a male coworker could hear me listening to one direction this morning and he said, in a condescending tone, “you know, my 8 year old daughter listens to one direction” and since it was 7am and i was tired, i replied, “and i hope when she’s 22 she still enjoys whatever the fuck she wants” and turned away

Do you honestly think that Daisuke would stop showing up and it’s wouldn’t bother ANYONE

If that happened I would have gone to his house the next day to know if he’s alright.

He’s a puppy who would stick by Taichi’s side whenever he has the chance.

Wouldn’t the silence worry them?

I’m trying to keep quiet about the 02 kids. But we’re on part 3 and Ken only got mentioned for a while and they TRIED calling but I feel like they should have done that months ago.

The only person no one would worry about is Iori cause he’s doing his own thing…sort of. Jou would probably worry tho

Other half has a cold
  • Don’t have to go out to social dinner now
  • Don’t have to have a shave now

  • Ordering Dominos for dinner

Tonight just became awesome. It’s not that I don’t like going out, but sometimes you just need a night in - and tonight was one of those nights.

grind your teeth, bite your lip, scratch marks spell something
somehow they scream and sugar chokes the hummingbirds, swollen plum babies
their wings stick to my wrists
a marigold for midnight blues and i’m born again
spending time alone, head back, neck exposed and i remember how i could’ve died that one time
cover your eyes, that was the best
smoke stuck to my sticky legs, the colored lights, frozen cherry nipples, bowls of sweet cream, glistening tongues, a small taste of how it was or could be
he lit a fire with words, we could burn this fucking place down
sorry I’m losing my mind
lost in illusions, quiet places, fog and dreams