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I think this is gonna be the toughest and shortest one out of them because this is too tight as plot-wise and… idk? It turned out to be a bit clumsy. I’ll just let my imagination fly. And you are the best hon, where did your creativity come from? WRITE ME A FIC TOO.

Bakugou Katsuki hated libraries.

This was general knowledge among all students that dared come near the blonde– which reduced the count to, like, a pair of people? which was a bit sad actually. But Bakugou didn’t mind having a lame social life as long as nobody took him to a library. He had actually tried some tutoring with Kirishima some months ago and trust him, being kicked out of the quietest place on Earth was everything but pleasant.

Today, however, he had no other option but stay there, in the jampacked library full of nerds listening to music or reading books like their life depended on it. All tables were taken around him: shelves were surrounded with people swarming for tons of emboilled wording, tables were packed to the brim with bags, sheets and notebooks. There was this lingering scent of wood, pine, and closeness around him, silence that tried to be silent but ended being composed of hushed murmurs.

He knew why,

It was because of his table.

His table had the best spot in the entire library. It was near enough to the entrance, but not as close as to let winter breezes reach him. There was a big window by his side, letting night snow be seen, but cars weren’t heard this late in the evening. It shows that Yuuei was going through it’s final exams– Bakugou had, no joke, been there from sun to sun and he was too tired to deal with people.

They whispered.

They whispered because his table was completely devoid of any people but him, everyone too scared to approach him lest he threw a tantrum over personal space and threw them off the window. The fire king was fierce, had possesion of the best table around and was undeniably untouchable.

Bakugou, again, hated libraries. They weren’t as silent as they preached to be, there was always this subtone of hushed voices that spoke no pragmatic matter, only petty gossiping that brought no good to his ears. He was easy into focusing, and quirk to do his homework, but that little toneless chatter was pestering him– hell, if he couldn’t stand Deku’s mumbling for a living, how was he going to condone such generalized murmuring all around him?

Another of his pencils broke in twain when he heard his name being pronounced among a pair of girls. Maybe his pencil breaking business was what got him so isolated. There were people sitting on the floor, as if truthfully fearful of the explosion boy.

Suddenly, a low voice came beside him.

“Can I sit here?” oh, he could recognize that voice anywhere. “All other tables are full.”

He pulled the chair out for Uraraka to take, and she gladly jumped in with a stack of hero law books tucked in his arms. She silently tidied her place with a little smile– people could only stare at her, mouths agape, as if she had dared to cross a forbidden threshold for all humankind. His response to her presence was almost inmediate and utmost unkind. “Don’t make any fucking noise, Uraraka. I can sniff your chatter urges a mile away.”

She rose an eyebrow to him. The first thing he noticed was the lack of spark in her brown pools, a evident sign of exhaustion that he had learnt to tell apart from other ocular displays of her– blinking ‘I need your help’ eyes, doe eyed ‘you’re so cool’ eyes, or the now ‘please I am tired don’t be too hard on me’ eyes, devoid of shine and only full of the brown color of her soul. Drowning in them was the only pathetic way he was willing to die

“I have better stuff to do other than talk with you, you know. As I said, I only sat here because there are no other tables available.”

“You can sit with all those fuckers down on the floor.” he stiffled in a yawn. “I don’t give a damn.”

She decided not to answer that and decided to focus on her books. Uraraka had decided to come to the library mostly because she was too tired to make her way to the dorms without getting some rest. Admittedly, she had expected to find the place empty so she could nap for a pair of minutes in a corner– her plan obviously backfired when the library ended up being full and she had no ther option but sit by Mr. FireHell Blondelocks.

As far as she was concerned, Bakugou’s dorm was being repaired due to some of his angry fits being thrown towards a wall, making his dorm look creepily open. That huge hole by his bed was all but tranquilizing. She should have known he would be in the library while his dorm was under repairations, because he couldn’t stand noise while studying and the crew taking care of his room would sure make too much of it.

Brief story: she was stuck with Bakugou until she finished her homework. And time was passing by way too slowly to her liking.

There was a moment when people started leaving the room. Stars twinkled outside the building and threw some shadows across the wooden floor, and lamps lit up the cozy place with a dim, orange light. Uraraka found this to be a bit too pleasant for her tired senses– there was a second in which her head fell a bit too down for Bakugou’s liking, who had been watching her silently as she started to doze off.

“Oi.” he nudged her rudely, and her head snapped up again. “Don’t go falling asleep on me.”

She started messing with her hair sheepishly, making Bakugou fidget uncomfortably in his seat. That antic of hers drove him insane: she was always doing it in front of everyone, in front of teachers, in front of fucking Deku. And he sometimes wondered what the fuck did that bastard have to make her so nervous when he couldn’t wake a single of her hairs up while being by far the most fearsome boy in their class.

“I’m sorry.” whispered she. He saw her grimace, keeping a yawn in– and it made him outwardly yawn, hand covering his mouth. “It’s been a rough day, today. I’ve been going from one place to another and I just couldn’t wait to crash the bed.”

And Bakugou understood the struggle. He was also fighting the exhaustion away, barely keeping it at bay and the fact that the staff had decided to royally mess with him by turning on the heat was not fucking helping. He had already removed his jacket and he was still a bit too warm to his liking. Knowing Uraraka and how sleepy she was, the fight must be tougher for her.

He shuffled a bit closer to her, feeling himself more tired than ever. “There’s not much people around.”

Her head rested on her palm now, looking at him with an interested gaze. “Mhm.”

“You can have your damn sleep, now.”

This– this startled her. He could have a heart, too? What was the world coming to that night? “Are you suggesting to keep watch on me… and actually let me have a little nap?”

“I am not gonna be your fucking babysitter.” spat he, crimsom eyes glaring at her despite the kindness within his flames. He eyed her unkempt hair and the dryness of her pretty stars, and her skin suddenly seemed paler than usual. “You look like a car ran over you. If you can’t take care of yourself I’ll have to show you how to fucking do it.”

He legit slammed her head against the wooden table, making a loud terrifying noise. Somebody could have mistaken that with a murdering attempt. Uraraka, however, laughed at his antics while watching the snowflakes drop before her. “I could use… some sleep.”

Bakugou almost didn’t catch what she said, as she was inmediately out of commision the moment her head crashed against the table. “Stupid woman.” mumbled he, taking a last glimpse at his diagrams and summaries while keeping an eye on her. Her hair was a mess, and he could tell it was bothering her.

Bakugou caressed her cheek with his fingertips and quickly brushed some strands away, the notion inmediately bringing him close to rage with this newfound feeling of intimacy. “Fuck this girl, fuck her!” he glared at her. “Fuck her in hell…”

But the way she was sleeping was kind of cute, too. Her head rested atop her hands, even breaths fanning some locks away and her face in peace for the first time in a while. He had never seen her so relaxed until now, and the image filled him with a sense of peace that he didn’t know he could feel until he stumbled with her.

His back was throbbing. He bet hers wasn’t right now.

She must be… comfortable, too.

Bakugou looked away and started cursing colorfully as he took his jacket from his spot on the chair’s back, and put it on top of her quiet body. The thought of her scent impregnating his clothes wouldn’t occur to him until midnight clocked by– and he would fall asleep thinking about her, too.

The blonde blushed, and all he could think about now was about how good a nap would be to him and how nice her warmth would be– he was half a meter away from her and he could already feel her whole self lulling him to sleep against his will.

That had to be illegal. His heart shouldn’t be racing as hard as it was.

Eventually, Bakugou gave in and his head ended up on his arms too, both teens closer together than they had ever been– and Bakugou had taken her sweater as a paid back, he thought tiredly and without much logic, and draped it across his back. 

Uraraka shifted closer to him in her sleep, and he was only drawn to her scent. The sound of snowflakes melting against the windowpane made him remember that he hated libraries, but he would never hate this spot and he could forget about this hatred for a while as long as Uraraka was by him all the time, too.

She had had tons of space to sit at– floors and on top of shelves. But all tables had been full and, at the end of the day, he couldn’t find the heart to complain.

Aizawa eventually found both kids fast asleep on the table and sighed. “Man, kids these days. They grow up so fast.”

The Quietest Place on Earth

This is the quietest place on Earth. It’s so quiet that you can hear the sounds of your own heart and stomach. The average person can only spend about 30 minutes in this room before they start hallucinating.

According to Guinness World Records, 2005, Orfield Laboratory’s anechoic chamber (pictured above) is “The quietest place on Earth” measured at −9.4 decibels. However, the University of Salford has a number of anechoic chambers, one of which is unofficially the quietest in the world having a measurement of −12.4 decibels.

The purpose of an anechoic chamber is for testing the response of loudspeakers or microphones because the room doesn’t affect the acoustic measurements. It is also the best place for virtual acoustics - generating auralizations of concert halls, city streets and other spaces.


Eyy, so I had this idea for a fic for a while but didn’t do anything with it for a while. Hope that you enjoy it anyways. (Also I’m kinda rusty at writing and I dont know shit about science so don’t kill me plz)

Pairing(s): Yoonmin

Chapter: 1

Summary: Year 2079, A world wide apocalyptic terrorist group created a super virus to destroy all of humanity. Fortunately and unfortunately, rather than immediately affecting humans, the virus rotted away a vast majority of vegetation from the face of the earth. The exponential drop in oxygen caused serious panic throughout the whole world resulting in communities committing mass suicide and the spread of chaos. Min Yoongi is one of the leading scientists in the world trying to find a cure for the apocalyptic virus and restore vegetation once more. There is only so much a human can do. All hope seems to be lost. That is, until Yoongi makes a breakthrough discovery at a secret utopian garden.

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A/N: Hello! I just felt like writing this one, requests are open, feel free to send something in if you really enjoy this one!

Jillian Holtzmann x Female Reader


You’ve been dating Jillian Holtzmann since she moved out to New York, at first you guys started out as Craigslist roommates, but it was pretty obvious there was something between the two of you after about a month of living together.

Few years later, here you were, going strong with the most beautiful girl in the world.

Jillian was the source of most of your guys income, being a car engineer and all. Well… That’s what she said she was at least.

One night, Jillian came home with weird blue goo remains in her hair, you asked her, she said it was gel someone had jammed under their tires, you believed her.

Another night she came home with a massive headache and a bruise on her right cheek. This time, a wrench fell on her, you believed her.

It was starting to dawn on you on how late Jillian was starting to work, she said she was picking up more night shifts, but that would have been something she would have talked to you about. You’re starting to feel strange about her, but you don’t want to be one of those clingy girlfriends and decide to let her do her night shifts with no further questions.


It was weeks later, Jillian kept bringing home new little trinkets of metal pipes and wires, saying that she needs to bring them to her work. She was being called a lot on her phone by people by the names of ‘Patty XD’, ‘Abby :)’ and ‘Erin ;)’. The Erin chick seemed to call the most, making you think the worse out of all of this. Was Jillian cheating on you? You decided to ask.

“No! No, no, no. Abby’s my boss and Patty and Erin are my coworkers! I would never even think to cheat on you, Y/N. I love you.” Jillian said. After you said you loved her too, she hugged you and pecked your lips, then quickly said goodbye as she had to go to work, again.

You turned in early, not bothering on waiting for Jillian to get home, you knew it’d be around 2am when she’d walk in.


Jillian has had less and less time with you, while all you did was work your own job at the library, and stay at home.

Today, you picked up a shift to work at the library from open to close, not bothering to tell Jillian since you’d leave the house after her, and get home hours before she would.

Working at the library gave you a calming sensation that you really needed with the things that are happening between Jillian and you. Though, today wasn’t going to be as calm as you expected it to be. There was a school field trip here today, the little kids seemed to forget their inside voices outside. It didn’t bother you as much though, because this library wasn’t so strict about being the quietest place on earth.

Though, with your anxiety, seeing a bunch of screaming kids run around, made you worry for their safety, you especially didn’t want any of them to get injured today. But it wasn’t your job to look after them, and you had to keep telling yourself that whenever you heard them scream at the new things they saw.

What you didn’t expect, though, was that one of those times of screaming would be followed by everyone screaming and running for the exit. Looking around the bookcases, you saw a giant glowing green clown emerge from the ceiling head first.

Panicking, you looked around to find Sara, your coworker and best friend, talking rapidly into the landline the library had behind the desk, she must be getting the police to come. Knowing this, you moved along to help everyone evacuate the scene. Checking in between bookcases and barely dodging the books, chairs, tables, and bookcases being thrown around by the angry clown ghost.

Everyone was out, you double checked everywhere, confirming your thoughts that the place was now only occupied by you, Sara, and the ghost. Sara ran up to you, grabbing your arm, and pulling you behind the desk.

“I called the Ghostbusters an-” she started.

“Wait, who did you call?” You stared at her like she was crazy.

“The Ghostbusters? Have you not-? You know what, never mind. Anyways, they’re coming to help get rid of that,” she waved her hands around spastically, “thing!”

“How long until they’re here?” You flinched as books were being thrown at the wall behind the desk and landing at your guys feet.

Sara didn’t get a chance to answer before the desk behind you was ripped from its, what you thought, permanent spot, and being thrown towards the back of the library. You were going to grab Sara and run, but you turned to see her running for herself, yelling something along the lines of, “all woman for herself!”

Quickly, you ran, not knowing where to go, most of the book shelves have been ripped away from their original spots and were thrown together in a pile towards the door, you were almost certain there was no way in, nor out. You began to panic, your heart was beating at all different paces, your breathing was uneven, and your visibility was becoming limited.

What you couldn’t see was outside, the Ghostbusters had arrived, but like you’d suspected, the doors were blocked. Running around the building, Jillian began to panic, she knew this was your work place, but she didn’t know if you were working today. ‘I should have asked her.’ kept running through her mind as you didn’t pick up her third call on the way over.

All you heard was wood breaking, the ghosts screeches, and glass being broken, but you kept running, eventually running past the safe spot Sara found, and once again being pulled against her as she squeezed the both of you into a crammed janitors closet that you forgot existed in the spur of the moment. You were still in the midst of a panic attack as you could faintly hear Sara screaming at you to concentrate on her, slapping your cheeks to get you to keep a straight gaze. Distantly hearing, “fuck, I hope your girlfriend doesn’t find out about this.” Before your cheeks were being squished, the door to the closet was pulled open and you were being yanked onto someone else’s body and smashing your lips together. Your eyes widened and after a few seconds, your vision came back, and you could see it was Jillian that was kissing you. Confused, you pulled back from her.

“What the fu-” Jillian cut you off by kissing you again.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’ll explain it all to you as soon as we all get out, come on.” She motioned behind you to Sara, who sat there with a shocked, yet relieved face. You were even more confused.

Jillian lead you two passed a group of girls, who were blasting colorful beams at the ghost who was fighting against them, and to a giant hole in the corner of one of the front windows.

“What ar-”

“Y/N, please, go through, I swear there’s a reason behind all of this and I will tell it to you, once everyone is out and safe, please, just trust me. I love you.” Jillian sounded desperate, so you looked at her once more before crawling through the hole to the outside, where Sara already was waiting for you.

“Dr. Jillian Holtzmann is your fucking girlfriend?!” Sara started out.

“Whoa what? Dr.? And what? How do you know her name, I never told you. Also, what the fuck is she doing here?!” You asked back.

“What?! You don’t know that your girlfriend is one of the Ghostbusters? They’re all over social media, even been on the news once or twice.” She started explaining before it was cut short because the Ghostbusters opened the front doors, somehow being strong enough to move at least 5 bookcases out of the way first. The crowd behind the curb started to cheer, you stared at everyone, so confused still. None of this made sense to you.

Out came all of the other girls before Jillian, the first one held up a metal tube that only made everyone cheer louder. Jillian saw you standing off by the window still, glaring at the whole scene in front of you, looking like she was a puppy caught eating something it shouldn’t have eaten.

Sara put a hand on your shoulder, causing you look stop glaring and look over to her, she gave you a knowing look to which you responded with an eye roll and a deep breath because you knew what was about to happen. She said she should go, because it was obviously private things that would be spoken, quickly, she hugged you, whispering she’ll see you soon, considering you’ll probably have to Skype her later on about the talk you were about to have.

Jillian snuck away from the other girls and through the crowd, to you.

“Who’s that?” She asked in a jealous tone. You turned around to face her.

“Oh no, you don’t get to be jealous, or mad, or anything towards me right now. Care to explain what I saw in there?” You pointed back at the destroyed library, Jillian leaving her head hung, “You lied to me, Jillian. You don’t work at a car shop, do you?” She shook her head, you laughed a short laugh, “Wow. You know what? I’m going home, don’t bother trying to talk to me until you have an explanation to all of this on why I shouldn’t be mad that you lied to me for all these years.” You ran after Jillian refused to give you a reply and you saw the other three girls start walking towards you guys.


Locking yourself in the spare bedroom, you changed into clothes that you’d sleep in, and then pulled out your laptop and plugged in your headphones to pull up Skype to find Sara waiting online for you. You called her.

“Tell me everything.” She started, so you did, you told her how you and Jillian met, how you got together, and how she lied to you. Sara listened to every word of it.

“I think there’s a good reason behind it all. She seems like such a nice person to keep something like this away from someone they love greatly for no good reason. I’m sure the reason she didn’t say anything at the moment because she wasn’t expecting you to be there? Or maybe because she hadn’t thought she’d be telling you that way?” Sara said after you concluded. You laughed and wiped stray tears that were falling from your eyes.

“Ugh, you’re probably right. Great,” you laughed. “Now I seem like the bad guy.” You sniffled as Sara laughed this time.

“Not at all, she still did lie to you, you just don’t know her side to it, and she doesn’t know your side to it. In a way, you’re both the bad guys, but you’re both the good guys too.”

You were a mess with tears falling non stop now, quickly you mumbled a 'thanks’ to her before she changed the subject to make you happier and get your mind away from Jillian for the time being.

Talking for the rest of the night, Sara only stopped mid sentence once when the front door was obviously being opened, but you told her to continue talking, so she did. You laughed with her, talking about the new Netflix series you guys started together before it was close to midnight and you became tired, so you said goodnight to Sara, unplugged your computer from charging, and laid down on your side, still awake.

You heard mumbling coming from the kitchen, knowing it was Jillian, you suspected she was on the phone with one of the Ghostbuster girls. You didn’t get much sleep because you listened to the sounds Jillian made most of the night, you only picked up short things like, 'yeah,’ - 'Erin,’ - 'I don’t know how.’ and 'I love her.’ But you fell asleep when you heard her footsteps coming down the hall, stop at the guest bedroom door, then go into your shared room more down the hall.


You woke up later than what you are used to, half expecting Jillian to be back at work. You pulled your laptop back on your lap and began researching the so called 'Ghostbusters’ that your girlfriend was a part of. You learned that they’ve been doing this for almost 2 years now, you’ve learned the names to the faces, Abby, Patty, and Erin. You looked at photos that must have been taken after they’ve captured a few ghosts because they all looked so happy. Your heart ached at videos that made them all look so close, like sisters almost. Stopping your research once you found out more than enough, more scenarios on why Jillian lied to you popped in your head, 'Is she involved with the government?’ You thought.

However, your stomach grumbling pulled you from your thoughts. You listened carefully to hear if Jillian was around, you didn’t hear anything. But when you walked out and into the living room, there sat Patty, Abby, and Erin on your couch. They weren’t in their suits that they were yesterday, so you suspected that they weren’t working.

“Oh? Uh. Hello, do you live here?” From your knowledge, it was Erin that spoke first. Confused, you looked around for Jillian, she stood in the kitchen making something on the stove that smelled a lot like eggs and bacon.

“Yeah… I do.” You stared at Jillian and raised an eyebrow when she turned around to look at you. All eyes were on her when she spoke.

“This is Patty, Erin, and Abby,” she pointed to them next to you. “And, uh, guys, this is Y/N. My girlfriend.” Jillian smiled at you.

Gasps were heard from Patty and Abby, and a little “Oooh!” From Erin.

“Holtzy! You have a girlfriend?! Why didn’t you tell us!” Patty got up and stood in front of you. She was really tall so she towered over you quite a bit. “It’s very nice to meet you, Y/N.” You expected a handshake, but you got a bone crushing hug in which she lifted you up and swayed you back a fourth before letting you down.

“It’s nice to meet you too, all of you.” You smiled at them.

They stayed for a bit, ate some of the eggs and bacon Jillian made, talked about stories of what’s happened in their past of doing this job, then left because someone named 'Kevin :/’ called them, however, Jillian didn’t go with them this time.

“Don’t they need you to g-” You started, look at the door that they just left out of.

“No, Kevin’s probably only lonely at the lab. Listen, Y/N, I’m really, really, sorry that I didn’t tell you about this.” She replied.

“You don’t have to be sorry, I get that you kept it from me for some reason.” There was a pause from the both of you.

“I just. I didn’t want this job the end up like NASA. I didn’t want to tell you, because I was afraid of hurting someone again, and I guess without realizing it, I hurt you by not telling you.” Her words started to tremble.

You grabbed her and pulled her into a hug, “Jillian Holtzmann, you had a reason not to tell me about this job, and I respect that, you didn’t not hurt me at all by trying to protect me.” You pulled her back and held your hands on her cheeks. “Thank you for protecting me as long as you could, but now, we can protect each other, now that I know what you’re doing, and now that I might have to get a new job,” You laughed when Jillian laughed. “I love you, Jillian Holtzmann.”

“I love you, Y/F/N Y/L/N.” She replied before joining your lips together.

You started to laugh when Jillian began smiling through the kiss, “I’m such a mess.” You said between laughs and wiping away tears.

“You’re my mess.” Jillian rested your foreheads together.

“And you’re my science nerd.”

“WOO! I can feel the emotions through the door!” You heard Abby yell from the other side of the front door.

Laughing, you realized just how much you love Jillian Holtzmann and what she does for you, and you always will.