You are dazzling,
You are the sun,
You can breathe mountains down to rubble

Quietly brilliant,
Your mind is stunning,
Always buzzing like a lightbulb about to go out.

I want you to carry these things with you,

Words, remnants, whatever you need
In order to see yourself once again through my eyes
on those nights when you can’t breathe

And bottles of Jim Beam
Your old war enemy
Stare you down from the cabinet

Still out for blood.

—  Untitled // Hannah Via

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I just watched the last episode of LIS and it left me feeling very " :/ ". Even more so now that I read the feedback from LGBTQ fans.

(Bear in mind, I’m typing this whilst still slightly sick and very groggy, so it’s more or less rambling nonsense. But I did kinda finally want to jot my thoughts on “Polarized” down. Also, goes without saying, but there’s massive spoilers for the LiS finale under the cut here.

…Also some spoilers for Silent Hill 2, for anyone living under a rock.)

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Birth of Joe Frazier

January 12, 1944

“They said you were through, Joe.”
“They lied, pretty boy.”

Joe Frazier is Muhammad Ali’s eternal rival. With his straightforward style, calm demeanor and grizzled countenance, he stood opposite to Ali in many ways - even when they weren’t glaring at each other from across the canvas. Though small for a heavyweight, Frazier fought some of the greatest heavyweights of all time without a shred of fear or hesitation. Joe Frazier, quietly brilliant as always, stands not in Ali’s shadow but should be remembered as his own man, a great man, standing shoulder to shoulder with The Greatest…

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10 Neglected 2016 Oscar Nominations That Aren’t So White

Oops… they did it again. Somehow, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences managed to nominate all white performers for the second year in a row, inciting #OscarSoWhite to make its rounds again on social media. And this year, it’s actually super weird. Sure, last year brought controversy, but let’s remember that all the diversity eggs were mostly in one basket - Selma. But this year was a huge year for diversity in film, with a whole raft of selections of filmmakers and performers to honor. To prove it, here are 10 nominations that GENUINELY COULD HAVE HAPPENED, but didn’t for reasons unknown.

1. BEST PICTURE: Straight Outta Compton
While I found the second half to have its fair share of flaws, F. Gary Gray’s bold, epic take on the rise and fall of NWA should have found its way onto this year’s Best Picture list, especially given its critical acclaim and surprise box office success.

2. BEST DIRECTOR: Ryan Coogler, Creed
Creed was definitely the most pleasant surprise of the year, and young filmmaker Ryan Coogler has a track record now of 2 phenomenal films that have gone un-recognized by the Academy. He should be on the list for this one, as he managed to fashion a movie that had no reason to be as amazing as it was.

3. BEST ACTOR: Samuel L. Jackson, The Hateful Eight
With Major Marquis Warren, Jackson proves once more that he is the Robert DeNiro to Quentin Tarantino’s Scorsese. Aside from Jennifer Jason Leigh, he’s the best thing in the movie, making Tarantino’s pop-Shakespeare fly off the page, particularly in his epic monologue right before the intermission.

4. BEST ACTOR: Michael B. Jordan, Creed
While Stallone is dynamite in the movie, it’s weird that a white guy is being touted as its breakout star when Jordan has broken out twice and not yet received a nomination. His time will come, but if it didn’t for Fruitvale Station, it should have for this intensely physical, passionate performance.

5. BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Idris Elba, Beasts of No Nation
Of all these, THIS is the one that DEFINITELY should be on the list. Elba’s been turning in steady work for years now, but nowhere is that more evident than in his volcanic performance as the Commandant. Aside from Carol’s absent Best Picture nod, this is the biggest snub of the nominations, especially given he was nominated for SAG and the Golden Globes.

6. BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Benicio del Toro, Sicario
Sicario is, in my humble opinion, the most overlooked movie of 2015, and Benicio del Toro gives his best performance in years. The Supporting Actor field this year is packed, but his chilling portrayal as the vengeful Alejandro is truly haunting, and could’ve easily taken a spot.

7. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Mya Taylor, Tangerine
Transgender actress Mya Taylor is quietly brilliant in one of the year’s best films, balancing humor and pathos in a film that never resorts to stereotypes. This movie as a whole should’ve gotten more buzz than it did, and her gorgeous performance would have been the perfect way to honor it.

Dope felt like a revelation, like Spike Lee meets Quentin Tarantino, and the screenplay was one of the freshest things about it. With a wonderful, youthful vitality, it combined elements of a high school comedy, crime thriller, and coming-of-age tale to form a refreshingly original film.

9. BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Spike Lee & Kevin Willmott, Chi-Raq
This movie was a big old mess, but a glorious one nonetheless. Its modern update of Lysistrata has been greeted with controversy, but one cannot deny its powerful exploration of gun violence, or the ingenuity of its hip-hop verse, complete with Samuel L. Jackson as a Greek chorus.

10. BEST ORIGINAL SONG: “It’s My Turn Now,” Dope
You literally could fill this category with Pharrell’s original tunes from Dope.

So, there we have it. All this to say that when checking out this year’s nominated films, don’t forget to watch these great films and performances as well. It was a phenomenal year for diversity in films, even if a bunch of old white dudes won’t admit it.


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can I request for gom+himuro as teachers!? =///= and their favourite student all of a sudden confesses to liking them??

lmfaoooo thanks for the request >w< i hope you enjoy~ 

Himuro notices the letter tucked into the submitted assignment as soon as his student hands it to him, but he maintains a neutral expression aside from a knowing smile. When the blushing student leaves hurriedly, he slips the envelope out from the sheaf of papers and raises his eyebrows every so slightly at the love letter sealed inside. Shaking his head exasperatedly, he tucks the letter into his drawer with a smile, but then he frowns. He was going to have to talk to her about it soon. It couldn’t do for the brightest student in class to be distracted by the teacher

Aomine stares in open-mouthed shock at the middle-schooler that just confessed her love to him. He realizes it is somewhat rude to do so, and snaps his mouth shut again, opting instead to shake his head. Kids these days are crazy enough to crush on gym teachers? He scoffs internally. Are the boys their age really so damn hopeless? He sighs exasperatedly, deciding that he had to give some response to the poor girl. 

“Yeah, thanks, kid, but you do realize I’m a teacher, don’t you?” 

Kise’s eyes widen in surprise and the canvas he had been holding nearly drops from in between his fingers. He stares for one second longer at his favorite student, but then he pouts handsomely and returns back to studying the canvas in an uncharacteristic moment of silence. After a second, his frown deepens. 

“T-That’s so unfair, you know? All my students are really cute and adorable and I don’t ever want to hurt their feelings but I can’t date you guys, you know?” 

Midorima gapes at his student in shock, a dark flush creeping onto his cheeks. A second later, he recovers and shakes his head in disbelief, turning back to assembling the sheaf of biology papers on his desk. “T-That is foolish, nanodayo.” He says abruptly and quietly. “You are a brilliant student and you should understand that having feelings - much less for a teacher - would only prove to be a massive distraction in the path you may otherwise be able to clearly trek to success. I-I-I apologize but I must ask you to reconsider your words. You have disappointed me, nanodayo.”

After the poor student leaves, Midorima droops his head low until his forehead is touching his desk, and starts grumbling angrily into the wood. “…Teenage hormonal imbalances… What utter nonsense… Fools everywhere… Can’t trust anyone, nanodayo…” Despite his rumblings, it is easy to tell that he is flattered because he puffs out his chest importantly and tries to look impassive when he relays the story to Takao later that day. 

Murasakibara blinks slowly at the student standing in front of him with the bag of candy in incomprehension. He doesn’t even show up to class half the time - how on earth did this kid end up having feelings for him? He doesn’t really mull over the words, and instead his purple eyes are trained hungrily on the bag of snacks in the girl’s hands. Finally making a decision, he scoops the bag out of her arms neatly and immediately unwraps the first pocky packet he could touch. His words are blunt and straightforward, much to the poor student’s horror. 

“Nn… thanks for the snacks, [Name]-chin… but you’re just a baby compared to me… it’s weird that you like me…” 

Akashi listens to the student’s love confession with a neutral expression, eyes lowered in a fond father-like gaze even if his lips are pressed in a tight line. After the student is done, he strictly reminds her of her duties and rules as a teacher, but smiles slightly in amusement as soon as the student turns her back on him. 

“You are a brilliant student, [Name]. I suggest that you attempt to forget this encounter and focus on your studies instead. I would be disappointed if you were to fail because of a measly crush; I have high hopes for you, after all.”

Kuroko rushes around the room from one corner to the other, assisting his beloved students with their work. Perhaps in frustration, one of his youngest students begin to wail in a high whine, to which he abandons everything else and dutifully scoots over to tuck his hands underneath her arms and lift her into the air until she is resting on his arm. “It will be okay, [Name]-san,” he coos gently, “I will help you with your work. We will do it together, alright?” 

The kindergartener sniffles for only a second longer before a wide grin breaks onto her face, and she throws her arms around Kuroko’s neck in happy surprise. “Yay! Kuroko-sensei is the best! I love you, Kuroko-sensei!” 

Kuroko gives a small smile, but his eyes are beaming with happiness. He is obviously very skilled at his job, because all the students gaze at him affectionately. “That is sweet of you, [Name]-san.” 

“I want to marry you, Kuroko-sensei!” 

His smile widens and he sits her back down, patting the top of her head silently before moving onto the next student. 

Okay but can we just take a minute to revel in the sheer brilliance of Jeanne’s acting tonight? It was so quiet and subtle and in that brief moment she captured the immense power and weight of grief, of loss. It was just so beautifully and quietly and poignantly delivered. Brilliant beyond brilliant. All i can do now is hope and wait and pray you find a project worthy of your caliber.

March 2nd, 2014 – Of Paper Planes and Nonsensical Nothings

AUTHOR: obscure-fandom-lurker

March 2nd, 2014 – Of Paper Planes and Nonsensical Nothings

It was in the middle of yet another speech about something or another when England was attacked.

Though, he wasn’t attacked in the sense of wartime or the use of any sort of weapons. All the warning that he had before he was attacked was a slight whistle of an object being thrown in the air before something made contact with the side of his head, falling off onto the carpet with a soft whoosh. England was stunned for a moment, snapped out of his half daydreams (and his ‘magazine’) by the projectile, and he looked over to where it had fallen. A paper plane. His eyes narrowed, then slid over to where America was grinning manically at him.

America. Why am I not surprised that the childish wanker threw something at me?’

Without another look at either the sunny blond or the paper plane, England promptly squashed the plane. He refused to participate at America’s childish games, and he made it known by a glare in America’s way. The other nation had a pout on his lips, his face set in a childish sulk. It only made England more justifiable in his action of (literally) stomping out the childish urge. Surely now America would leave him alone and actually concentrate on the current discussion, whatever the topic was about.

Or so he thought.

Yet another something hit Britain’s head, this time landing on the table. He frowned at the offending paper projectile and looked in the direction of the American nation. He was greeted with yet another sunny smile, this time accompanied with a thumb up and a mouthed 'Open it!’.

England wanted to do the opposite of opening it, but a quick glance at the clock and Germany convinced him otherwise. The meeting was far from over (has it really been ten minutes since he last looked at the clock?), and Germany was still in the middle of a barely controlled argument with Russia. Seeing as Russia was still 'kolkolkol'ing menacingly at a still pacifying Germany, and everyone around them in varying states of boredom, England decided to indulge America. Just this once, he reasoned to himself. But deep down, he knew his soft spot was once again touched upon.

England then squinted to the sender, who gave him a thumbs up and a wink that was slightly reminiscent of frog-face. That made England suspicious of the paper, but nonetheless, he opened the paper plane with nimble fingers. It read:

Roses are red, fries are fried, this poem sucks, but so do I ;)

Once Britain had processed the message, he scrunched the paper into the smallest ball possible and threw it onto the table with a huff. His anger was lessoned by the slightly sulky look America adopted on his face, followed by a very showy performance of crossing his arms and looking determinedly at Russia and Germany. Triumphant, Britain lay back in his chair with a smug smile and settled down for the rest of the meeting, hopefully undisturbed.

But when he thought he had finally got America off his back, the familiar aircraft made its presence known yet again. He didn’t even bother acting surprised this time, sending a scowl almost as soon as he felt the hit. America’s smile was just a bright, but there was a tinge of impatience hovering on the edges of his expression.

Pushed by his insistence and by the curiosity growing in him, England opened the paper airplane. It was a different message this time, making him splutter quietly and flush a brilliant scarlet. America, who was watching England with expectant blue eyes, triumphantly grinned and waved as England tried to compose himself. Luckily, everyone else was still occupied with other matters, letting Britain’s crack in composure go unnoticed. Instead of crumpling the paper similar to last time, he carefully folded it and tucked it into his breast pocket.

America stretched more comfortably in his seat and placed his hands behind his head, now thoroughly satisfied with himself. He didn’t expect a small paper plane to land perfectly in front of him. He glanced immediately to Britain, whose only indication of sending the paper craft was the smallest twitch of a smile on his lips and a minute raise of his eyebrows.

Challenge accepted then. Alfred unfolded the paper with as much enthusiasm and wide arm gestures as possible, determined to show that just because Britain retaliated with a plane of his own doesn’t mean that he was going win this little play thing that they had. There was no way what Britain wrote was going to beat what he sent-

Oh. America’s eyes roved over the small but powerful string of words, wide and unblinking. His smile was small compared to the cocky one he had earlier, and he looked back at the writer. England’s chin rested on his folded fingers, giving his full attention to the arguing nations. If it weren’t for the slightest widening of his smile and the letter sitting in America’s hands, he would’ve thought he had imagined it all.

The American nation finally paid attention to the situation at the front, which had been pacified by a frazzled Japan and the meeting returning on track. But every now and then, he glanced at the paper with a hidden smile. And out of the corner of his eye, he could see England doing the same thing.


We need Superman. Not a dour, brooding Man of Murder. Say what you will about WB “reinventing” or “deconstructing” Clark, but I don’t think that’s what we need right now. We need the Man of Tomorrow. 

Look at that second image and tell me that’s not the Superman you’d prefer. A warm, radiant, compassionate figure who wants to save everyone. Not out of duty or obligation or obstinance. He does it because it’s the right thing to do, and because he loves you. 

That second image there is everything you need to know about Superman, summed up in one brilliant Frank Quietly illustration. 

Okay. I am tired of seeing wank about this line on my dash because the quietly brilliant supahero76 pointed this out to me today and I think she is TOTALLY right…

Kurt’s line: You know, Blaine, sometimes I think we talk too much

Is about SEX. Kurt was irritated about the porn in a context of feeling badly about Blaine not wanting to HAVE SEX with him.

Blaine, I think we TALK too much is saying  - We TALK too much, and PLAY too little…

Really, I think it is that simple.