I'm moving quiet, I'm am the wraith

by milliondollarbum

The Styles handled the weapons, and Tomlinson handled the drugs. So, yes, Louis could see that an alliance between them would be favorited against the Russians.

He just didn’t see it in the form of an arranged marriage between him and Harry Styles. Fuck.

Featuring Harry and now Louis Styles as the newly wed mob bosses, Zayn the pimp; Liam the son of MI5’s president; and Niall, the only normal one who wants his classes to stop being interrupted all the time.

Words: 4124, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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We can be informed by so many externalities that can end up on our journal pages.

At the end of the day we want to be able to pick up our books and see ourselves. Not the person we dislike or who dislikes us, not the father/mother who speaks death to us or the boss who misuses his/ her power to give us hell; not the enemies that call us by the wrong names or the people that hurt our souls. We want to see ourselves.

Who are you? What are the greatest lessons you’re learning this season? How will you prevail? Write that down.

Too often we train our minds to despise documentation and it’s not because of the work: it’s because our documentation has become the “Chronicles of those who Misuse my Existence” or “Anals of the Ones who don’t Call Me by Name” or “Prose to Those who Love Me Least”. That’s when you need to reclaim your documentation.

Ferociously guard who makes it into your handwritten book and be vigilant about attributing credits to them.
Documenting is power. We hand that power over to those who mutilate our souls when we empower their journeys instead of our own in our writings.
Be encouraged to put yourself and your incredible journey on the page.

I Love you,

hopefully someone will spot this before I take it down entirely - this idiot briefly connected her fandom twitter account to her work’s twitter without realising (thanks tweetdeck you jerk!), which sent an email to the department, so. didoxidate is disappearing for a little while! deactivating twiter, changing AO3 username etc