RFA +Saeran helping MC Babysit


  • He calls to ask if you want to go out for the day
  • But you say you’re babysitting your neighbor’s kid
  • He really wants to see you, so he says to bring her along
  • Offers to go to a zoo
  • She’s really shy and keeps hiding behind your legs
  • Tries to get her out of her shell
  • Goes crazy with balloon animals, ice cream, and stuffed animals
  • On the way back, she seemed to get really tired while walking back to the car
  • Zen bends down and she hesitantly crawls on his back
  • You melt at the sight of Zen carrying the sleeping girl on his back


  • You’re babysitting your ten year old cousin
  • But, you were a bit nervous with whole apartment situation
  • So Yoosung offers for you both to come to his house
  • You forgot to tell him your cousin is very into Minecraft
  • As soon as your cousin sees all the LOLOL and other video game action figures, he goes crazy
  • Yoosung gets into deep discussions about which armor helps boost your HP
  • Or goes on long, dramatic retellings of his experience playing
  • You’re the third wheel by now
  • You actually leave the house and come back with snacks and neither of them noticed
  • “Oh, you left?”
  • “Like two hours ago!”


  • You decide to bring your little brother out for lunch at Jaehee’s cafe
  • He’s really sweet and quiet
  • At first
  • After a while, you lose sight of him
  • He finds Jaehee and asks her a lot of questions
  • “Do you like strawberries? I like strawberries.”
  • “Hey, Miss, do blueberries remind you of spaceships? I met a guy who liked spaceships once.”
  • “Your hair sure is long, Miss. Are those extensions?”
  • At this point, you intervene and drag him away from a mortified Jaehee
  • Jaehee asks if you two are actually related
  • You buy her coffee later to make up for it


  • He invites you over
  • But there was a family emergency and you need to watch your niece
  • He wants to help, so he tells you to bring her along
  • How bad can it be? 
  • You’re distracted by phone calls and making sure your niece is fed, so Jumin is left alone with the child
  • She sees a wall full of wine
  • When you come back, she’s drinking dark red liquid from a wine glass
  • “Jumin! She can’t have wine! She’s five!’
  • He looks her dead in the eye and refills your nieces glasses
  • “It’s special wine for children,” he emphasizes before smiling at your niece
  • He hold up the bottle showing it’s some regular grape juice from his vineyard
  • “I’m well aware that one is not supposed to give a minor an alcoholic beverage.” 


  • You’re watching your younger cousin for the day
  • He sees the robot cat Seven made for you and asks where you got it
  • You tell him about Seven, and he is super fascinated by him
  • Begs you to invite him over
  • You call Seven and explain the situation
  • Within the hour, he’s at the door with a bag full of legos, his laptop, and of course Honey Buddha Chips
  • Your cousin brings his kiddie laptop and sits in Seven’s old designated corner
  • “Hey Mister! I can hack too!”
  • Seven plays along and even tinkers with his toys to make them do cooler things
  • You’re not sure who is sadder when the day is over


  • You’re watching your baby sister for the day
  • You go to grocery store to pick up food and run into Saeran with a cart full of ice cream
  • Your sister is smitten
  • He’s mid-explanation when your sister latches onto his leg
  • “Control your child,” he deadpans
  • You apologize, trying to pry her off…but it doesn’t work
  • He manages to peel her off, but she gets upset and bites his arm
  • Again you apologize, but this time he’s like “No, no. It’s fine. I like her.” 
  • He tags along as you shop
  • He recommends a bunch of ice cream flavors
  • They look so cute when he’s carrying her that they always manage to get a second round of free samples from the vendors 

Some more niche #ADHD things:

  • Disappearing online for several hours, not because you were away from your computer, but because you hyperfocused on something
  • Throwing your fork in the garbage AGAIN
  • Checking the toaster/oven/washing machine/etc. to make sure you actually used the right settings, and then checking it again because you forgot if you did or not
  • “I want to play this game!” (plays it for 5 minutes) “Ok I’m bored now”
  • Your space is constantly a mess because executive dysfunction makes you more inclined to dump stuff on the desk and leave then actually put it away, so you finally clean up and put things where they belong, only to then forget about them and/or lose them because you’re not used to things actually being put away and not lying around
  • Leaving the house and then having to stop and make sure you’re actually wearing clothes/shoes
  • Trying really hard to take shorter showers because you want to save water, but then you start thinking about something and lo and behold, you’ve been in the shower for half an hour
  • Also in the shower, washing the same body part like 3 times because you forgot if you already did or not
  • Really liking a video game, but you got stuck on a boss battle or difficult stage, got bored of it and abandoned the entire game for months. Rinse and repeat. But you also lack the attention span to watch let’s plays, so half of the games you consider your favorites have never been beaten and you probably don’t even know the final boss of some of them
  • You fell behind a couple episodes on a currently-airing TV show so guess you’re just never going to watch that show again
  • When it’s too quiet so you put on music but it’s still somehow too quiet
  • At your 67th D&D session: “Uhhhh so which die do I roll for [thing you’ve done dozens of times that has always required a D20], again?”
  • Being musically talented but never, ever reaching your full potential with your instrument because practicing regularly is Boring
  • Starting a new sideblog and abandoning it within 3 months
  • “What did you do today?” Shit what DID you do today? Did you do anything at all? Did you go somewhere? What day is it? Did you even wake up this morning? Oh shit oh shit they’re judging you quick think of something that sounds reasonable
  • Thinking of things only in terms of other things- This price is equal to 3 newly released console games, that measurement is equal to approximately 5 Jotaro Kujos stacked end-to-end, that amount of time is equal to two Lord of the Rings extended editions, your favorite color is Hatsune Miku